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AMAC Foundation Expands Social Security Advisory Services

By – Gerry Hafer

The AMAC Foundation announced this week that four representatives have now earned certification as National Social Security Advisors, qualifying them to counsel retirees and pre-retirees on questions and issues pertaining to Social Security. The training preceding the qualification exam equips these Advisors to provide guidance on the many Social Security options available, and enables them to provide a trusted service to the public. Certification is accredited through the Ohio-based National Social Security Association (Association).

These four individuals—Eileen Cook, Russell Gloor, Gerry Hafer, and Sharon Kleczka—are available to handle questions submitted to the Foundation, either by telephone (888-750-2622), by email ([email protected], or in person by appointment at the Foundation’s office (312 Teague Trail, Lady Lake, Florida).

“The certification of our Foundation representatives is critical to our mission of supporting and educating America’s seniors,” reports  President Dan Weber, “and we believe that providing credible, unbiased information to people in, or aging into, Social Security is an important part of what the Foundation does. And, since the Foundation is a tax-exempt organization relying solely on contributions from the public to operate, there is no charge for this valuable service.”

Learn more about these accredited individuals via the Social Security Report website, a related service of the AMAC Foundation. This site contains a wealth of information about the U.S. Social Security System, featuring breaking news on a variety of Social Security and retirement-related topics, as well as a library of important reports and documents regarding what’s happening in Social Security. Site visitors will find a daily Q&A panel providing useful information on commonly- asked questions, as well as a collection of helpful tools for use in planning retirement strategies, as well as an electronic version of the Foundation’s “Who’s Who in Social Security” publication.  The site is key-word searchable, making it a handy source of information for people needing to research specific aspects of Social Security.

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Donald Geo. Bley
2 years ago

something people forget is when they don’t take SS at 62 and keep working is all the time they are working they are paying into SS.

Jim Seifert
5 years ago

I have visited with so many people that talk of not voting, or vote for a third party. We need to get the word out that we vote for much more than a POTUS. We will vote (in a way) for the Supreme Court Justices that will interpret law for probably the next 30 years. Our grandkids and great-grandkids depend on our vote this November. There is so much at stake for us and our families, not to mention the status of our great country. Don’t even get me started on athletes not standing for our National Anthem!

Wayne Aregood
5 years ago

It is simple for me, TRUMP is the answer

Jinnee Parr
4 years ago
Reply to  Wayne Aregood

I voted for Trump. He wasn’t my first choice and it looked like he was intentionally thowing the ball in Hillary’s court because he kept saying controversial things that kept us all wondering whose side he was on. I can’t help but wonder too if Trump is going to take us down the liberal path in a more discrete way. Trump supported the liberals with his money before running for President. Trump seems real and genuine. I hope he is. I know Trump isn’t a politician but so many time politicians tickled the ears of Americans saying one thing to garner our vote and doing the opposite while in office. That is why I remain skeptical.
Many people made assumptions when Obama said things. When Obama used the word ” We ” , Obama did not mean -” we the American people “. Obama meant himself and his cronies. When you go back and listen to Obama with that in mind, you get a different perspective.
I don’t like when we vote for a President that his family members insert themselves into organizations that already have leaders. For instance, Michelle Obama inserted herself in the educational department. Now Ivanka inserts herself into the climate change crap. Trumps wife wants to do something for women that is another program all americans will be forced to support. No one paid for my maternity leave. No one paid for our medical or our insurance. We paid for it ourselves. No one paid for my birth control. We should not be forced to pay for abortions when we are forced to pay for birth control. The fact that birth control is available at our expense through planned parenthood should exempt us from paying for abortions.

3 years ago
Reply to  Jinnee Parr

What do you think of Trump now?

Robert Qualls
5 years ago

Good. Maybe they can really help those of us who have paid into the system for 40+ years from being shafted out of what we are due just because we have also provided for ourselves through our own private savings and investments. If Mrs. C. wins, you can bet that the narrative will be switched to become, “In order to save Social Security, payments will have to become need-based. We can no longer afford to pay benefits to people who are ‘financially well-off’.'” Anyone who has provided in any real way for themselves will be told that they are “rich” and hence undeserving of “help”, even though what this will really mean is, “You believe in helping yourself so you probably didn’t vote for us anyway so we will take your money to give it to those who did.”

5 years ago
Reply to  Robert Qualls

Vote for the one who will upgrade SS.

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