You Didn’t Build That

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Everyone should see 2016 Obama’s America BEFORE you vote. It says it all and very clearly.

Pres. Obama has no idea what America stand for. He needs to read more American history to find the true meaning.

Obama is not qualified to be president, not a citizen and has not worked business and has hidden his personal information about himself like no one ever could and paid millions to keep hiding it and our congressmen are to blame for letting him run without disclosing this informaiont. Where did he get the money to buy his million$ home etc.

obama is not a citizen to be president and all our elected officials closed their eyes and ears to let it slide through. no other candidate could hide all his information and then he said we do not know Romney!! Look at the Czars he has and will see what he intends for our future. Bad news.

I don’t think we have to worry about him starting his own business……..He doesn’t have a clue.

notice he stays away from Texas as much as possible, afraid one of us may be crazy enough to use our long range rifle!

forget snopes, just a liberal couple with a computer, Obama is not a natural born citizen and therefore unqualified to hold the office of president. the birth certificate is so obviously a fake!

I’m with Capa760. It took 3 years to find the long form birth certificate of Obama. I guess they had to take this amount of time to make the certificate look worn and real. Investigate the coverup.

Forget the birth certificate. he is a citizen by his mother ,who was a citizen. Check if his father was a citizen at the time of his birth,in order for him to be a natural born citizen his father needed to be one when Obama was born.

right and his father was not a us citizen, therefore neither is he.

Where in Snopes do you find your verification. I looked and there was no response. I would like to see proof since I donot believe him qualified nor competent in his office.

hi, we need also to look at congress , since they came on , you know for 40 year,s they been ruleing, the country, what they showed me is nothing only them who are rich, and they suppose to take care of the u,s. they are only takeing care of them self,s
aloha, mahalo

It is very interesting to have prominent people trip up and utter an remark that will stay with the public forever. This Obama blunder set me off immediately, since Obama is a Community Organizer, undistinguished sometime Senator, with no background in business, economics, American patriotism, diplomacy, leadership, etc. But the one thing that is so important to his qualifications to run for US President, can be found at web search-
Coast Province General Hospital Mombasa Kenya
which is- Birth certificate No. 32018 Registration of Birth No. 495 and verified.
It has cost him $2M to hide his lack of qualifications-now we need to know who shoved him through, and how many Senators have signed on to Obama’s plans for the United Nations Takeover of America.

capa760, It was someone witha lot more infuence than you or I have, look at my earliar` post . I have sent this to alot of people and many of them has the contacts and influencet to do something. I ask again why is he still setting as president?