AMAC Delegates Summer 2014: Off to a Great Start!

From AMAC Delegates Elizabeth Farrar and Ken Barber, AL-03:

“AMAC members gathered at the Grace United Methodist Fellowship Hall on Friday morning, June 13, for a member-only meeting with Congressman Mike Rogers,AL-03. AMAC members wanted to learn how Congress would function should the Republicans win the Senate in November while Barack Obama was still President. They also presented their concerns about bloated government spending and sought answers on how to trim the budget. Other AMAC members expressed their concern over bonuses paid to VA employees while the backlog still exists. Congressman Rogers answered all questions frankly and provided an in depth portrayal on how Congress approaches their concerns. At the end of the meeting AMAC Delegate Elizabeth Farrar presented Congressman Rogers with a plaque recognizing him as a Friend of AMAC.”

Congressman Rogers, seated far right, talking with  AMAC members of AL-03

Congressman Rogers, seated far right, talking with
AMAC members of AL-03

Congressman Mike Rogers with his Friend of AMAC plaque

Congressman Mike Rogers with his Friend of AMAC plaque












From AMAC Delegate Bob Steinen, MD-01:

“I had a very good meeting this morning with Kevin Reigrut, Chief of Staff, and Mary O’Keeffe, community liaison and my original contact. Kevin was pleasantly surprised when I mentioned at the end of the year we had 3,928 members.  He believes AMAC’s goals matches up well with Congressman Harris’s philosophy.

They are very interested in setting up a members meeting…They do tele-conference calls with constituents and Kevin offered that if AMAC had the funds for this he would be happy to set this up with our members.”

From AMAC Delegate Greg Parker, CA-39:

“I met with Keila Molina …Ms. Molina is a District Representative for Congressman Ed Royce…She had not heard of AMAC, so I first introduced our organization explaining that we are the “conservative alternative to AARP”. I used the AMAC Fast Facts sheet to support and punctuate how we differentiate ourselves from AARP. After the introduction about AMAC, I went into the issue regarding the …cut(s) to Medicare Home Healthcare Services. She was not aware that this was taking place and we had a good discussion regarding the impact this would have on seniors. I left her with all the materials…plus she had taken about a page and half of notes during our discussion. She said she would make sure Rep. Royce was informed about the issue. After this discussion, I took the opportunity to highlight the Social Security Worksheet. And before wrapping, up I told her we are interested in having a town hall meeting with the congressman.”

AMAC Delegate Greg Parker (L) and Keila Molina, District Rep.

AMAC Delegate Greg Parker (L) and Keila Molina, District Rep.

From AMAC Delegate Fred Yerrick, CA-52:

“I attended the local election forum for the upcoming Primary Election for CA-52 being held on June 3rd. We have the current Congressman Scott Peters and 3 other candidates running for CA-52 Congressional seat. Only one candidate, Kirk Jorgensen, has committed to a complete repeal of the Affordable Care Act. A close second is Dr. Fred Simon who states that the ACA needs an overhaul. At an early meeting, I presented candidate Carl Demaio with our AMAC Medicare handout and he said he will get (back to) me…I will up-date you after our June 3rd primary. Thanks for your much needed support!”

From AMAC Delegates Sandra Morey & Al Spagnuolo, TX-26:

“Tuesday, May 13th AMAC delegates Sandra Morey, Al Spagnuolo, and AMAC member Bob Garbowski met with Texas District 26 Congressman Michael Burgess…membership had nearly doubled since their first meeting last May….They handed out a copy of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Home Health Care Cuts. They stated AMAC was aware of the cutbacks, which may force disabled elderly and lower income seniors to endure costly institutional care that they do not want or cannot afford.  They concluded that AMAC members believe our government officials should fix this problem. Congressman Burgess agreed with AMAC and believes the problem should be fixed.  However, he went on to state that liberals tended to delay controversial issues regarding (ACA) until after the election. Congressman Burgess is due for re-election this Fall.  He was receptive to a future town hall meeting with AMAC members.”

AMAC Deleagtes Al Spagnuolo (L) & Sandra Morey, Congressman Burgess and AMAC Member Bob Garbowski (R)

AMAC Deleagtes Al Spagnuolo (L) & Sandra Morey, Congressman Burgess and AMAC Member Bob Garbowski (R)

From AMAC Delegate Jerry Youngberg, ND-01:

“On May 16th I had the pleasure of joining AMAC’s Andy Mangione and Caroline Rayburn on a visit to Congressman Kevin Cramer’s Washington, DC office. We discussed, AMAC’s history, mission and the Social Security and healthcare issues that are of concern to the membership.

AMAC Delegate Jerry Youngberg (L) and AMAC's Andy Mangione outside of Rep. Cramer's office in Washington, DC

AMAC Delegate Jerry Youngberg (L) and AMAC’s Andy Mangione outside of Rep. Cramer’s office in Washington, DC

Also, on June 13, I stopped into the Congressman’s office in Grand Forks and introduced myself to the local staff. I offered our services for promoting a meeting with AMAC members at local events. I also stopped into Senator Hoeven’s office and met with his staff.”


Delegate Jerry Youngberg (L) with staffer in Rep. Cramer’s Washington, DC office

From AMAC Delegate Mark Terry, HI-02:

“After months of writing, I finally got a reply back from Rep. Gabbard’s office. I had sent Rep. Gabbard and three other Congressmen, copies of AMAC’s literature on the home health care issue. Only Rep. Gabbard replied.  I am currently in contact with the Republican (Congressional) candidate to help inform her of AMAC.”

From AMAC Delegate Jon Park, KY-04:

“AMAC Delegate Jon Park presided over the Henry County Lincoln-Reagan Dinner on May 31, 2014.  The attendees included both Representative Tom Massie (KY-04) and former Department of Labor Secretary Elaine Chao. Both Congressman Massie and Secretary Chao also spoke at the dinner. Congressman Massie and Mr. Park are in the planning stages for an AMAC Member-only meeting for later this summer.  AMAC VP of Government Relations, Andy Mangione, also attended the event.”


 AMAC Delegate Jon Park (L) Congressman Massie (C) and Andy Mangione, AMAC (R)

AMAC Delegate Jon Park (L) Congressman Massie (C) and Andy Mangione, AMAC (R)

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John A. Knote,M.D.
8 years ago

Hello – I reside in IN Congressional 4 [Rep. Todd Rokita] and I note in your list of AMAC Delegates that there is not a delegate from our district. I communicated earlier that I wish to be a delegate from our district, but I received no reply from AMAC.
My background is :
Retired Diagnostic Radiologist; former President of IN State Med. Ass’n , former President,IN State Radiological Society, current alt. delegate to American Medical Ass’n [29 years as either del. or alt.]; former V-Speaker & Speaker of AMA House of Delegates [total, 8 years] ; former V-Speaker & Speaker of American College of Radiology Council [4 years]; former Chancelor, American College of Radiology; former candidate[unsuccessful] for IN House of Representatives.
Please inform me if I can be an AMAC delegate from IN District 4, and also outline the expectations for AMAC delegates.

Alfred L. Kreps
8 years ago

Moral values of people are being undermined by many of the old line denominations to placate the few who want to obtain acceptable status for their actions. One just has to look at the reasons for the demise of other great nations, the prime example being the Roman Empire, to realize that the lowering of moral values results in destruction of the human being and the nation which supports such lower values. The UMC church is not alone in supporting values which are defined as an abomination by the Holy Writ.

8 years ago

Thanks for posting your comment Norge and informing many of how establishments are being quietly infiltrated with liberal stances. .

8 years ago

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am that you chose to hold this meeting in a UMC building. You are only taking on the ‘image’ of supporting or affiliating with the UMC in doing so.
I was born and baptized into the Evangelical United Brethren Church, which then made the horrible mistake of joining/merging with the Methodist Church, becoming the United Methodist Church.
Let me just point out two of their unchanged tenants, which the leadership still refuses to address:
1) Only authorized and trained members of the national defense forces and authorized police forces should be allowed to bear arms. There is no need nor purpose for the individual citizen to be armed lest he cause harm to befall others.
2) In the event of rape or sexual assault a woman should in all cases submit to her assailant and shall forego the ‘temptation’ to resist, lest her efforts bring harm or injury unto him. In other words, you wives and daughters, in the eyes of the hierarchy of this church will go to hell for resisting rape, but the rapist can repent and still gain the kingdom of heaven.
Talk about a war on women….yet the UMC in MN continues to cater too, and lead the fight on behalf of all things homosexual, yet only pays lip service in the form of mundane press releases about ‘all life is precious’ when it comes to the terror of abortion.
The national leadership of the UMC gives money in the name of the church (illegally) to the Million Mom March and other so called ‘common-sense’ gun control orgs. & refuses to stand or be held accountable for their continued authoritarian dictates, and if it wasn’t for the sheer numbers of African representation opposed to them at Annual Conference, the leadership would be already be appointing gay clergy and performing gay weddings in OUR churches.
At the last two United Methodist Women conferences they have authoritatively declared that they are going to come out with a ‘new’ bible that will be ‘gender neutral’ so as not to offend women, gays and lesbians. This was never put to a vote and was never offered up for discussion. The leadership, in typical fashion, actually closed the conference, then with the mics still on and control of the podium, made a “By the Way” pronouncement of their intentions, then turned off the mics and left the gathering.
If the AMAC is going to truly represent conservative views, you need to distance yourselves from ALL thing UMC, and I say this as a UMC member who is sickened by the liberal, tyrannical, undemocratic way my church has been subverted and perverted by the evil, liberal, faux-Christians posing as members while carrying out the devils work.

8 years ago
Reply to  Norge

Now that is the way to protest something that offends you, clearly outlined with the points and no ranting or name calling, thanks for the refreshing method of getting the point across.

8 years ago
Reply to  Norge

As a member of the UMC, I take your comments to heart. I will be more observant and watch what may or may not be happening under the surface. We have a new, young minister, and he’s only been with us two weeks. It will be interesting to see and hear what comes up in the next few months. The Christian Church in general is under siege, so we have tried hard to maintain our loyalty to our church and Christian faith. We find more and more families pulling away from church attendance in lieu of other activities deemed more important. The average age of worshipers at my church is 60 — we have a sum total of 2 “youth” aged 12-16, and about 5 children under 6. Efforts to draw in younger people have failed — so I chalk it up to the morality and the times of our nation. When I focus on the Islamic radicals pushing their religion down throats – or else — it frightens me. Would Christians take up arms and march in the name of Christianity???? I think not. Would they profess their Christianity when faced with sudden death by doing so? I don’t think so. Everything this country was built on has collapsed, or is about to.
And, where are the answers????

Ivan Berry
8 years ago
Reply to  KarenFaye

Norge and KarenFaye, and others who might be interested, I had a Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law who attended a UMC congregation with their children. When I asked them if they were aware of some of the same positions that Norge presented, they said, “No and no way.” I went on to suggest they ask their minister about one or two of my revelations. They later did so and no longer are involved with the UMC.
There are still some Biblical Churches out there, but are still sometimes hard to find. I personally don’t attend any Church regularly anymore because none close have shown the face that appeals to me. There are some decent ones within 40 miles or so of here. One in Avenger, but that’s further than I want to travel to regularly. Yes, this is Texas and places tend to be far apart.

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