AMAC Action On Capitol Hill

AMAC Blitzes the Hill in a Highly Productive Week

andrew-mangioneby Andrew Mangione – The end of the year may be just around the corner, but AMAC won’t be slowing down any time soon.  We continue to maintain an active advocacy presence in Washington, DC, as the political stakes soar to new heights.  Despite the gridlock that defines the U.S. Congress, our advocacy efforts on the Hill were reinforced tremendously at the end of October – when AMAC reached a milestone of 1,000,000 dues-paying members.  The force behind our growing membership undoubtedly strengthens our mission and the message we take to lawmakers.

Last week, I sat down with staffers in 13 Congressional offices, introducing our organization to some and updating others as to how AMAC has grown so quickly in recent months.  These meetings proved to be both highly positive and productive, as offices are pleased to learn about AMAC and our conservative stances on the fiscal and social issues that dominate the political debate.  AMAC has now crossed a critical threshold in our advocacy efforts, where we are able to provide real, tangible support to members of Congress.  As they work to represent the citizens of their Districts – many of whom are AMAC members – AMAC offers valuable insight into what seniors care about.

Apart from endorsing specific pieces of legislation, AMAC’s Delegate Program has become a beneficial outreach tool that enables AMAC members to interact directly with their local Congressman at the District level.  AMAC has placed over 200 delegates in Congressional Districts across the country, helping to spread the word about the fastest-growing alternative seniors organization in America and bringing attention to the issues with which older Americans are most concerned.  Since the program was instituted in February, our delegates have helped to schedule and coordinate seven AMAC members-only Town Hall meetings.  We are thrilled with the success of the AMAC Delegate Program and look forward to expanding its range of influence.

Another way AMAC has become more integrally involved in the conversations and activities taking place in Washington is by closely monitoring the fallout of ObamaCare.  For the past month, lawmakers have held numerous hearings to assess the failed rollout of ObamaCare and and to discuss possible legislative options that would enable Americans to keep their cancelled health insurance plans.  AMAC has been able to work with Congressional offices to develop questions that can be asked in hearings that focus specifically on how ObamaCare will impact older Americans and Medicare beneficiaries.  We understand that our members are very concerned about how their health care coverage may change under this law, and we are constantly working to get individuals and families the information they need in order to make informed decisions regarding their health care.

Still, I continue to present AMAC as an organization that doesn’t simply oppose progressive ideas – but as one that offers solutions in accord with Constitutional principles.  From responsible health care reform to an innovative Social Security reform plan, AMAC combines forward-leaning ideas with tried-and-true values to address the problems our nation is currently facing.  Our members expect solutions to these problems, and they demand results.  AMAC will continue to be a source of fresh ideas and an ally for any office in DC that is seriously interested in fixing them.

Let me conclude by reiterating how repeatedly humbled I am by the opportunity I have to be your voice in Washington.  I am proud to work for an organization whose agenda is driven solely by its members.  2013 has been an outstanding year for AMAC, and we plan to build on what we’ve accomplished in 2014 as we continue to raise our profile on the Hill.  Moving forward, AMAC’s mission remains focused and the spirit of our membership will not be broken.  AMAC fights to keep America powerful!


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8 years ago

Obama & the Democrats did not allow the Republicans to have any input on Obamacare. The Democrats met behind closed doors without Republicans in the room & wrote the law. No one was allowed to read the bill until it was voted on & pushed through the House & the Senate because Democrats controlled both houses when the bill was written & passed. Republicans were allowed in 1 meeting & every suggestion Republicans made were shot down by Obama. The only reason they were allowed that one meeting was because if the pressure from Conservatives. Fox News reported on this so Conservatives could be aware if what was happening. Republicans can not be held responsible for the laws contents or flaws because they had no input. AFTER the bill was passed is when Republicans started the all out war against it. Liberal media (ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, New York Times & all if their affiliates) reported only what Obama wanted the people to know, the SPIN that the Republicans caused the problems with Obamcare. They could not have done that. They had no control over it. I will never forget Nancy Pelosi’s arrogant comment “We have to pass the bill before you can know what is in it”.

We must remind everyone of this in the coming months before next years election.

8 years ago

Sorry about that. Sometimes the copy & paste feature on my cell is irksome. I didn’t catch it before I posted.

8 years ago

Sharon Kolor: Senior citizens were never given a choice about whether we paid for SS & Medicare so we paid. The key here is that we worked & paid into the program. Money which wasn’t used to support our parents was misappropriated & used to pay for programs which had nothing to do with senior citizen programs. If the Federal Gov’t is allowed to get their hands on the money intended for “Universal” healthcare they will do the same with that money. I hope you aren’t naive enough to think otherwise. Also you will have no control over WHO receives medical care. Please don’t be naive & believe ONLY LEGAL citizens will be allowed to access medical care. Will everyone who benefits have PAID into the system? The law in this country right now is that no emergency room can deny medical care to anyone. People with insurance are already paying for these uninsured through higher medical costs to the insurance companies when we go to the hospital. We are also paying for Medicaid through our taxes. We are paying for Welfare recipients (MANY who have have never paid taxes) through our taxes. We are paying for people receiving food stamps through our taxes (keep in mind a large portion of these people are NOT citizens).

If you know someone who lives in Canada or England ask them what they think of “Universal” (aka Socialist) medicine. They are not happy with it. I know someone in Canada who lost her primary care physician & it took her 2 years to get under the care if another one due to the long waiting lists. She said their tax rate for payroll tax is 40%. I also had a conversation a couple of years ago with a couple from Canada who had come to the US that summer for for medical care because we had so much better medical care than they did. This will be the future for the US if we go to single payer & the Federal Govt has control. Ask anyone in Canada what happens to POSSIBLY terminal patients, including children, under govt controlled healthcare. Would you want your child, spouse, parent or grandparent denied medical care other than making them “comfortable” if there might be a chance to save them but some beaurocrat says no to medical care?

I also would like for people who don’t have insurance to be able to get it but not with the Federal government in control Take out something for Reed’s lunch for TUESDAYbut if that happens, be prepared for the other side of the issue. Someone has to pay for it. In my state, in the county I live in, we have a county health dept who provides healthcare for people who don’t have insurance & get sick. We don’t have a state income tax so this program is paid for from the county’s general fund which is funded by state & county sales tax & I’m sure a portion of our property taxes. I would much rather a healthcare program be administered at a county or State level rather than Federal. I don’t trust them to responsibly, efficiently or honestly handle anything. There is too much room for abuse, fraud & in appropriation of funds.

Rather than wanting the Federal govt to handle everything, contact your state lawmakers & be an advocate of a local way of handling healthcare for the poor. I also am for being able to shop for insurance across state lines to make it more competitive. The Federal govt needs to get out of our daily lives & more people need to be personally responsible for themselves. This recession could have been over a couple if years ago had it not been for all the regulations this administration is shoving down businesses throats especially small business who struggle to survive without those regulations.

Sharon Kolor
8 years ago

In response to HAM on 11/18/2013 at 4:33 pm, as a conservative Democrat, I agree that AARP does not represent my needs. Your comment that “We have paid for SS & Medicare our whole working lives” should, in my opinion, be something that 20-somethings say 50 years from now about Obamacare. SS could be called Rooseveltcare. Medicare could be called Johnsoncare. Obamacare is not perfect, but it is my opinion that Republican legislators are responsible for much of its inadequacies because they fought it in an all-or-nothing way. Everyone in the US wants adequate healthcare: the people who CAN afford it, and the people who go to the ER because they can’t afford it. I want our so-called government “representatives” to represent that desire. Give us a national healthcare system that covers everyone. Some people are going to scream bloody murder, but they will get over it if the plan is worked on across the aisle.

8 years ago

I feel like I better emmigrate while I still can. Enjoy the Polizeistaadt, Volk!

8 years ago

If any senior is currently a member of AARP, I hope they don’t renew for 2014 & join AMAC instead. It’s refreshing to finally have a voice in DC who advocates Conservative senior’s values AND how Obamacre is affecting Medicare. We have paid for SS & Medicare our whole working lives. They are not entitlements & our Congressmen need to know how we feel about this.

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