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A Surreal Presidential Election Year

electionIf you have not noticed, there is something surreal about this presidential election year. Trying to peel back the layers of craziness, unpredictability, swerves, bumps, buffets, and eye-popping oddities – in a word, surrealism – is timely.  Together, let us look.  There is something crazy about this year.

First, we have one presidential candidate who created a record-breaking economy, secured the southern border, stopped North Korean missile tests, ended ISIS, elevated minority labor participation, employment and income to all-time highs, forced honesty on China, is endorsed by the police, and defends our nation’s flag, history, exceptionalism and monuments.

Then, we have a second presidential candidate sitting, apparently conducting “cognitive tests” on himself, in his basement.  He was vice president during the slowest recovery in US history, opened the border, praises sanctuary cities for illegals.  He used a government position to favor his son with Communist China and corrupt Ukraine, thinks any black voter who does not favor him “ain’t black,” and is embarrassed by America’s history and greatness.

The first candidate believes Americans want a return to normalcy, even if we must “muddle through” to safe, regular work, school, recreation, and social interaction.  He has spoken 10 times on matters of public health for each statement on COVID-19 by his subterranean opponent.

To this end, the first candidate is campaigning – modeling the idea that leaders lead, that normal is within reach, and that we must act responsibly, use discretion, help each other, and believe in the future to overcome a virus inflicted by a competing, reckless, and communist power.

In 2020, this candidate – the President – has made trips to 25 states, with two to California, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin, three to Arizona and Nevada, four to Maryland and New Jersey, 10 to Florida, and 14 to Virginia.  He is working tirelessly.

Meantime, the second candidate has “sheltered in place,” refused direct questions and open press conferences.  His rhetoric is a 1960’s lava lamp, constantly changing, up and down, chasing his Democrat Party’s continued acceleration to the left.

He says he will not “defund” police – just hold their federal grants, calls them “the enemy.” He plans to follow New York’s termination of cash bail, inflicting New York’s high crime rate on the nation.  He would end mandatory minimums and death penalty, close prisons and re-enfranchise felons.

At the border, he promises to end illegal immigrant detentions, deportations, and prosecutions, reinstating “catch and release.”  He will protect sanctuary cities, loosen asylum, give work permits, federal benefits and lawyers to illegals, amnesty and no more travel bans on terror states. It sounds like a bad movie, but that is his plan.

On the economy, despite a poor record, he says he can do anything our president did – only better. Meantime, whatever the challenger should have done, he will (e.g. holding China accountable).  Whatever he should not have done and did, he will not do again (e.g. jobs for son in China and Ukraine).

Elsewhere, he supports abortion “up-to-birth” (and judicial nominees who do), will end school choice (as unions hate it), will restart climate panic (rejoining the Paris economic redistribution accords), and will apologize to Iran for reneging on an unenforceable nuclear accord that cost US taxpayers billions.

Other than that, he swears – from that COVID-safe, riot-protected, media-muffled basement – that he is ready for Day One.  This from a candidate with more gaffs than the rest of the early field combined.

Perhaps aware of the contrast – hard-working, go-go president versus a doddering opponent – national Democrat Terry McAuliffe argued privately in June that Biden should just stay in the basement, do no events.  “He’s fine in the basement.” And that strategy appears to be prevailing. See, https://nypost.com/2020/06/10/joe-biden-should-stay-in-his-basement-terry-mcauliffe/.

Objectively, if hard to believe, national polls put the basement denizen ahead of the president.  Latest aggregate puts Biden at 50 percent to Trump’s 40, or plus-10.  One July poll puts Biden up by 15 points. See https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-down-15-points-biden-national-poll.

Still, one returns to surrealism.  Something about this campaign does not feel real.  Yes, we are all confined, masked and distanced by the virus, which may wane by November.  Yes, we are all experiencing uneasiness borne of social unrest, of which all may soon grow rather tired.

But can a candidate really win the White House from a basement?  Can a candidate with cognition issues avoid examination by the press – even a friendly press?  Can an election cycle unfold without debates?  Are the American people willing to elect a 77-year-old with a record of stunning errors and now lurching left?

Interestingly, four years ago, few thought Trump could win.  In the week of July 31-August 2, 2016, Fox News had Clinton up on Trump 49 to 39 percent, plus-10.  NBC News had Clinton up by 10.  More interesting, the August 1-3 McClatchy-Marist poll put Clinton ahead by 15 points.  https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/us/general_election_trump_vs_clinton-5491.html#polls.

Of course, times change, but Trump now has a record – and a vision that jives with many Americans.  In unsettled times, he is engaged, pushing individual responsibility, return to normalcy, educational and economic reopening, plus law and order.  COVID-19 notwithstanding, he is a proven leader.  Biden also has a record and vision.  While he can hide, the record and vision are clear – and not pretty.

What can we expect?  Well, if you think this year is surreal, you are probably right.  Even compared to 2016, this one is filled with wild turns, recurring uncertainties, new swerves, bumps, and buffets.

But three things remain solid.  First, most Americans have good judgment and will exercise it – they will not be intimidated.  Second, most Americans value leadership – and Trump is showing it.  Course corrections are part of that. Third, every year looks unprecedented until over – because it is, until over.  There is something crazy about this year – but, on reflection, maybe not as crazy as it seems.

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2 years ago

Could not say it any better.

Jef Harris
2 years ago

In 50 years of voting experience, I’ve never voted for a Democrat. What does that tell you?

2 years ago

You forgot to mention the “win at any cost in any way whatsoever “ attitude of the left. They will stop at nothing illegal to defeat this President. Beware of mail in ballots!! Many won’t be counted due to this reason or that and whose do you think will be “lost in the mail, delayed past deadline etc”? USPS has already said they won’t be able to keep up with a huge mail in election. Vote in person, vote early – your liberty is at stake!

2 years ago

The left has weaponized polls to shape opinions of the week minded voters. The polls are obviously skewed to achieve the desired result.
Our best defense would be to remove ourselves from the sample group by announcing publicly that conservatives, as a group, will not answer any polls. Therefore; none of the polls will have any legitimacy and will lose their effectiveness as a political weapon.

2 years ago

Around 1970 Merle Haggard recorded a song, Jesus Take A Hold. Look it up and give a listen, it is prophetic.

Karma sweet
2 years ago

I already intend to vote for Trump. I am feeling stifled, restrained and restricted and not at liberty to live life to the fullest because of this whole virus stupidity. I am 70 years old, I think I’ve had it and refused to get tested as did my 73 year old husband who has diabetes and asthma. We HATE wearing masks, and I will avoid it as much as possible! This is NOT freedom! We will possibly all get this virus or have an immunity. We cannot control sickness, we can be cleaner but that is about it. Lets focus on that. Jesus is our healer. He already did it in when He took that whipping before He got to the cross. Christians stand up and receive what God has already given you: healing. Fear is NOT from God but the devil. I will NOT live in fear but it sure is aggravating me to see our country go crazy. AMERICAN REPENT from our sins so our land can be healed!!

Pat R
2 years ago

Your last statement is the crux of the Nov election. Soros & Obama are working hard ($$) to assure Biden’s win, by whatever means. The Covid-19 thing is the “crisis” they’re not allowing to go to waste with the addition of marches & riots having taken advantage of the George Floyd ‘crisis’. Without those two, they would have created their own.

Joan Houck
2 years ago

I can’t believe that people are supporting the Democrat nonsense, that they are actually thinking of voting for a closet surrealist who did nothing for eight years as VP, and is now promising to outdo all of Trump’s accomplishments. The anti-conservative narrative in the main stream BS is partly to blame, but the lack of critical thinking and cognitive reasoning behind those that support the self destructive idiocy is really scary. It means that a significant portion of our population will believe any and all lies and empty promises that are proposed, just like they did with Obama.

2 years ago

I felt for quite a while that whoever the demorats put up against Trump, they wouldn’t have a chance, but, But, BUT these demorats have to be beaten with clubs. The American public LOVES these B.S. artists. I can’t believe this clown is leading in the polls.

Allan Brem
2 years ago

This whole thing has me concerned, but I am keeping faith in the American people to put an end to it all.

Dennis E Math
2 years ago

These are times of sedition like no one alive has seen at least in this country. An entire party in a two party country actually despises the country they represent and have done everything they can even since President Trump won the election to damage first his campaign and then to undermine his/our Presidency. The Democrats are seditious almost universally, there are a VERY few exceptions, but the vast majority of them should be locked away in a Federal Supermax Prison for what they have been doing to the executive branch and to the American People they are supposed to represent. They have no ideas so they have to go along with the dancing clowns, aka, “The Squad” and their socio-communist ideals. How our President has managed to accomplish all he has when constantly having to battle the lies and fabrications thrown at him by the seditious Democrat Party is beyond me. The polling is way off. People are so afraid of the angry anarchistic Democrats that screech like children demanding attention that they are almost forced to avoid disagreeing with them…..but the seditious mob cannot follow people into the voting booth and unless everyone truly wishes to lose all the freedoms our great country has provided us over the past almost 250 years this November will most hopefully see the dissolution of the Democrat Party to the point where it will take a generation or more for them to convince the people that they have returned to sanity again and truly do love the country they once tried so hard to destroy.
I hope that we can gather enough strength to “just say no” to these screeching clowns and call them on their lies and deceit. I hope that soon a great deal of investigatory information will be dropped to see a LOT of people hauled off to await trial in Federal Courts, including Obama, the worst President ever to disgrace this country and his lapdog career politician and now Alzheimer’s plagued puppet of the socio/communist left. Heck, the guy has been on the public payroll for 48 years and his fellow Congressmen have been laughing at his lack of knowledge and his outlandish lies for all of those 48 years. Research what is left of Joe Biden……look at his lack of record and yet also look at his almost endless lies about his past. The man is a fraud and now a frail and clueless fraud being used as a puppet of the extreme and radical left. Don’t trust me, look his record up yourself.

2 years ago

One can look at the negative & positives to realize how this board thinks & acts.

2 years ago

Trump noted today pass in Herman Cain, but did not attend service for John Lewis. Other living presidents were present (Carter sent message) and Trump did not go or send message. This is not good (one must forgive) and only added to divide nation & will likely cost a lot of votes this election. What is he thinking ??? More for himself than country. Obama bashed him pretty good & might have even if the Donald was there.

2 years ago

Thank you for your comments, Senator McCarthy.

Diana DiMaggio
2 years ago

What we need is action.  Elections hinge on the turnout, which the left has unions and paid workers to do. Republicans are busy working and busy. If everyone just walked their neighborhood and distributed a list such as this with Trump’s accomplishments and the results of the Obama Biden it would help sway the swing voters. Remember that most people do not watch cable t.v. so they do not watch Fox  Google and Twitter are silencing conservatives, and making it very difficult to find any conservative searches. They know there is nothing we can do about or the Congress if they wanted to ….not enough time. So good old paper flyers just like in the American Revolution. Do not be afraid.  Most folks want the information from boths sides. 
the one who not….hey, don’t bother arguing with them.  Thanks for your posts, now let’s put on the sneakers and walk for sanity and safety.

Lawrence Greenberg
2 years ago

Since the time of The French Revolution, the Left has had a single motto, regardless of country: Power and control, at any price, at any cost. To accomplish their goal, they will lie, cheat, steal, and kill – and they have done plenty of all of them.

2 years ago


2 years ago

The ONLY hope for the US is TOTAL repentance to God regardless of who is elected!!!!  God has removed His protection on America.
On June 26, 2015, the final nail in America’s coffin was struck when our nation’s Supreme Court decided that it is the Supreme Being. It spit on God’s Word and endorsed the abominable, immoral concept that the definition of marriage can be expanded to include a union between two people of the same sex.
It must be noted that the Court’s decision, like its previous decision legalizing abortion, is unconstitutional. Such matters as abortion and marriage are entrusted to the States under the 10th Amendment to our national constitution. The only proper decision by the Supreme Court from a legal viewpoint would have been for it to deny that it has any jurisdiction and that the matter of defining marriage is a power of the States.
And our (America’s) greatest sin was when this same court “legalized” murder (abortion) – since then there have been in excess of 62 MILLION babies killed (and still counting)!!!!
No wonder we are in the state that we are in now.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jimpro27

I just had coffee with God the other day, and He says He’s hanging it up. Everybody expecting him to take care of everything all the time- it’s just too much. He did say, though, that he really loves abortions.

Dean Brittain
2 years ago

This entire year, starting with covid in January, George Floyd in May, rioters still in progress and the resurgence of covid in progress, all seem way to coincidental to be an accident.
Call me a conspiracy theorist, I don’t see any other option.

2 years ago
Reply to  Dean Brittain

You’re a conspiracy theorist. And, given your obvious lack of mental acuity, I fully believe you can see no other option. Frankly, I’m surprised you can see the first one.

2 years ago

Everything that has transpired since POTUS announced his candidacy is a direct product of the Communist paarty (formerly known as Demo-ratic) because Hussein had them well on the way to the New World Order and all their many years of work and planning were wiped out, for the most part. Then came the virus, wonder where that came from? Same place. All the riots and terrorism, yep, same place.Wonder why they want Biden, they don’t, he is just a distraction for the time being.

Brenda Blunt
2 years ago

Have one person wanting what is best for America and then there is another one being selfish to have what he wants only!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Brenda Blunt

Might also say… competence and solid record, versus questionable capacities and 49 years of doing nothing while paid by the tax payer … that is, living on the dole. Trump is battling tough issues, but with respective, engagement and concern for all Americans. Thank you for supporting AMAC, always fighting for the right.

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