A Wave of Violence Is Threatening Trump Supporters

protest student campus Antifa protesters violence supporters TrumpGraffiti on a Boston wall screams: “Kill your local Trump supporter.”

Meanwhile, Londoners at a massive protest took turns, under the famous “baby Trump” balloon, at bashing another naked Trump balloon while crowds cheered. Bashers stepped away looking lighter, as though they had been dunked in a river by some cult promising inner salvation.

Children have been pepper-sprayed at free speech protests attended by their parents. The elderly have been beaten nearly to death while walking to their cars, which perhaps sported a Trump sticker on the back.

All these Trump symbols are now invitations to physical attacks in public at worst, or, at the very least, being refused some kind of service. Three young African-American White House interns were holding their MAGA hats in their hands when their Uber driver arrived—and refused to accept them as passengers.

The bloodthirst is not limited to the hooded hooligans of Antifa—it’s also present in very upscale Trump-hating circles: A woman on Martha’s Vineyard expressed a desire to “stab” liberal lawyer Alan Dershowitz “through the heart” for arguing against a Trump impeachment. Since when do people talk like this? How did this blood-soaked Jacobin-chic become the new normal?

The window of an art gallery in Portland, Oregon, featuring Trump-hating art, had an image painted on the window of Trump being decapitated with a knife, wincing, with blood pouring down his neck. (The gallery did not respond to calls for comment.) When confronted by Trump supporter and journalist Laura Loomer, and many other calls for it to be removed, the gallery owner finally had the window replaced, and moped self-pityingly over how his right to express himself had been denied.

Breitbart’s John Nolte keeps a “rap sheet” of acts of violence and threats against Trump supporters—now 529. They are terrifying to read.


In a 2017 article in The Hill, Mike Isaacson, the leader of an Antifa faction, trumpeted the new ideological embrace of violence:

“The justification [of the use of violence] is that Nazi ideology at its very core is founded on violence and on wielding power by any means. There is the question of whether these people should feel safe organizing as Nazis in public, and I don’t think they should.”

The elephantine distortion in this pandemic notion is that Trump supporters are, in effect, Nazis. All conservatives, of all stripes, all libertarians, any and all who are not safely aboard the Trump-hating train are now “Nazis.” We speak of over 60 million Americans, and nobody has yet sought to explain how all these millions of people, never before identified as such, suddenly morphed into Nazis after the election of President Trump—a moderate conservative who prizes open trade and fortified borders, whose daughter has converted to Judaism, and who is a strong supporter of Israel.

Moreover, Trump supporters are conflated with “Nazis” and “fascists” despite being the ones advocating for free speech, a free press, and calling—as in the fast-growing Walk Away movement, for example—for peace, civility, and acceptance of political differences.

None of that matters. A ghost—a boogeyman—is all that is needed to stoke the rage and violence in the name of anti-Trumpism that has swept our nation from coast to coast. The ghost is not Trump himself but media and activist-induced projections of fear and loathing, sui generis.

You can see this from the pattern: No matter what Trump says or does, no matter what good things happen in this country—lowered taxes, a booming economy, plummeting unemployment rates, a detente with North Korea—the haters only become more insistent that the man poses an existential threat to our “Western values” and our “democracy,” and is a “fascist.”

None pause to reflect on the titanic irony that a bonafide fascist makes clear he is a fascist by outlawing and crushing all dissent and criticism against his name.

“I think the media-inciting is the big wave, and then there are paid operatives told to suggest or demand violence,” veteran journalist and author Jon Rappoport, editor of the popular website No More Fake News, said.

“Politicians, media people, celebs—some of these people are bought off or blackmailed, to get them to step into exhorting violence … and after that, other people just follow.  After that, violence becomes OK.  Demanding violence becomes a fashion, a fashionable thing, a fashion statement.”


Donato Panico was volunteering for Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin on the morning of June 6 when, from his car outside the campaign office, he saw an elderly man and asked him if he needed any help. The man caught sight of the MAGA cap on the seat next to Panico and flew into a homicidal rage, threatening to kill Panico.

Panico got out of the car and used it as a shield, trying to, at the same time, calm the man down. As the man sped off, he tried to run Panico over.

“He was just totally crazed,” Panico said in an interview following the incident. This “totally crazed” phenomenon comes over some violent anti-Trump protesters.

We asked Jon Du Toit, co-director of the soon to be released film “Hoaxed,” about lies and the media, where this anger comes from.

“As a Christian who holds a biblical worldview, I think everything we see happening around us finds its origins in the supernatural realm,” Du Toit said.

“So yes, I absolutely believe there is a supernatural element to the violence and division caused by the media. My sense is that it’s in response to the changes America has been experiencing since 2016. These are real changes toward the positive—not the illusion of change that was the hallmark of recent administrations. Spiritual pushback against these changes is to be expected, and they will get worse.

“It’s very easy to tear down [the] façade of civility if you give people a legitimate reason to engage in violence. When the 2016 election didn’t go their way, the media industrial complex (mainstream media, deep state, Big Tech) propagated the Nazi/ fascist/KKK/racist meme as a logically disastrous explanation for why Trump won.

“Nevertheless, it is more than enough justification for unhinged people to act out the violent impulses present within every human being. In other words, it’s okay to #PunchANazi—especially when you get to decide who is or isn’t one.

“The violence will escalate,” he continued. “When you have elected representatives like Maxine Waters egging on supporters to physically confront administration officials, anything can happen. As the left continues to taunt and attack their political opponents, there’s no telling when the right’s patience will run out. There is a limit to how much they’ll take, and the left seems hell bent on finding out.”

After White House press secretary Sarah Sanders was famously tossed out of a Virginia restaurant, and she and her family were later harassed further at the next restaurant they went to, Americans took their positions—for or against public shaming, bullying, and violence.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) wasted no time making clear where she stood. Standing in a parking lot, in front of a gaggle of mostly white devotees, she hollered: “And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you call a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere—”

“You ain’t seen nothing yet,” promised the mirthless Ms. Waters.

Reprinted with permission from - The Epoch Times - by Celia Farber

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William Isabell
3 years ago

So now once again it’s the Nazi’s vs. the Bolsheviks,which one will our government support this time?

William Noel
4 years ago

What is a true shame. All the responses I have read so far, shows where this country really is heading. And this was predicted by one of my sensei’s 38 years ago.

4 years ago

Freedom of Speech was intended for a free flow of dialogue / ideas in making America a better place, not to “INCITE” violence. When they cross the line they should be arrested. Why were campus students allowed to destroy property, break windows, set fires, not arrested? All caught on video? “INCITING” violence does not support dialogue. The goal is to shut down free speech by intimidating their opponent, not to enhance dialogue! Enforce the law!
The likes of a Maxine Waters come to mind?

James D. Mele
4 years ago

Threaten my family or myself just for expressing our love of country and our respect for our President and it will not go well for you. Someone said it best,your side doesn’t know which bathroom to use, my side has millions of rounds of ammo. Do liberal communist really want a confrontation?

4 years ago

All you libs be very careful of who you attack!!!! You may run into an old fella who will not put up with your garbage. A lot of people I know are ready for you. Are you yes you! ready to die for your so called rights? there are millions of us who have proved themselves ready and willing to give there lives for our liberties you want to destroy. BE VERY VERY CAREFUL who you pick on.

4 years ago

I heard nothing from the republican congress when mouthy Maxine instigated these bully tactics – not even a reprimand. It’s not those on the right that are the instigators, it’s the communist left! This isn’t free speech. This is brute intimidation. It’s time for the government to react to this violence and anarchy. It’s time to put a “stop” to these bullies!

4 years ago

One day a liberal will pick on the wrong conservative and watch what happens……………………..

4 years ago

I believe in 2nd Amendments and I am ready. Are You?

Al P.
4 years ago

“Always blame your opponent of doing exactly what you are doing”.
Antonio Gramchi, Italian Marxist, from his book titled, “Prison Notebooks”

4 years ago

Eventually, someone will say, “I felt threatened”, and shoot one of these idiots, fostering a civil war. They should just be deported.

4 years ago

Why aren’t these threats being investigated by the FBI or someone as terrorist actions and treason???

4 years ago

It is extremely ironic that the communist Democrats, the party of the KKK and Jim Crow and KGB agents in America, are the exact image of fascism and Nazism, using the same tactics and rhetoric while accusing conservatives of being what they manifestly are. That the communist “Media” doesn’t call them out on this, but rather supports them in everything that they are doing, says everything we need to know about the falsely named “mainstream media”. Anyone who still watches and believes the claptrap that these corporations spew out is hopelessly ignorant about the truth.

4 years ago

Has anyone been keeping tabs on obama and clinton since they left the limelight? I’ll bet they spend their free time organizing and encouraging this crap called terrorism. The real problem lies with the fact that law enforcement on all levels aren’t doing anything about any of it.

4 years ago

From Guardian:
To all socialists:
I gave my soul to the U.S. Army for three years to protect the rights you are so stupidly abusing. Now I want them back!!~!! I figure they are worth $300.000,000.00. If you and the others in your group cannot pay up, sit down and shut up.
Look in to your family history and see how many members of it did the same. They are not members of The Greatest Generation for nothing!!!!!!!!

Gary H.
4 years ago

Hitler said he alone who owns the youth owns the future. Why do you think the teachers unions have been so socialist leaning. Unfortunately America has been socialist leaning since Bubba Clinton was president. This included both Bushes. We really do have a “VERY deep state” in this country. I am afraid Trump has only delayed the inevitable. I pray not but I don’t think the youth of today realize where this country is going. They know no history because the teacher unions have been so successful in removing it from today’s curriculum.

4 years ago

In my area of our country, the democrat party has always ruled supreme. While at lunch with my best friend, a democrat, a friend of hers (I’ll call her “Mary”) sat down with us for awhile. “Mary” was not unfamiliar with me and we had small talk in the past. “Mary’s” husband had gotten into trouble and a Republican judge sentenced him to jail. “Mary” proceeded to call the Republican judge names and degrade him because he followed the law. After listening to her rile against Republicans, I
said I was a Republican, thinking she’d settle down a little, since we had been kind to each other in the past. Well, let me tell you,
Mary jumped out of her seat and came and stood over me yelling and making some comment against me. I was stunned. I thought she was going to hit me and then thought otherwise because she turned and left us there.

This incident happened a good 15 years ago. This derangement symptom has been around for a long time. It didn’t start with
President Trump–he has just brought it to the surface for the world to see. There’s a comment that’s been around for awhile that liberals are mentally ill. I always thought that was an unkind thing to say, but after watching Hillary, Maxine, Adam Schiff, along with the leadership of the FBI, the likes of Morning Joe, the crew at CNN, various spokespersons on the left, etc., I am
now TOTALLY convinced that something is wrong with their minds. That can be dangerous, and that is pitiful.

this is
4 years ago
Reply to  RLD

Put it this way, they take no responsibility for any of their thoughts, words or actions and will not apologize for any wrong doing as they are incapable of doing so. They think they are in the right all the time and anyone who does not believe as they do, is the stupid, crazy one and does not know any better. But look at who is calling the “kettle black?” For all their irresponsibility, non-apologetic ways, think they are the right, smart ones, evil ways and dirty tactics, they turn it around and put the blame on the innocent people, just like they are doing to President Trump and his cabinet.Why are they doing this? Because they are so far-gone in their mental instability, they don’t know what is right or wrong, truth or lies and are simply deranged animals, like animals suffering from rabies. All we can do is feel sorry for them as they brought it upon themselves with no help from us.
Mental instability is an illness and should be looked into and I doubt if there is a study or program into this disease which can strike anyone, regardless of age, race or quality of life. I think when a person is applying for a job or running for an office or wanting to be a candidate in political office, he/she should be tested for mental stability and that should be made a prerequisite; just look at the many people in high offices who are displaying behaviors not normal in their respective positions. It could be what is driving the many problems we are facing today, and we should have the right to know that people are in their “right minds” when they are working for the public like those mentioned in the above post.
I remember as a child that I was threatened to be put in the “crazy house” if I did not get over my temper tantrum, I didn’t know what the “crazy house” was until it was explained to me that crazy people were put there and I knew I was not a crazy kid. I made sure not to have any more temper tantrums for fear of being sent there!

Joanna Johnson Smith
4 years ago

It’s true that the long-suffering patience of the Conservatives is running thin. The Left is inciting and committing violence as a result of their immaturity and literal stupidity. I have said for years now, that the only explanation for Liberal ideology is Demonic Possession of the non-Believers. What other possible explanation could there be for such unhinged behaviors and beliefs? I pray the the Right will hold on long enough to let the Left fire the first shot, and then ? It’s ON!

el Dorko
4 years ago

Such people give pond scum a good name. They will get theirs, one by one. Fate and reality will crush them all. But it will take time.

4 years ago

The progressive left will not listen to reason. They do not want a discussion about anything they only want it their way. Funny thing is if you asked them what they want they can’t give you any answers that make sense. They want everything “free” and open borders? The lack of brain matter that comes with this line of thought is scary. Everything that is wrong in their pathetic lives is the mean rich white mans fault. How stupid would you have to be to follow the likes of Maxine Waters ANYWHERE much less into battle with conservatives. What is most frightening is people are listening to and taking orders from a person with an IQ that’s barely north of single digits. She’s is not their leader, fact is they don’t have one, she‘s merely a talking head.

We will only take so much before we start defending ourselves and at some point we will be on the offensive. Bring on the revolution and let’s get it over, MAGA!

this is
4 years ago

I think it’s time to lay down the law and go after those who are threatening or actually assaulting anyone who looks or is a Trump supporter. I think all Law Enforcement personnel should be on tactical alert to arrest and get those people put in jail. At one time, we were worried about foreign terrorists and illegal alien criminals, but now, we have our own stupid, brain-washed cowards in our communities doing bad things to others who are innocent people who believe in a free America. They need to be stopped at all costs, if our govt has to call in the military to quell the disturbances. People who support President Trump are not criminals, but those who are threatening them or caused injury to them are, and should be arrested. And they are nothing but cowards if they are picking on children and elderly seniors; someone must be paying them big bucks to do their dirty work for them just because they want to get Trump out of office…ain’t going to happen!!!! AND, if some of our leaders in Washington or even on the city and state level, or even former leaders, are inciting these disturbances, they need to be arrested too!!!
I think the Deep State has gotten out of hand and something must to be done with them before all hell breaks loose into a civil war!

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