AMAC attends White House Christmas Luncheon

ChristmasOn December 19th, the President and Mrs. Trump hosted a Christmas celebration party at the White House in which members of the President’s Cabinet, White House staff, and a goodly number of invitees who have been steadfast in their support for the President and the Administration’s objectives were in present. The White House was beautifully decorated with food and refreshments for the attendees in both the East Room and State Dining Rooms. The color theme this year was white lights on trees throughout the main floor and each of the famous rooms exquisitely decorated for all to enjoy. The US Army Band played in the main foyer and the US Air Force choir sang Christmas favorites before the President and Mrs. Trump came down from the private residence area to greet all.. The President spoke briefly, cracked a joke, hoped everyone was enjoying the party, and wished everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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