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AMAC Fights for Social Security Reform at Capitol Hill Reception

andrew-mangioneby Andrew Mangione –

AMAC members have expressed their concern about the solvency and stability of Social Security.  It is our responsibility as a senior advocacy group to amplify our members’ concerns in Washington, DC, and initiate a dialogue that will lead to the stabilization of Social Security.  While the dialogue has been ongoing through our meetings with legislators and staff on Capitol Hill, on February 14, AMAC raised the profile of Social Security reform by hosting a Valentine’s Day reception at the United States Capitol.

There were a few reasons to hold our event.  First, we wanted to emphasize that both Conservatives and Liberals want to save Social Security.  Conservative seniors and retirees care deeply about the financial state of Social Security.  Our event also recognized the urgent need to have the discussion to protect Social Security now for all Americans, be they current retirees or workers who will retire in the future.  We thought that it would be appropriate to demonstrate our care and concern for Social Security on one of the most caring days of the year – Valentine’s Day.

Rep. Phil Gingrey, MD (GA-11) and Dan Weber

Rep. Phil Gingrey, MD (GA-11) and Dan Weber

Rep. John Fleming, MD (LA-4)

Rep. John Fleming, MD (LA-4)

AMAC members want solutions, not lip service, when it comes to making Social Security solvent, and the reception also provided a platform for AMAC President Dan Weber to present fresh, market-driven reform concepts directly to Members of Congress.  You may find AMAC’s ideas on stabilizing Social Security on our web site,  Representatives Phil Gingrey, M.D. (GA-11) and John Fleming, M.D. (LA-4) addressed reception attendees, and their remarks underscored the sense of urgency surrounding the discussion to safeguard Social Security for present and future beneficiaries.

The reception also offered the opportunity to recognize those Conservative Congressman with the AMAC Guardian Award.  The Guardian Award was given to those representatives who have an honest concern for Social Security’s solvency and are open and willing to consider constructive ideas in order to achieve reform.  The Guardian Award also distinguished representatives’ dedication to mature Americans and future generations.

AMAC’s Valentine’s Day reception placed a megaphone on our member’s concerns about the future of Social Security.  And Members of Congress heard those concerns, loud and clear!


Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA-3)

Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA-3) and Dan Weber

Rep. Jim Renacci (OH-16) Rebecca Weber Andrew Mangione Dan Weber

Rep. Scott Tipton (CO-3) and Dan Weber

Rep. Scott Tipton (CO-3) and Dan Weber


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Howard sinkoff
9 years ago

Go to—— “”——- for a general idea for a practical solution

9 years ago

You say “You may find AMAC’s ideas on stabilizing Social Security on our web site,” I can’t find any concise statement about SS on your web site. It’s not in your FAQs or your page titled “Our Stance on Key Issues”. C’mon, SS isn’t a key issue for seniors???!!!

9 years ago

Reform should start with the repeal of the LBJ law that allows the federal government to divert the “excess Social Security taxes collected” into the federal government’s general operating budget. While politicians of both sides will howl at the idea of doing this, if you really want true reform, where the Social Security fund is at least stable going forward, this has to be done.

As for the cries from all the politicians that this will “blow a hole in the federal budget deficit”, try cutting spending. We’ve gone from budget deficits of around $450 billion five or six years ago to $1 trillion deficits as the new normal with no end in sight. I don’t mean cutting the rate of growth in spending either, which is what baseline budgeting is all about, but actually cutting real money spent! Cut the budgets for EPA, Commerce, HUD and a slew of other federal government agencies by 50 to 75 percent. Their core functions can be accomplished by far fewer staff than they have now and most people would appreciate the reduction in new, onerous, job-killing regulations spilling forth from these agencies.

Eliminate the Education Department. It is a function that should go back to the states, where it belongs. Since its creation, no significant improvement in education has occurred on a national basis. The Department of Energy should also be scraped. Do we really need a federal agency to waste billions of dollars a year investing in wind and solar companies, whose sole business function seems to be collecting federal subsidies and have no prospect of ever being profitable? If wind and solar are indeed potentially viable energy solutions, then companies like GE, Siemens and others will have their own R&D departments invest in research. We don’t need the federal government pouring money into companies of campaign contributors as a back door way of paying them back.

I could go on, but there are hundreds of billions of dollars a year that could be cut from the federal government to plug the hole in the deficit created by the federal government stopping its raid on Social Security funds.

Camille Stark
9 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Here, here, I agree!

9 years ago

Yes, Social Security needs to be reformed! People who earn salaries above $110,000 a year need to pay FICA taxes at the same rate as other working people.
The Windfall Elimination Provision cuts Social Security retirement benefits in half for many low income workers: A partial school district pension of $900 a month will cut your fully-earned Social Security benefit from $600 to $300 when you retire. Since when is $600 a “windfall”? The Government Pension Offset insures that if you scrimp and save so you can stay home 20 years to take care of your home and your children, but then teach for a few years, you will lose ALL of your Social Security spousal benefit. The WEP and GPO need to be repealed!

Phyllis Braidwood
9 years ago

I only hope I live long enough to rid congress of all the liberal, socialist thinkers and restore America to the strong country it was once. The Clinton, Obama, Kerry, Reid, Pelosi, Rangel on and on need to be replaced by people who are out for the good of the country not their own pocketbooks

Geri Della Pietro
9 years ago

Social Security and Medicare, why isn’t anyone talking about MEDICAID? We all know that there are people who truly need some assistance but the FREELOADERS in this country seem to just get away with bankrupting the system all the time and our government and the people at the head of our government let it happen year after year. Example: John Stossel had a show where they were bragging and laughing about having six cell phones that they don’t pay for; this is just a small example but the people who use their welfare money to buy cigarettes and gamble and buy drugs and they even do it out in the open and yet nothing is done about stopping this behavior. Those of us who have paid into the system for 60 plus years are forced to give up their homes and live within their means are told to keep giving and it’s just not fair.

scott meth
9 years ago

people have been putting there hard earned tax dollars into social security all their lives and now the govt wants to do away with the cost of living increases.Why not do away with the welfare benefits that the govt spends on these leeches who dont put any thing into the system all they do is take from the system all their lives.The welfare is a handout while the social security is a earned benefit take away from the irrisponsible before you take away from the responsible.These peoploe have six kids with four different fathers and believe that they dont have to work that the hard working taxpayer will take care of them all there lives the govt is really duping all of you.

Bob Miller
9 years ago

When social security was established in the 1930’s the life expectancy was about 65, so the age over the 80 years of the program should have been increased. The original lawmakers never expected very many people to be collect the retirement benefit. Today there are too many people collecting ss compared to the people paying into the system, without any changes it is no wonder the system is going broke.

scott meth
9 years ago
Reply to  Bob Miller

why dont you go after the welfare benefits instead of the social security benefits after all the leeches on welfare dont put any money into that system the taxpayers fund that program get rid of the welfare parasites and the social security program would be solvent da

Thomas Stephens
9 years ago

Seems like the only thing that repubs and dems seem to agree on is to cut the cost of living increases for current recipients. There are a lot of folks out there who live on SS and there has been no REAL cost of living increases in years. When there is one it is based on inflation that no longer includes groceries, oil and gas, where the majority of SS recipients money is spent. Thanks so called representatives!

9 years ago

good comment Jack, also I think that this Government needs serious reform. Down size departments, regulations, cabinets,etc. All that are costing the taxpayers serious money and time. Follow existing laws and stop “over legislating” this country! Plus the pay raises for the government should be run by the taxpayers for approval, for we
are the ones getting nothing for our investment. This government has been out of control for years, its time to pull in the reins!

Jack Bass
9 years ago

I wish there was someway that social security could get back to the old way of the fund being kept by itself and not allowed to be spent for other business of the Government. That’s not the way it was envisioned when Social Security was first setup. Otherwise its just another tax to be used at the discretion of the lawmakers and we have seen how that has worked out. I worked in Aerospace when I worked. Sometime I worked in Civil service working directly for the Government and have seen the waste that goes on in a bureaucracies and I mean any of them starting with schools, City or State Government, I believe any system that isn’t spending their own money doesn’t spend it wisely. Its like I am not spending my own money so so I’LL just just spend to get rid of it so next year I will get more to spend. If we all ran our credit cards like the Government runs Government we would have our credit cards cancelled and probably have to spend some time in jail. Thanks for listening. Jack Bass.

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