AMAC Letter to the Five Gulf Governors

Dan Weber, AMAC's Founder

Dan Weber, AMAC’s Founder

Dan Weber, president of AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, which bills itself as “the conservative alternative to AARP”, has sent a letter to the five Governors of the gulf states offering a solution to the oil disaster.

Dear Governor,

As the president of AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, I am writing on behalf of our 100,000 plus members to thank you for your efforts in responding to the Gulf oil disaster but also to express our deep concern about a problem you have seen from the start and one that has made your own job more difficult — a British Petroleum and administration response that can only be classified as faltering, confused and uncoordinated. From the beginning and despite your own efforts both the cleanup and the compensation program have been terribly mishandled.
While the effects of this disaster are well- known and touch all Americans it represents special hardship for citizens over 50, especially the retired or elderly. For them, as I am sure you know from your own interchanges with these citizens, the negative social and economic effects can be particularly telling and worrisome. Since these citizens are our organization’s special concern we write to you now on their behalf to put forward a suggestion that will be of immediate assistance to them as well as to all those affected by this disaster.
Since the unusual nature of this crisis calls for imaginative and innovative measures we strongly urge you and the other regional Governors affected to act in concert to appoint a special Disaster Control Manager to take control and coordinate the recovery work.
A manager with proven ability is needed to take charge and we strongly recommend that you ask Gov. Mitt Romney to fill this position.
Let me add here that AMAC is a nonpartisan organization and we have not contacted Mr. Romney, or coordinated this request with any of his staff. Our only purpose in this letter is to have a competent individual be put in a position of responsibility.
We urge your careful consideration of our request. Please feel free to contact me at any time if our organization can be of assistance.


Daniel Weber, President

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R. Hunter
12 years ago

Don from Prospect, TN, is RIGHT ON. There are plenty of qualified non-political people capable of performing such a task. Better to hire someone independent with huge experience to manage the problem. Let all the governors affected approach the largest, oldest engineering firm in the world: Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade Douglas, in NYC. Their experience is stupendous for over 110 years! Let the states agree to pay the manager what he is worth – no volunteers with political agendas. ~RH

Rick S
12 years ago

Unfortunately, incompetence is not grounds for impeachment.

T B Moore
12 years ago

The response to the oil spill has been as aggressive as Carter’s response to the Iranian hostage crisis. What can you expect from a community organizer who has absolutely no leadership experience and a proven record of no leadership skills.

12 years ago

Since Obama has prevented oil clean up for over 70 days while over 1,750,000 gallons of oil have been dumped into the Gulf, perhaps the best way is to just IMPEACH OBAMA.

12 years ago

Romney can surely do the job. Let’s just get is fixed!!!!

Mark S.
12 years ago

I, for one, am sure that Romney could handle the job.

Martin Leder
12 years ago

Romney sure stepped in and handled the Salt Lake City fiasco. This is not a time to be talking parties. It’s a time to be talking about men and women who can get the job done. Romney is that man.

Don from Prospect TN
12 years ago

Both Romney and Hucksterbee are RINOs. Let’s not position the same old warmed over RINOs (like McStain) to run for president. That’s basically what you people are trying to do. Those guys are all insider, establishment politicians, not good for America! We need new blood. We need to trust the sovereign God (remember the US Constitution??) to raise up the right candidate. So, pray, people. Why do we need a professional politician to clean up the mess???

James Borwey
12 years ago

If you want someone competent why not draft Mike Huckabee. As a former governor in Arkansas. For credentials he has regional familiarity and networking span of control.

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