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AMAC Army in Arizona Scores Another Victory


AMAC members in Arizona have been especially passionate about election integrity issues ever since the 2020 presidential election. They have channeled this passion into action and played a pivotal role in getting three pieces of election reform legislation signed into law by consistently and enthusiastically responding to AMAC Action’s continued requests to contact their state lawmakers. AMAC’s Arizona members compelled the legislature to pass bills that will remove private money from the administration of elections and stop inactive voters from automatically receiving early ballots.  

The most recent legislative victory to be signed into law by Governor Doug Ducey is HB 2794, a bill that prevents the changing of election deadlines by an officer or agent of the state and makes offenders face a class 6 felony charge.

There are more election reform proposals still under consideration in Arizona and the AMAC Army there will continue their diligent efforts to promote election integrity and safeguard their sacrosanct right to vote. 


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A McGurk
5 months ago

So proud to be an Arizonan and member of AMAC, to be encouraged and have hope in God and country reinforced by the results AMAC has achieved in this regard. Never give up, therein lieth the lesson! You have my continued support, and thank you for staying in the fight.

Bill on the Hill
5 months ago

Keep up the good fight AMAC! I dropped AARP over ( 10 ) years ago & never found anything else worthwhile as a replacement. Thankfully, I found Y’all through the Epoch Times articles & I joined up immediately a few months back now…
The AZ audit is moving along well now with over a million ballots audited with a June 30th deadline to complete it as it looks like they are well ahead of schedule, outstanding news & better still PA legislatures have paid them a visit for a look at the process with other states sure to follow. All of this is long overdue, better late than never. If the Democrats, including RINO Gov. Doug Ducey had their way, there would be NO 2020 election audit in AZ, period…
In closing, I’m feeling optimistic in all of this as I wait with baited breath for the final outcomes which will NOT be released until the audit is completed…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

5 months ago

Thank you Bill on the Hill for your write up regarding AMAC and AZ ballot auditing. I appreciate your words and agree with them whole heartedly.

6 months ago

About time….the cheaters in Arizona should be in jail.

Janette Lewis
6 months ago

Thank the Lord we needed the Good News.

6 months ago

Congratulations to Arizona! Hope we can get something accomplished in all Democrat run states. I’m just beside myself that Senator Pat Toomey finally got back to me on my concerns about H.R.1. He actually thinks it’s a bad idea also. I think that this is the first time that I’ve ever received a response that didn’t state that he was too busy with Covid pandemic in one aspect or another to respond to my concerns

Last edited 6 months ago by HocasPocas
6 months ago
Reply to  HocasPocas

I have zero confidence that writing our representatives amounts to a hill of beans. All I have ever received were canned response letters that half the time have nothing to do with my concern and everything to do with self-congratulations for their unrelated accomplishments. After many times reaching out about GOP representatives standing against certifying this bogus 2020 election, my REPUBLICAN senator assured me (in a canned letter) she would be taking a stand with Hawley and Cruz. Not only did she fail to do so (lied), she joined the chorus of other Republicans (Cruz included) claiming Trump instigated the January 6 uprising. Every representative, left and right, who has served two terms needs to go!

Ron Howard
5 months ago
Reply to  Glee

The fact is, if we flood their offices with complaints and concerns they cannot continue to ignore it. Silence when you are unhappy presumes agreement!!!

Ron Howard
5 months ago
Reply to  Ron Howard

I strongly object to AMAC forcing me to prove I am not ROBOT by answering those puzzles before they post my answers now. Just because I post frequent comments does not make me a robot! This is ONE MORE objectional censorship AMAC continues to utilize. Keep it up and lose my participation and membership!

Pam Stout
5 months ago
Reply to  Glee

Don’t just write, call as well. We can make a difference if we keep sending our message. You can bet that the other side is bombarding them with calls and letters.

Victoria Johnson
6 months ago

Does anyone know if their last audit of the Nov. 3rd election has been completed? If so, what was the outcome? We are getting no news through the media other than that the administration and RINO Republicans are fighting it tooth and nail.

Geraldine McGann
6 months ago

The audit in Maricopa County continues. The building had to be vacated for one week for contracted high school graduations. Results expected before the end of June. for live 24/7, 9 camera viewing.

John Wesley
6 months ago

Listen to LindellTV/, and NewsMax for updates and progress (and defeats) with the audits being pursued around the nation.

Salvatore Riccobono
6 months ago

I’m very interested in this particular Voting issue…

6 months ago

I’d like to see this happen in every state.

Bill on the Hill
5 months ago
Reply to  BrendaLee

BrendaLee… When that day arrives, the 2020 US Presidential Election gets overturned & we continue on with our beloved 45th POTUS finishing out his 2nd term plus the days STOLEN added to backend of Trump’s term which stands as of today’s date to be ( 4 ) months, 14 days stolen from the American voters of both parties…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

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