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10 Truths I Learned About Planned Parenthood at the National Right to Life Convention


from – Townhall.com – by Cortney O’Brien

Thursday night at the 44th National Right to Life Convention in Louisville, Ky., pro-life Drs. Randall K. O’Bannon and David N. O’Steen led a workshop entitled, “Planned Parenthood: Playing Politics, Selling Obamacare, But Abortion is Still the Bottom Line.” After sitting through that presentation and speaking with a number of pro-life insiders throughout the three-day conference, I realized Thursday’s workshop was aptly named. Here’s why:

1. 11-12 percent of Planned Parenthood’s clients have abortions.

Planned Parenthood likes to claim that abortion encompasses only 3 percent of its services, but Dr. O’Bannon, who serves as NRLC’s director of education and research, labeled this number an “accounting gimmick.” For instance, he toldTownhall before his presentation, if a young woman comes in for an abortion and is offered a number of other services and treatment, only one of those services will count as abortion. They count every condom they give as one service, he further explained.

For a more accurate picture of the large role abortion plays, consider these statistics: 11-12 percent of Planned Parenthood’s clients have abortions. That’s about 1 in every 8 women.

2. Planned Parenthood is building mega clinics.

Many news outlets, including this one, have reported the astounding number of abortion clinic closings this year largely due to legislation that has enforced clinic regulations. However, less reported is the fact that Planned Parenthood hasopened several clinics in the past few years, including mega clinics that expand over 10,000 square feet. The largest of these clinics resides in Houston. This towering building is six stories tall and 78,000 square feet. Dr. O’Bannon provided pictures of the luxurious and spacious waiting room.

Altogether, the project cost a cool $26 million to build. One representative from Louisiana Right to Life told me that Planned Parenthood is also opening one of these monstrous facilities in New Orleans.

3. Planned Parenthood does not give breast exams.

They only give referrals. In light of this, I’d like the organization to answer of one of Dr. O’Bannon’s poignant questions: “Planned Parenthood spends money on abortion equipment, but can’t afford mammogram machines?”

4. In 2010, Planned Parenthood established an abortion mandate for all of its affiliates.

Meaning, that each of its affiliates must have at least one clinic that performs abortions.

5. Some Planned Parenthoods hold “Sexy Tuesday” happy hours.

Don’t believe me? O’Bannon says these happy hours are used as ploys to attract wealthy people in affluent neighborhoods.

6. Some Planned Parenthood clinics have designated spaces for phone banking.

It’s no secret that Planned Parenthood has helped to elect pro-abortion politicians, including President Barack Obama. But, what most people don’t know, is that the organization has designated stations in its clinics for such political activism, according to Dr. O’Bannon.

7. Most people don’t know that Planned Parenthood’s affiliates perform abortion.

NRLC executive director Dr. O’Steen provided a packetful of polling data from the polling company, inc. The company surveyed 1,003 people on behalf of NRLC and discovered that 56 percent of those surveyed did not know that Planned Parenthood’s affiliates provide abortions. This ignorance proved to be especially unfortunate, considering that this same polling company found that most people would not support tax dollars going to organizations that perform abortions.

If only they knew…

8. Planned Parenthood offers webcam abortions.

I’ve reported on this shocking practice before, but this week I learned more of the unnerving specifics. At Planned Parenthood’s discretion, young girls are allowed to take the abortion drug RU-486 hundreds of miles away from their abortionist via Skype. When he deems it appropriate, the abortionist on the other end of the computer screen simply pushes a button and out pop the pills from a drawer ready for the young woman to consume.

Sounds safe, right?

9. Planned Parenthood receives $1.2 billion a year.

The last eight points should make this number even more troubling. Yes, you the taxpayer are paying for all of the above.

10. The sky won’t fall if Planned Parenthood is defunded.

No, I didn’t need a conference to tell me that, but it was nice to hear people say it. Pro-choice feminists may like to claim women will be in dire and desperate need were Planned Parenthood to go out of business, but the truth is many businesses offer real health care for women. Pregnancy resource centers, for instance, often offer free counseling, parenting classes and more for mothers dealing with unplanned pregnancies.

I hope these truths convince you that Planned Parenthood is one big oxy moron.

As Dr. O’Bannon solemnly stated, “Abortion is one commitment they consider non-negotiable.”

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George Michalski Northlake
8 years ago


Martha S
8 years ago

Before Roe Vs. Wade passed, there were always plenty of babies available to adopt (from single pregnant women) for couples unable to conceive.
After that law went into effect, couples began spending many thousands of dollars more to adopt children from other countries.
56 million needless deaths – many more than Hitler killed!

Ivan Berry
8 years ago

To Joe and all those who responded to his comments,he left out the main issue regarding government and (un)planned parenthood: the issue of who pays for it. No person who opposes abortion should be forced with their taxes nor with government borrowing to pay for abortion. All you who advocate should pay for your own obsession and leave the rest of us out of your operation. You force a stand by getting government and taxpayers involved. Talk to “population control” Gates and see if his foundation will help you fund it. We don’t want to any more and for the most part never did. And while you are at it, marry a few gays, but do not force your advocacy on the rest of us, even using the government’s big hammer. We may be willing to tolarate a lot but unwilling to advocate what many of us call evil or perversion or out of the ordinary. You have no entitlements that superceed others’. We are all responsible for our own actions, or ought to be.

Joe Kirkbride
8 years ago

The choice of birth control, abortion, etc should be up to the individuals involved. None of the do-gooders ever volunteer to help support the kids resulting from an unwanted pregnancy. No one else has the right or the “moral duty” to tell others what to do or not to do regarding their body and/or pregnancy. If you want to adopt or raise an unwanted baby, speak up but don’t just moralize and sermonize!

Michael JK
8 years ago
Reply to  Joe Kirkbride

Hey Joe!
Did you ever hear of responsibility. For every action there is a reaction and yes you don’t HAVE to have sex when you want it!
Take a Biology course to figure out when.

8 years ago
Reply to  Joe Kirkbride

Joe, you mention the practical concern of who would want to raise unwanted babies. There are many childless couples desperate for kids and who travel abroad to adopt orphans, but I believe what drives the anti abortion movement is their concern that by devaluing life we risk becoming latter day Aztecs, numb to slaughter around us. It does seem as if the countries who have had abortion on demand the longest are more likely to consider euthanasia. As to PP, they make of abortion nothing more than worm treatment, a purgative treatment of a disease. Some women waltz thru it and never look back. Many others are tormented by the memory for years, suffering what some have likened to PTSD. While I agree with you that people deserve to decide things for themselves, the antis provide info that the pros decline to provide.

8 years ago
Reply to  Joe Kirkbride

There are huge numbers of volunteers who help support the kids NOT aborted by unplanned pregnancy. There are also LONG lines of couples waiting to adopt! So, Joe, you really don’t know what you are talking about! Also, no one else has the right or the “moral duty” to kill an innocent child of God. Who are YOU to say a woman has a “right” to murder her own child in her womb? She was given that special part of her body by her Creator to protect her unborn!

Dave Williams
8 years ago
Reply to  Joe Kirkbride

You miss the point Joe. I could care less about what a woman decides. That is between her and her God and her Doctor. I believe it is immoral to kill unborn children. I therefore do not want my tax money spent on what I believe to be an immoral act. It makes me an accomplice to murder. I am not up for that. My religious beliefs tell me that when I am an accomplice to sin, I am as guilty as the person committing the sin. Do not force me to be a contributor to that condition.

Concerned Citizen
8 years ago

In the Declaration of Independence, 2nd paragraph, it states: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are LIFE [emphasis mine], Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness . . .”

Abortion on demand is the exact opposite of this basic precept of our country’s purpose – the sanctity of LIFE; life given and endowed with rights by the Creator. The “progressive” left wants to extinguish the God of the Holy Bible from all aspects of government and public life, but the foundation of our country is intrinsically built on the precepts of the Bible, and WILL NOT STAND if God is vanquished from our government and the hearts and minds of our people.

“If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Psalms 11:3

What government will stand before God when they actively endorse and provide the means (with our tax dollars!) of exterminating their own innocent citizenry and by contrast, free enemies of the people in exchange for known traitors?

Jacqueline says: “The name they use implies that they are going to help you with your pregnancy, but they are all about preventing pregnancies. ” Actually, they are devoted to encouraging promiscuity and ending pregnancies because THEY MAKE A PROFIT DOING SO!

The Left claims that a woman’s reproductive rights and health is the issue to distract us from the biological fact that there are at least TWO lives impacted – the mother’s and the child’s, to say nothing of the father’s. From the moment of conception, that fertilized egg is a biologically distinct being from the mother, not merely an organized, growing, living collection of specialized cells.

Every person should ponder this: if my mother is/had been “pro-choice,” would she/did she abort my siblings? Would she have aborted me too? We now have several generations in which mothers could legally abort “on demand.” Just being “wanted” or not is not ethical justification for abortion. If it were, then society could also end the life of any person who society no longer “wanted” or was an inconvenience or monetary burden on them. And this is now happening in places that have thrown off the Bible as the foundation for their law. If our country condones abortion, will it not also condone euthanasia for the “convenience” of unburdening families or the state, in spite of the individual’s wishes? Where does the slippery slope end, my friends?

8 years ago

Thank you Concerned Citizen …we all need to speak up for the unborn as they no longer can count on some of their mothers to do so!

Jacqueline Ruggeri
8 years ago

When I was young and did not have health insurance, I went to Planned Parenthood for my annual check-up. A nurse practitioner provided my pap-smear and I did get a breast exam, but not a mammogram.

I never went to Planned Parenthood to have an abortion and I did not want birth control. However, I was told that I had to take the year supply bag of birth control pills that they offered me because they were mandated to give them to me, even though I did not want them. How ridiculous is that! I threw them away.

Planned Parenthood is not about planning parenting. It is about unplanned pregnancies and should be called as such. The name they use implies that they are going to help you with your pregnancy, but they are all about preventing pregnancies.

This place needs to be stopped under the false pretense that it advertises itself. Instead of stating pro-choice, we conservatives should call it unplanned-irresponsible-pregnancies vs pro-life, responsible pregnancies.

8 years ago

“Planned Parenthood’s” sole function when it was organized in England in the 1930’s was to reduce the inner city minority population of London. Margret Sager believed in ineugenics. She felt that Hitler did not go far enough. It has reduced the projected population of our Black population by at least 40 million people. It has been extremely successful in convincing our black society in participating in their own genocide. Margret would be very proud.

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