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AMAC Magazine Exclusive – Can Conservatives Save the Universities?

By: Shane Harris

Over the past year, the fight against political indoctrination in classrooms has moved to the forefront of the national conversation. But even as opposition to Critical Race Theory, or CRT, continues to mount and parents slowly start to take back control of K-12 schooling, conservatives are returning to another important question: what about the universities? For the first time in decades, the cultural right might hope to break the grip of far-left ideologues on America’s academic institutions and restore integrity to higher education—but only if they’re willing to face the problem head-on.

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Charles Rogers
10 months ago

The better question: Should conservatives save our universities? The educational process in America has become a diploma mill without knowing who did the teaching and the students preparation for learning. The national role for education is to discover and promote goals; when may one be considered educated. Let the regional, state, and local layers of educational monitoring wrestle with the formation and application of the needed teaching skills.

Bill on the Hill
10 months ago
Reply to  Charles Rogers

I would further add, WITHOUT the teacher’s unions dictating WOKE instruction across this nation for decades now as We The People have only now or very recently come to this conclusion, thanks in no small part to the global plandemic brought to these shores from China, i.e. FREE of charge… :~(
Bill… :~)

10 months ago

When I attended college and later university for a post graduate degree in the 1980s, I was encouraged to think critically and to form my own opinions and values. Today, students at every level must accept the liberal ideologies of their professors or else face the consequences: lower grades and less opportunities for employment, or if already employed, less chances for advancement. CRT and the 1619 Project are nothing more than liberal lies.

10 months ago

Critical race theory must be destroyed in both schools and universities. It is brainwashing which is true for countries that are under a dictatorship. We have to be independent thinkers.

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