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AMAC: Congress Handed Us a ‘Bungee Cord’ to Help the Nation Survive the Fall Off the Fiscal Cliff

‘It will pull us back up to the top of the cliff, but the question is can we survive the fall a second time?’ –

BOHEMIA, NY, Jan 4 – The nation “bungee jumped off the fiscal cliff on New Year’s Day.”

That’s the way Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens, described the legislation passed by Congress to avert financial calamity as President Obama prepares to kick off his second term.

“We took the leap, alright, but the bungee cord that Congress handed us at the eleventh hour saved our necks for the time being.  It will pull us back up to the top of the cliff, but the question is can we survive the fall a second time?  Meanwhile, far from protecting the nation from a whole slew of new taxes, the fix our lawmakers patched together actually increases the tax burden for all Americans,” according to Weber.

“And, while the notorious 2% that the President allegedly singled out for tax increases in the New Year may well be able to afford a hike, the rest of us 98 per centers in the lower brackets can ill afford to shell out more in order that the administration can continue its spending spree.”

The AMAC chief said that he fears the next four years will be a redux of the Obama administration’s first term.  “He will continue seeking to use his Senate majority to force the nation to accept socialist ideologies and to abandon the values and principles that helped the U.S. to thrive for two and a quarter centuries.”

Weber acknowledged the Republican majority in the House and said that it is up to them to offer strong, loyal opposition in Congress if we are to prevent “a cataclysmic change” in our way of life.  Meanwhile, he said, we need to offer support for those lawmakers who are willing to wage a successful resistance movement.

AMAC will be there, he said, exerting its influence where it can in Washington.  And, he said that the association’s membership should do what they can as individuals to exert influence in their communities.

“There are many challenges ahead for the nation, not the least of which are crushing debt and Social Security and Medicare reform.  Thus, we urge lawmakers in the House to put up a valiant fight for significant government spending cuts when it comes time to increase the debt ceiling in the coming months.  And, they must use what leverage they have to address the pressing need for reforms that will ensure the viability of Social Security and Medicare for our children and grandchildren.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Please contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or [email protected] to set up a chat.



The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.


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9 years ago

I can recall being a young, impressionable girl in Junior High and High School wondering just WHY the Roman Empire and all those others, fell and lost their way. Now, I’m 3 days from 66 years of age and have a birds eye view of what happened to all those empires. The people who struggled to get the freedoms from government control, did well. They pro-created, and eace generation HAD to give their kids MORE than what they had when they were in their glorious growing years. My kids, and problablly your kids, can’t remember just playing this a roll of farm fencing wire or having a hand pump to put air in the worn out basketball that they used to play HORSE. Nor do they recall running barefoot over the freshly plowed fields and feeling like they were a “beautiful butterfuly” full of strength and sunshine and that they could whip the world. That was a great feeling; that cool, soft, freshly plowed soil giving way under my running feet! It was better than any Christmas morning or Birthday that “we the people” have lavished on our children. We have created this mess by spoiling our children and then wondering why our children spoil their children and our great-grandchildren are spoiled even worse by their children – Our should I say, by our unknown stupidity of making our kids think they could have-it-all without lift a finger but to sign up for Welfare, Food Stamps, all those programs invented to take care of our spoiled children. It has to stop somewhere but I don’t have the answer. We’ve got so many grown up kids and grandkids on welfare and they don’t get it. They just keep voting so they can keep getting government handouts. Unfortunately, they actually are outnumbering those of us who raised them. I’m not sayingt it’s our fault! It’s just the way the human family does when they get more and more from Mom & Dad, and Grandma & Grandpa. Then, when there out there to raise their kids, they need some money from the government, because WE did fail to teach them respect for each penny they earned, respect for the work we parents and grandparents did to help them have more freedoms and to make more of themselves. We failed in our homes by allowing the government to take away our rights to discipline our own children, by being convinced that the school was the one obligated to provided entertainment such as baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, track, band instruments for their PHYSICAL wellbeing. We pushed them farther away from the family dinner table at which we ate all Our meals and talked about our day and argued and grew together as a loving family. We exchanged that for running our kids from one event to another and doubling back to pick up another kid to get them somewhere other then home, so they could have great experience in anything but a good family grounded life. What a mess! Now I know why our kids move far away and don’t feel any desire to help us as we age, and they fail to acknowledge that we are even weaker due to our aging bodies. I don’t know the answer, but I do see the pattern and I do understand why nations fell. I also know why THIS GREAT NATION WILL FALL if we don’t get our kids and grandkids, and great-grandkids grounded in the values of caring for one another, all their family members, and becoming GIVERS instead of TAKERS.

The people who govern us are not so strong that they can’t be beat by going back to FAMILY STANDARDS and FAMILY OBLIGATIONS. Most all of us feel what has happened in our lifetime. What will it take to help our children see what not having dreams and working to reach those dreams should look like? It’s certainly not the government way, it’s the family. Our roots have got to get strength again so that our branches can reach toward the sky for moisture, sunshine and joy at just being alive.

Milos Mikos
9 years ago

I have posted this elsewhere and now will here, a simple explanation as to what the country has become:

July 4, 1776…brave Americans declare “Independence Day” and fight a war for their freedom.

November 6, 2012…duped Americans, without so much as a slap fight, willingly vote that freedom away…essentially
declaring “Dependence Day”.

The fact that any more than 10% of the people would vote for Obama tells me it is likely that the United States has indeed over extended its’ 200 years and will never recover. Obama has accomplished his “fundamental transformation”…from America to a Socialist/Marxist state. Too many voters are utterly clueless as to what is being done, and to what they did in voting for Obama and his ilk. Time will tell..hope I am wrong.

David Cole
9 years ago

All I know is that I am sick and tried of hearing the term Fiscal Cliff. Let us call it by the name that we really know to be true. A Gallows. The noose is around ours neck and Washington is the hang man. His hand is on the trap door lever and any moment now we are goners. If you have read Revelation in the Bible it tells us that your leader will be like fools. This has come to past. You know this true because we see it every day in Washington. So please enough with the term Fiscal Cliff.

ralph jefford
9 years ago

i agree that we need to reevaluate all people drawing disability or unemployment benefits.Newt gingrich had it right when he said he would make able bodied people work or learn a vocation while drawing benefits.a lot of people that are disabled are still able to perform some form of work,i know this because i have worked alongside of them and so have you.I believe the first place to cut spending should be to get out of the worthless UN or at least renegotiate our fair share.As long as were making cuts lets start looking at the EPA,DEPT OF EDUCATION,DEPT OF ENERGY,,FDA ETC.ETC.There is alot of fat in these govt agencies and they just keep getting much money is being spent under the ruse of protecting our borders?Do we see fewer illegal immigrants?are we safer?The mexican drug cartels are moving there head quarters north of the borders.homeland security keeps getting larger and doing less,We need to give them less manpower and the border patrol more.

Paul Pilgrim
9 years ago

The people who don’t work for a living outnumbered those who work and pay the taxes; and, at election time it was demonstrated how the tail wags the dog. The cutoff line will be lowered so that more and more “rich” people are squeezed harder and harder. What happens when the remaining few who work simply say “take this job and shovel it”? Is it any wonder that ammo sales are through the roof? Protection is though one on everybody’s minds now.

Angela M. Rosati
9 years ago

It was reported that obama’s vacation cost $4 million. He also gave congress a raise! I’m 83 y o and my COLA increase was a big $19. Gee, I feel so guilty. Maybe I can offer the poor, overworked congressmen my COLA? Yes, the congressmen/women are overworked! They just recently okayd aid to New Jersey for Sandy, the hurricane, which took place on OCT. 29, 2012. All these poor guys had to do was wait until God sent another hurricane to sweep up the mess. Sheesh!
Shame on them. obama has bullied the congress to do his bidding or else. Or else what?? I can’t write anymore; I’m shaking.

Barb Fisher
9 years ago

Bless you. I have my mom living with me and she is 91 1/2 and she is in the same boat. There is no reason any of them should get a raise. For what, breaking our backs and our bank accounts. Makes you wonder what our country is coming to. I worry for my grand children. I am going to start sticking up for my rights before I loose all of them. And believe me we are loosing them. Take care and God Bless you.

Dave Carpenter
9 years ago

I am disgusted with the entire bunch of selfish, dishonest, unethical and disloyal to the Constitution, career politicians and their supporters! For way too many years, We the People have been lead down the road to the point of becoming Peons to the Elitest Politicians. Yes a good share of the US population falls into most of this description as well because they have a “Feed me first, instant gratification and someone else needs to pay for me” attitude!

There is nothing honest or logical in the US fiscal system. Those who have cause the problem are in charge of fixing it? How stupid! The Democrats raised the debt ceiling by 5 trillion dollars less than 4 years ago, Congress caused the housing crash with unsound economic rules for banks and investments, Congress fraudulently passed the obamacare debacle without reading or understanding it, Congress continues to ignore the Constitutional separation of powers by allowing the great impostor to rule with ‘executive orders’, the ‘appointed and approved by Congress’ Supreme Court continues to distort and abuse the Constitution, the Law of the Land and Mr Weber says that the Republicans are trying to prevent a “a cataclysmic change” in our way of life? People, that is exactly what is needed.

The US borrows $0.40 of every dollar spent now. How long can any real honest business continue at that rate? And the solution it to raise that level? Polite words fail me to express just how ignorant and unsound that attitude sounds. If every asset of every Billionaire in the US was seized and liquidated it would only be about $1.5 trillion dollars!

All Congress wants to do is delude the Legal American Peons that they are ‘helping us’ enough, so that they and their party can buy enough votes to stay in power! They are all a bunch of drug addicts and their drug of choice is status and power!

9 years ago

Yes, the 2% can afford to pay a little more. That was never, ever the question. The question, really, is WHO will spend the 2% money better, the one who earned it or the ones who steal it? Will Government use that new tax money to hire more Government workers? To bolster unions? To pay those who can’t or won’t work (and produce)?

If the Federal Government is the entity that spends dollars most wisely, shouldn’t we all just give them our paychecks, even our savings, and let them spend it, let them decide what part of that money each citizen and each state should receive? If not, shouldn’t we try to give them only enough dollars to support Government’s NECESSARY functions?

As then-President Clinton told a gathering of Rich Fat Cats years ago, “Yes, I could have let you keep more of your money. But what if you didn’t spend it RIGHT?” To me, RIGHT, is what you want to do, whether it’s starting a business and hiring employees or buying a yacht built by someone else’s employees or building a mansion built by still another’s employees. It’s how “trickle down” works. And it’s much more “fair” than anything Obama is likely to do with those dollars.

9 years ago

Why is it that they always blame SS for budget problems? Is this not a true “entitlement”? We paid into, are forced to pay into it for our retirement, so are we not entitled to draw it out? Why is it we do not hear about cutting back welfare spending? Why do we not see using the welfare recipients to fill in the gaps? Why can they not work for thier money? What is wrong with having them pick up the litter along side the road? How about being able to keep open state & city parks by having them work at them? They can clean bathrooms, mow the grass, fix a leaky roof or pipe. Why do we always avoid taking money from them? Why do we think that they need a free ride? Are they too good to work these positions?
My other thought is, can we get rid of all foriegn aid? The American people are generous for the most part, if we decide we want to, as individuals, give money to a foriegn country we can, but not be forced through our taxes to give to a country we do not want give money to. Will that not help tremendously in cutting spending? Do we not give money to China, who we borrow it back from? I’m sure they laugh all the way to the bank. I say we need to wake up & take care of the home front first. Why do we have to take care of the rest of the world that hates us anyway?

9 years ago
Reply to  Peggy

I’m 100% with you Peggy . Lets bring back the CCC camps and have them work 32 hours a week .
Why can not our gov. admit the USA is over populated and will never have enough jobs for everbody .
Thank Bill Clinton for NFTA for our job lost .
This country was built on Capatalism and the middle class , NFTA has distroyed the middle class .
Obama thinks the gov. should support everybody , but we are bankrupted. He wants this country to be socialism
another Cuba.

9 years ago

I agree that the disability needs to be tightened. I personnalyl know of two relatively healthy people for years on social security disability that have owned 14 rental properties for years. Somehow the income received from this property is not included in counting income to reduce or eliminate the disability.
This is not SSI but regular social security disability. Apparently these two people are healthy enough to manage these rental properties but, theoretically, not healthy enough to work in their original employment. Basically even with 14 properties (which is a form of business) they are allowed to double dip.

9 years ago

Welfare is not addressed because a large majority of Dem voters reside there. The more people that can be weakened, the stronger the Socialist movement by the Dems will be. I’m not sure that Congress actually knows what is going on and the consequences, but Obama does and he is happily dancing all the way towards his goal. Like the Pied Piper, he has so many rats following along that he is getting his way much too often. The news media is in his pocket. Why not just turn off the news–at least the nationals? If people were not watching, the advertisers would pull out. It’s a disgrace that he has spent $20 million on a vacation when he has run up so huge a debt. Seems like he is on some sort of welfare, too, doesn’t it? Until “We, the people” realize we are the employers and have the guts to stand up to him and the Congress that is so weak, he will dance happily along. We need to have a nonpolitical board made up of successful business people from all walks of life to be able to fire those who are not doing the job correctly. We have to take back our rights. They will not be given back.

9 years ago

Here’s what will happen in the debt ceiling talks:
1) The House Republicans will make a lot of noise above “getting our spending under control”.
2) The Republicans will parade the usual members before the public to make the usual “what we should do to fix our out of control debt problem”, all the while offering no specifics on what they would vote to cut. Lots of words, but not actually saying anything. No real unified strategy developed beforehand. Just each member shooting from the hip, trying to make himself or herself look good before the cameras.
3) Obama will sit back, as he did in the fiscal cliff talks, and watch the Republicans fight amongst themselves. He will of course schedule a few news conferences to deliver the same scare speech over and over again to the American people about the dangers of not increasing the debt ceiling to whatever he wants and how it’s all Congress’ fault.
4) The mainstream media will continue to portray the Republican Party as either “radical”, “dangerous” or “out of touch with the American people”. At the same time, Obama will be portrayed as “reasonable”, “caring about the people”, “offering a common sense approach that protects the middle class” or “looking to prevent another downgrade of the United States by offering a reasonable solution”.
5) The debt ceiling talks will play out exactly like the fiscal cliff talks, with so called bargaining going on right to the last second.
6) Then, once again, the Senate Republicans will “compromise” (which means capitulate) to whatever the last offer that Obama has put on the table. Of course this offer will include more tax increases and little to no real spending cuts. The media will hail this as a breakthrough. That it spares the country from a) an over-hyped shutdown that most Americans wouldn’t even notice and b) another ratings downgrade from one of the ratings agencies.
7) The House Republicans will, once again, fold and go into CYA mode, as members all scramble to come up with plausible stories why this latest round of tax increases “isn’t as bad as it could have been” and “how we’ll use the next opportunity to get our spending under control”.
Sorry of this is considered too dark for some, but this is the reality we face until the Republicans in both houses of Congress a) grow a spine b) develop and stick to a viable, unified negotiating strategy before the talks start and c) do a hell of a lot better job of articulating to the American people why just continuing to run trillion dollar deficits each year in perpetuity isn’t going to end well for ANYONE in this country. So far after the listening to various members of the Republican Party doing their usual CYA before the camera post fiscal cliff negotiations, I don’t have a warm fuzzy feeling that things will be much better in the debt ceiling talks.

Bill O'Brien
9 years ago

Social Security and Medicare should be addressed, but not in the way being proposed. Social Security needs to restructure to eliminate paying for those claiming disability. That is what disability insurance is for. Furthermore, those now on disability need to lose it when they start receiving a social secuirty retirement benefit. Currently, they receive both.

Medicare keeps reducing benefits to those who paid into it. They should have a “means” test, but that “means” test should be to charge higher premiums to those who led unhealthy lifestyles. If you want to smoke, overeat or drink, take illegal drugs, stay fat and unfit, then you should pay a lot more in premiums. When one’s auto or homeowner’s claims are high or more frequent, those premiums are greater. Why not Medicare for unhealthy lifestyles?

Furthermore, our country can reduce its debt by disallowing pork from all spending bills and eliminating foreign aid for all except for intelligence purposes.

Next we must hold our congress and president accountable for every action. A good start is to publicize the cost/benefits of every action. This means holding the news media accountable. If they do not report accurately, the only way to bring about change is to boycott the products being advertised on their channels.

Another way to seek more accountability is for more people to join their local politcal party of choice to start the influence at the grass roots level. We do not have a spending, gun, tax probel in this country. We have a moral and value problem. If we elect representatives who will do the right thing, most of our problems will go away.

Norman Linnell
9 years ago
Reply to  Bill O'Brien

Electing different representatives will never be any more effective than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic . Since all humans are corruptible , all new representatives are corrupted and become part of the federal aristocracy . The federal aristocracy will continue spending us into oblivion unless we amend the Constitution to stop them .
Organizations like AMAC and the Heritage Foundation should be actively pushing all local , state , and federal elected officials to demand that our ruling class take the following steps to save America :

1) Freeze all spending that is not in the vital national interest of the United States .
2) Freeze all spending that does not exclusively benefit American citizens .
3) Limit the use of the U.S. military to the defense of the United States .
4) Initiate the process to repeal the poisonous 16th and 17th Amendments .
5) Initiate the process for the ratification of new Constitutional Amendments to rein in the federal aristocracy and restore the government of the People .

As a nation with less than 5% of the planet’s population and the world’s biggest debt burden ( $16 TRILLION soon to be $20 TRILLION ) we cannot continue to borrow money to pick up the tab for 50% of the world’s military spending and the lion’s share of foreign aid spending .
If AMAC and Heritage put the same effort into saving America that they put into fund raising , we would be out of the woods by 2016 .

judith m olson
9 years ago

i dont believe this is the second time, i would say more than two times obama has done the 11th hour stunt, only to have the house present options, then have the senate not even bring them to the floor for vote…it appears that this latest travesty will only continue to put our country further in the hole…i would like to see the republicans/conservatives take the reins on this issue and not back down to the dems and obama every time. the concessions made were much greater than anything gained during this latest dog and pony show. why isnt welfare being addressed? although it is not reported as such, i believe it is one of the largest expenditures, if not the largest, eventhough they claim medicare and social security are.

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