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AMAC Joins Coalition to Oppose End-Run Around the Legislature to Impose Green New Deal

greenThe Biden Administration is looking to fundamentally transform the Clean Air Act in a way that has never been authorized or survived judicial scrutiny.

American Energy Alliance
1155 15th Street NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC 20005

April 19, 2021

The Honorable Mitch McConnell
Senate Minority Leader
317 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510

CC: Senator Shelley Moore Capito, Senator Ron Johnson, Senator Richard Shelby

Dear Minority Leader McConnell,

We write you today to express our opposition to an apparent Biden administration end-run around Congress to impose the Green New Deal through a regulatory back door.

The vehicle for this circumvention of Congress is a secondary National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and it would fundamentally transform the Clean Air Act in a way that has never been authorized or survived judicial scrutiny. This end-run contains the worst elements of Washington: bureaucrats cycling in and out of office, collusion with ideological activists, and “sue-and-settle” methods, combining to exclude the people’s voice and enable governmental overreach.

The plan was first revealed in public records, as reported in a recent Wall Street Journal editorial, “Biden’s ‘Backdoor’ Climate Plan.” 1 Email records from state attorneys general detail the months of development that culminated on January 19 with a lawsuit, State of New York et al. v. Environmental Protection Agency, et al. (21-2018, D.C. Cir.). We refer you to a proposed amicus curiae brief filed in that case for those records.2

As the Journal concluded, “To sum up, Democratic AGs, green groups and a top Biden environmental regulator are colluding on a plan to impose the Green New Deal on states through a back regulatory door because they know they can’t pass it through the front in Congress.”

This complicated legal maneuvering to move such a transformation into the regulatory shadows is driven by the considerable political risk of promoting this agenda openly. To tamp down discussions of such a radical move, President Obama’s first EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson, rejected a greenhouse gas or “climate” NAAQS as not “advisable.”3 One prominent environmentalist group attorney, also seeking to quell controversy over the prospect early in the Obama administration, said “hell will freeze over before there’s a NAAQS for CO2.” (Id.)

This agenda is no more popular now than it was when last attempted through the front door in 2009, with the doomed “cap and trade” legislation. We also recall the 2020 votes on the “Green New Deal” legislation, in which every Senate sponsor voted “present” and not even the most vocal proponent dared vote in favor.

The lesson that has seemingly been taken from these experiences is to search for a back door. The true lesson is that the American people know what they do and do not want, and what they did and did not vote for. Nonetheless, we see that one former USEPA attorney, now an outside activist with whom these AGs consulted, wrote in an email that despite the infirmities of this “long shot” approach at sneaking a transformational agenda in through the backdoor, it could be “a useful gamble.”4

Ultimately, this plan seeks to weaken our nation’s ability to extract, transport and use our wealth of affordable, reliable energy resources—resources which are a vital driver of human wellbeing. From electricity for our factories and hospitals to locomotion for the cars, trucks, trains, and ships that move people and goods about the planet, affordable, reliable energy enables the modern standards of wealth and health we enjoy. Political and ideological efforts to fundamentally transform laws into tools to suppress the availability of such energy threaten our wellbeing.

The undersigned request that you exercise your legislative and oversight authorities to examine and, as appropriate, impede what has emerged as a back-door, sue-and-settle campaign to impose an unpopular, unwise energy policy. A dramatic reset of the American economy merits scrutiny and, importantly, public input and debate. It is antithetical to the American system of government to allow parties to collude behind the scenes to transform our economy.

Now is the time for Congress to make its voice heard on this important issue.

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Paula Gallo
7 months ago

I oppose the New green deal

Harry Paige
7 months ago
Reply to  Paula Gallo

I fully agree

Chris H Miller
7 months ago
Reply to  Harry Paige

I belong to 353 Combat Asc of the Purple Heart….Washington,D.C. I fought hard for this Country…..Now I’m so afraid I’m going to lose it.

Paula Gallo
7 months ago

This will hurt coal miners needs to oppose this law.

8 months ago

Why no additional comments?

8 months ago

Will this power grab ever end? America home of the brave land of the free.End this take over of are God giving Rights.

8 months ago

Just as bad as the Obama regime.

Gail Comstock
8 months ago
Reply to  Mike

It still is the Obama regime. He is the puppet master for Biden. He is the one doing the damage. He needs to get the hell out of our country!

Judith Michael
8 months ago

I don’t think Biden has or has ever had, the mental acuity to formulate plans, devise taxing ideas, understand the economic impact of laws and regulations, etc. I believe he has always been a buffoon and a yes man and does as he’s told to keep his pockets full of money. This administration reeks of an Obama Third Term. His appointees are back….his ideals are back….his Socialist/Marksist agenda is back….his anti-religion and anti- patriotism is back….Conservative ideals MUST quash these evil people whose goal is to ruin America!

Linda Huss
8 months ago
Reply to  Judith Michael

I totally agree! This is actually obama’s third term as president and Biden is his puppet!! He will continue destroying the US.

Linda Vazquez
7 months ago
Reply to  Judith Michael

Absolutely correct!

John Jackson
8 months ago

That’s only one of the reasons that I became a AMAC member. Sorry I’m always getting AARP CRAP in the mail and have also let them know more than once that I would never become a member. Just that simple I don’t give money to Democrats are their cronies like AARP!

8 months ago

Thanks for doing what we need.

Scott Schnelle
8 months ago

Thanks for jumping into this!

8 months ago

Thank you AMAC. All of this liberal change is just plain scary.

John Samples
8 months ago

Thanks AMAC for allowing our voices to be heard.

8 months ago

Thank you, AMAC!

Jennifer Hicks
8 months ago

Thank you for standing against this nonsense!

8 months ago

So happy to know we as citizens have a voice to our concerns. Very excited about this news app you now have.

8 months ago

Amac’s decision to join this coalition is the right move. Hopefully there are others who will join in this effort. Democrats are escape artists, and they specialize in backdoor, under-the-table, clandestine sophistry. Let’s hope those who oppose their methods of secrecy and revolution can fight the battle in the open. Amac efforts are to be respected.

8 months ago

Thanks AMAC for fighting any backdoor runs to push Green Deal Agenda thru. This deal needs much more investigation, or else USA will be plunged into one of worst countries in the world as far as energy dependence. Also, more attention needs to be paid to the disposal of wind turbines & solar panels. And where/what minerals are needed to make batteries for electric cars & how much is from foreign sources. And shut down all of coal/gas fired electrical plants in USA & where is electric power coming from to power electric cars. Do not put USA back into the 1920’s with hasty Green Deals.

Myrna S Wade
8 months ago

2009 was not the beginning of the attempt at strangling the US economy and claiming to do all this in the name of cleaning so it would sound good. Al Gore was tasked by probably the same kinds of people with shutting down industry in the name of cleanliness. The clean air standard was set, industries spent the money to modify manufacturing and meet the standards, so Al Gore set out to lead the assault to substantially raise the standard. The purpose is not/never was to clean up anything. The purpose is to leave ordinary citizens helpless so the lords can subjugate the serfs.

8 months ago

Thanks to those who voted for Biden we are losing our Democratic Republic. The changes that are being proposed are Socialist inspired and not good for our patriotic citizens.

8 months ago

Share this information with others via email or social media. But get it out there so we can make it stop.
Disgusting and shameful what commies will do when they know they can’t get it done by legitimate legislation.
Well, I’m going to try and use a little rule they’re doing. Get it STOPPED BY ANY AND ALL MEANS NECESSARY.
I’ve had enough. They’ve pushed us to far doing all they can to destroy our country. It’s time I do the same thing to destroy their efforts and help our country restore our Constitutional Republican government to its citizens and foundations.
Actually, as we witness more evidence of election theft from foreign and domestic enemies, the more we realize they’ve overthrown our duly elected government. After the AZ audit results come out, I’m thinking even more of us will come to this point.

8 months ago

The illegitimate Biden administration and corrupt Democrats are doing their best to destroy America and turn us into a 3rd world country!

8 months ago
Reply to  Jerry

Makes no sense at all. I swear the democrates brains are turned off.

Arlene Mallory
8 months ago
Reply to  Gary

They don’t give a rats a.. about any of us and our wishes or desires for OUR country. All they care about is control, ie. Covid-19, mask mandates and lockdowns(I live in the Kingdom of Inslee), and taking EVERYTHING AWAY FROM US.

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