AMAC Agrees – The Senate Needs to Confirm President Trump’s Nominees

senate confirm TrumpAs President Trump approaches the end of his first year in office, his ability to implement his agenda across the executive branch has been hindered by the Senate’s failure to confirm his nominations.

Under unified government, President Trump has still faced a slower pace of confirmations than that of Presidents Bush or Obama, both of whom had nearly half of their nominees confirmed by this time in their respective terms. Specifically, President Bush had 358 of his 610 nominations cleared. President Obama had 341 out of 505 nominations confirmed. Currently, President Trump has only had 161 confirmations of the 398 individuals nominated.

The slow pace of Senate confirmations is exacerbated by the Senate’s continued insistence on working no more than 2 ½ days a week – arriving on Monday evening for a handful of votes, and departing, on average, by 2:30 p.m. each Thursday afternoon.

Previous Senates worked harder. The Reid Senate of 2009 averaged a departure time of 6:15 p.m. every Thursday, and oftentimes stayed as late as 11:30 p.m. to finish their work. In fact, the Reid Senate of 2009-2010 spent nearly 2,500 hours in session, compared to the McConnell Senate of 2015-2016, which spent just 1,855 hours in session.

Also troubling is the Republican insistence that Democrats are “obstructing” votes on these nominations, as claimed in a recent press release from the Senate Majority Leader’s office. It is unclear what obstruction is taking place. Democrats no longer have the ability to filibuster any nominees, judicial or executive. Any simple objections they do make – such as running all post-cloture time – are simply process objections that can be easily overcome.

Moreover, if Democrats are going to insist on all post-cloture time to be run, Majority Leader McConnell can easily make this painful for them by forcing continuous session overnight and through the weekend. If the Senate stayed in session continuously for a week (including the weekend), they could confirm up to five nominees every week even if Democrats made them run the full post-cloture time on each nomination.

Democrats may be able to delay consideration of nominees for a short time, but they ultimately can no longer obstruct. In the absence of the filibuster, the fate of every nominee rests solely with Majority Leader McConnell and the will of the GOP conference to do the necessary work.

Personnel is policy. In delaying the confirmation of President Trump’s appointees, the Senate is directly limiting the President’s effectiveness. This is not only true because positions remain vacant and work is not being accomplished, but because without the direction of Trump’s political appointees, career officials are left unsupervised. As has been documented in many instances, career officials that disagree with the President have taken measures to actively thwart his priorities.

Furthermore, continued delay results in ongoing unanswered partisan attacks designed to tarnish the personal and professional reputations of the president’s nominees. Both Russell Vought, nominated to the Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget, and Amy Coney Barrett, nominated to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, have been subject to scurrilous attacks by Democratic senators who have attempted to link the faith of Vought and Barrett to their qualification for office. Not only is this an unconstitutional religious test, but such statements subject both Vought and Barrett to unwarranted and offensive criticism to which they cannot give a robust response. Other nominees are being unnecessarily delayed because Republican Senators failed to appear at committee meetings where the nominations were to be voted upon, forcing cancellation of the committee’s action on the nomination.

The Republican Senate should prioritize these nominations and others like them. Vought and Barrett are both immensely qualified for the positions to which they’ve been nominated, and the GOP should confirm them swiftly, not only because of their excellent credentials, but also as a definitive answer to the Democrats who are attempting to place a religious test on appointed office. Deputy Labor Secretary-nominee Patrick Pizzella is highly qualified and yet the GOP has failed to move his nomination. These are just a few of the stories of President Trump’s nominations languishing in the Senate.

The Senate plays a critical Constitutional role in helping the President shape and implement his priorities by passing legislation, but also by confirming the President’s nominations. We urge the Senate to take its role seriously, and act with haste to confirm the individuals that President Trump has selected to assist him in carrying out his mandate.

To that end, the Conservative Movement calls on the Senate leadership to IMMEDIATELY schedule committee and floor action every Thursday and Friday for the foreseeable future to act on President Trump’s nominees for executive and judicial nominees, and to begin working a full week, EVERY week, until all nominations have been acted upon.

The United States Senate behaves as though there are no time limits and no urgency to these matters.   They are wrong and we cannot overstate the frustration and growing concern with the Republican Senate leadership for its failure during this entire year to do its work, process the nominations and address the issues that the American people have elected and pay them to handle.

We urge the Senate to get to work – now.


The Honorable Edwin Meese III

Former Attorney General

President Ronald Reagan


The Honorable Becky Norton Dunlop

Chairman, Conservative Action Project

Former White House Advisor, President Ronald Reagan


The Honorable Tony Perkins

President, Family Research Council

President, Council for National Policy


William L. Walton


CNP Action, Inc.


Adam Brandon




The Honorable Bob McEwen

U.S. House of Representatives

Former Member, Ohio


The Honorable J. Kenneth Blackwell


Constitutional Congress, Inc.


Herman Pirchner, Jr.

Founding President

American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC)


The Honorable Jim DeMint

U.S. Senate

Former Member, South Carolina


Tom McClusky


March for Life Action


Ed Corrigan

Former Executive Director

Senate Steering Committee


Rachel Bovard

Former Policy Director

Senate Steering Committee


Cleta Mitchell, Esq.



David Bozell

President, ForAmerica


Alfred S. Regnery


Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund


Diana Banister

President and Partner

Shirley & Banister Public Affairs

Colin A. Hanna


Let Freedom Ring


The Honorable T. Kenneth Cribb, Jr.

Chief Assistant to President Reagan

for Domestic Affairs

The Honorable David McIntosh

Former Member, Indiana

U.S. House of Representatives


L. Brent Bozell, III

Founder and President

Media Research Center


The Honorable Donald Devine

Former Director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management under President Ronald Reagan


The Honorable James C. Miller III

Budget Director for President Reagan, 1985-1988, President Reagan’s OMB


LTG William G Boykin


Kingdom Warriors Ministry


Belden Bell

Cochair Heritage Legacy Society

The Heritage Foundation

Elaine Donnelly


Center for Military Readiness


Kenneth F. Boehm


National Legal and Policy Center


James L. Martin


60 Plus Association


Seton Motley 


Less Government


Jenny Beth Martin

President & Co-Founder

Tea Party Patriots


Penny Young Nance

CEO and President, Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee

David N. Bossie


Citizens United


Anthony Saliba


Saliba Venture Management LLC

Ginni Thomas


Liberty Consulting


Rebecca Hagelin


Council for National Policy

Brad Dacus, Esq.

President, Pacific Justice Institute


L. Martin Nussbaum


The Honorable Jason Rapert         


Arkansas Senate


Terrence Scanlon

Retired CEO/President

Capital Research Center

Joseph A. Morris

Morris & De La Rosa


William Mills

President, MPW Properties

Andrea S. Lafferty


Traditional Values Coalition (TVC)


Kelly Shackelford

President/CEO/Chief Counsel

First Liberty Institute

Frank J. Gaffney


Center for Security Policy


Floyd Brown


Western Center for Journalism


Mica Mosbacher

Advisor, Trump 2020 Board


Ron Robinson

President, Young America’s Foundation

Heather R. Higgins

President and CEO

Independent Women’s Voice


Carrie L. Lukas


Independent Women’s Forum

Kathleen A. Patten

President & CEO

American Target Advertising, Inc.


Rod D. Martin

Founder & CEO

The Martin Organization, Inc.

Sherri R. Martin

Executive Vice President

The Martin Organization, Inc.


Haley E. Martin


The Martin Foundation

Evelio Silvera

Campaign for the American Future


Nicholas Stehle

Campaign for the American Future

Shawn A. Mitchell

National Chaplain, National Federation of Republican Assemblies


Jerry Melvin


Florida Republican Assembly

Rick Manning


Americans for Limited Government


Lewis K. Uhler


National Tax Limitation Committee

Judson Phillips


Tea Party Nation


Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D.

Washington Bureau Chief


Kevin Freeman


NSIC Institute


Richard A. Viguerie



Austin Ruse

President, C-Fam


Kay R. Daly

President, Coalition for a Fair Judiciary


Phil Kerpen

President, American Commitment

Michael J. Bowen

CEO, Coalition For a Strong America


Mark Fitzgibbons

President of Corporate Affairs

American Target Advertising, Inc.


Tim Macy


Gun Owners of America

Sandy Rios

Director of Governmental Affairs

American Family Association


Lee Beaman


Beaman Automotive Group

Janice Shaw Crouse, Ph.D.

Board Chair

Institute on Religion and Democracy


Tim LeFever


Capitol Resource Institute

Donna Hearne


Constitutional Coalition


Mike Spence

Founding President

Conservative Republicans of California


Phillip Leo Jauregui


Judicial Action Group


Nancy Schulze

Founder, Republican Congressional Wives Speakers & Women for Trump Bus

Susan A. Carleson


American Civil Rights Union


Anne Schlafly Cori


Eagle Forum


Ralph A. Rebandt, II

Senior Pastor, Chaplain Oakland Hills Community Church/Michigan Assoication of Chiefs of Police


J. Christian Adams


Public Interest Legal Foundation

John McCardell


America’s Liberty Committee


Michael R. Long

State Chairman

NYS Conservative Party

Bob Carlstrom


The Carlstrom Group, LLC


Dan Weber

Founder and President

Association of Mature American Citizens


Sara M. Olson

Senior Vice President

Concerned Women for America


Samuel B. Casey

Managing Director & General Counsel

Jubilee Campaign


Gerrye Johnston


Women for Democracy in America, Inc.


Peter Bohlinger

Managing Member

Pacific Apartment Homes, LLC

Willes K. Lee

President, National Federation of

Republican Assemblies


William W. Pascoe, III

Managing Partner

Antietam Communications


Roxanne Phillips

Member Executive Committee

Council for National Policy


Mario Navarro da Costa

Director, Washington Bureau

Tradition, Family, Property

Richard Wright

Owner, R & S LLC


Penny Pullen

President, Life Advocacy Resource Project


Eunie Smith

President, Eagle Forum


Nick Roos

President, Roos Wellness LLC

Joan Lindsey

President, Lindsey Communications


Christopher Malagisi

Editor in Chief, Conservative Book Club

Robert K. Fischer

Meeting Coordinator

Conservatives of Faith


Lisa Calvert

Christian Speaker and Bible Teacher

Rabon-Calvert Interests


Andresen Blom

Executive Director

Grassroot Hawaii Action


John F. Tate


America’s Liberty PAC


Dean Nelson


Frederick Douglass Foundation


David Martin

Health Care Entrepreneur

Cleveland, Ohio

Randy Page

Chief of Staff, Bob Jones University


Jack Park

Conservative Activist and Donor

Quin Hillyer

Veteran Conservative Columnist

Becky Gerritson

President, Wetumpka TEA Party (AL)


Catharine Trauernicht

Citizen Activist

Ralph Schmidt

Director, God’s Embrace Ministries


Tim Daughtry


Daughtry & Company


Ed Martin


Phyllis Schlafly Eagles

from - The Conservative Action Project

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5 years ago

I really don’t think it’s fair to compare Trump’s progress with other former presidents because they did not have the bashing and backlash about every single thing they tried to do. I’m sick of it! They will not give him one inch. In the lunchroom where I work they constantly have CNN on. Every time I go in there, CNN has something bad to say about Trump. When will this stop? We true Americans didn’t do this with obama, If those idiot liberals ever get another person in high office, we should all be just as relentless in voicing our distaste for the lies and deceit they are sure to cram down our throats, just like obama did.

5 years ago

Two and one-half days a week of work? Pay them accordingly…..cut their pay! Think how this looks to the average working man.

Wendell Keith
5 years ago

Seems like we should be electing more businessmen like president Trump to congress and get the lawyers out. Businessmen seem to be results oriented and that’s just what we need, plus they won’t do anything that hasn’t been thoroughly thought out, in most cases, although I sometimes wonder about Trump

O. Ryan Faust
5 years ago

Once Trump eliminates election fraud, these clowns are going down.

Ms Mary
5 years ago

I think it’s time we replace the senate. In fact, the Republican Party as we know it is done. We need to start a new party by, for, and of the people. We have had enough of politicians filling their pockets and sitting on their backsides and lying to us. I am done voting republican period. I am so mad at their lazy ways and opposition to every thing President Trump is trying to accomplish. We’ve been duped for the last time by these lying politicians.

5 years ago

AMAC should publish all the names, phone numbers and states they represent of those republicans not showing up for confirmation meetings or voting against and delaying Trumps agenda that way the whole country could call and give voice to our displeasure with them. If there is a way to get these published online in newspapers or on air as to shame them in to correcting their disdain for the voters! This should also be done to dems as well! P.S. let the people vote on term limits, if you have a constitutional convention then the politicians control the outcome, say goodbye to the second amendment then the first amendment and there will be no term limits!!!

5 years ago
Reply to  dogman

Dogman, I agree with you that AMAC should publish all the names, phone numbers and states they represent of those republicans not showing up for these meetings, etc. This is a very good idea. Let hope AMAC will do so.

5 years ago


Dan W.
5 years ago
Reply to  mike

Mitch definitely needs to pick up the pace on confirming nominations (as well as on tax reform). The Administration can increase the pressure on Mitch by sending nominations for all open positions to the Senate immediately.

According to this article, President Bush had already sent 610 of his nominations to the Senate by this time in his presidency. Currently, President Trump has nominated 398 individuals so the Administration could pick up their nominating pace as well.

5 years ago
Reply to  mike


I agree with you that it is Mitch Mc Connell. He is the main problem.. He is not doing his job as a leader of the Republican Senate Group. If they get
a better and more down to earth leader, things would be a lot better. Another thing, Paul Ryan is no better either.

Saundra L Finleon
5 years ago

Many of the Republican Senators are being irresponsible and it appears that Sen. McConnell is right there at the top!

Rudy Dagnello
5 years ago

The rotten republican politicians are deliberately refusing to support
President Trump, because he threatens to drain the swamp. And
there are both democrats and republicans in that swamp.

Dr G F Pritchard
5 years ago

Senate should get on board with President Trump or look forward to peoples backlash.

5 years ago

For an eight year period, every time Obama demanded anything, the Republicans would immediately surrender, while the “unbiased” media claimed the (R)s were blocking O at every turn. Now, with an (R) in power, the (d)s ARE blocking Trump while this same media says absolutely nothing! Take back the media and the (d)s lose all power!

James Nokes
5 years ago

What needs to happen is a republican turnover. Basically the only difference between GOP and dummycrats is the name. Both parties are filled with political elitist concerned with lining their pockets and continuous reelection. Term limits are necessary to keep these individuals from making a profession out of politics. Until there is a Convention of States or all the dinosaurs drop dead and congress descides to limit itself, NOT, we must rely on the primary season to remove these elitist. Whatever your political persuasion it is We the People’s responsibility to remove these political overlords. We need people that are responsible to the people and their concerns rather than those that are concerned only with their personal gain. Change incumbents during the primaries and put new blood in during the general. Change politics where we don’t have people like Pelosi. McConnel, Schumer for thirty something years. Have you ever noticed these politicians are never noted for the laws they have passed for the people, but for the amount of money they can raise for themselves and the party? What about all the money McConnel was able to to spend in Alabama for a primary election? I heard the number of thirty million dollars. Politics is a dirty business, but we don’t need to make it dirtier by putting the same people back in office election after election. Even if you think a legislator is is good for your state, he should not be reelected for more than three terms, that’s EIGHTEEN YEARS for a senator. They should really not be allowed to serve more than one and three on the congressional side. We have to bring our government back under the control of the people, then maybe a party cannot bring the government to a total standstill by holding up presidential appointments and legislation. Force them to do the work of the people and quit playing political games.

5 years ago
Reply to  James Nokes

President Trump said that he would “drain the swamp”. we have to help him “pull the plug”!!

5 years ago

McConnell needs to go! I think he is really a Dem instead of a Republican.

Jerry in Nebraska
5 years ago
Reply to  Joan

More like an “undocumented democrat”!

We could try “voting” these guys out of office, but with all the voter fraud going on it really is an uphill battle.

Raymond L Jones
5 years ago

Why are you getting paid for doing nothing? Our President was elected by a majority of votes cast and he has a great agenda that needs to be ratified by our legislature. How about getting off your oversized duffs and get this work done!

5 years ago

The Republicans (especially in the Senate) have been running on promises and giving us excuses for over a decade now. It’s time we replaced the well entrenched luxury loving politicians with those who will keep their promises by actually working for the people who sent them there instead of for themselves.

Bill Hartwig
5 years ago

It’s clear that the “establishment'” anti-Trumpers in the Senate have adopted a strategy of delay to stop the President. They of course are joined by like minded RINO’s in the House. Talk about needing to draining the swamp. It’s a shame they are just part of the cabal of past Presidents and other defeated Presidential candidates who are leading the charge from behind secret closed doors. It’s getting harder and harder to be associated with such persons who would rather see the country go down the drain than to help the President.

5 years ago

This is absolutely ridiculous!! Just goes to show you that the Liberal Democrats and certain Democrats masquerading as Republicans (Rhinos) are purposefully keeping President Trump at bay simply because they lost the last election and don’t like Donald Trump! President Trump, thankfully he won this past election, has done more for the American people in his first 8-9 months of service than the past president did in his 8 years in office, although he certainly improved his golf game if you want to call that a good thing for presidents to be doing! President Trump could do so much more for America if those Libtards would stop their blocking his almost every move! Wake up you Libtards and do what’s best for American and give this president the people he wants to work with in order to do his job rightfully! In case you forgot, it was the American peole who chose Donald J. Trump to be our president ! Accept your defeat and do your job as someone representing those who put you in office and also those who didn’t vote for you! Its your American duty, not your own personal vendetta!

5 years ago

It’s not that this congress is lazy. The fact of the matter is that all of the DNC and the vast majority of the GOP have no intention of allowing President Trump to succeed. That’s just a fact. Nobody wants to think that our elected employees would work against our wishes. Guess what…they couldn’t care less about what we want. They care about what their BIG donors (mostly globalists) want. Yeah…that stinks, but that’s the way it is. There are a few exceptions, but not enough to make a difference.

5 years ago

Mc Connell is incapable or unwilling to move the Presidents agenda forward. In ten months he has done nothing and he needs to step aside. However, his fellow Senators are anti-Trump and they won’t make a move either. We as Trump Republicans can do but one thing and that is to revolt against our own party. Call for a nationwide action of no contributions to the party. Form a party of our own and raise money to defeat the ones that need to go first in the Senate and later in the House. AMAC could be a sounding board for such a movement. We could bolster new Republicans or elect us a Democrat who cares as long as we get the leaderships’ attention.

Lee McQuillen
5 years ago
Reply to  Randy

I get their surveys and requests for money all the time. I fill out the survey, sent it back, noting that there will be no donation. I’ve noticed that there are a variety of candidates running for office against incumbents – both Republicans! Hopefully this will be the trend. We definitely have to get those politicians with self interest only out of our governments – both state and federal!

5 years ago
Reply to  Randy

I have already done that. Every time I get a donation request in the mail I return it (no money included) with a letter telling them that there will be no more money from me until they start working with the President. In that letter I name all of the Senators who should have a d behind their name. Sometimes I just write across the donation sheet that they will get no more money from me. The nice thing is they pay the postage!!!

Dr G F Pritchard
5 years ago
Reply to  Sandy

I Think I’ll start doing the same. Thanks.

5 years ago
Reply to  Sandy

I’ve thought of that too. But I doubt anyone of importance would ever see it. I believe these surveys are sent out by paid survey companies. I think we’d be more effective if we mailed the survey and the letter direct to the RNC. Downside is we have to pay the postage ( it would be worth it).

5 years ago
Reply to  Bill

The only ones that I do that with are ones that are addressed to the RNC and usually they have the return envelope with postage paid. Or I take the postage stamp that some charities send trying to get you to donate, like sending me a postage stamp or a quarter is going to sway me. The rest, Heritage Foundation etc, go in the garbage. I only send money to certain places no matter how many others send me stuff.

Tom Wilde
5 years ago

The biggest source of OBSTRUCTION in Congress right now is not the Democrat Party. It is the lying, two-faced Swamp Scum sucking GOP.

I live in deepest darkest Democrat Minnesota and have the likes of Nolan, Franken and Klobuchar “representing” me. Now that the Republicans have gone running to the Left, I have NO representation in Congress. Federal or State.

All I, and millions of others, have is a gang of self-serving, bought off professional politicians putting on a lousy act. They do nothing but pay back their Globalist Party Bosses. All of them. The GOP has the Majority and the power and they kowtow to the Democrat/Communists all the live long day!

Trump can’t do it alone.

And I’m expecting the day when the GOP joins the Democrat/Communists in seeking his dismissal through a phonied up “impeachment”. Don’t laugh. It CAN happen. Then they’ll go after Pence.

Then >>GAG<< look who is next in line!

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