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Year Two is Fast Approaching for Obamacare and Glitches Abound, says AMAC

‘Enrollees can expect new obstacles; many will need to go back to square one’

WASHINGTON, DC, Sep 19 – Documentation woes plague Obamacare as the Affordable Care Act prepares to begin its second year.

“More than 100,000 enrollees will lose coverage this month because the government claims they have failed to prove they are eligible for coverage.  And, more than 300,000 others may lose subsidies because they allegedly haven’t provided income verification.  But many of these individuals may be victims of the system,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

A full year after the “botched” roll out of Obamacare, the systems that were put in place are still not working properly.  Thus, says Weber, eligibility and income verification documentation may have been lost or misfiled in the back-end of the Web site.

“In fact, officials of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have admitted to Congress that Web site is still loaded with bugs, despite a price tag for installation and repairs that is approaching the Billion Dollar mark.”

The government is well aware of the new problems those who opted for Obamacare will face this year.  That’s why the administration is “strongly” suggesting that individuals enrolled in Obamacare plans should re-visit the Web site to check out their policies, which were supposed to be automatically renewed.

Officials say that the great majority of those who signed up last year will, indeed, be automatically renewed.  But, Andrew M. Slavitt, Deputy Administrator at CMM, has cautioned those who enrolled last year that it is in their best interests to go back to the Web site to find out what kind of coverage they will have in the coming year.

In other words, renewal of coverage is automatic but your policies, premiums and subsidies may not be the same as they were last year.

Meanwhile, the CATO Institute warns that “thousands, possibly millions, of insurance policies will be cancelled over the next several months for not including all of Obamacare’s mandates which will increase the confusion for individuals.”

“The Affordable Care Act is not so affordable, after all, as many who signed up have already found out.  Adding insult to injury, the promise that you could “keep your doctor” turned out to be a ‘four Pinocchio” lie, as the Washington Post reported, and now, it turns out, you may not be able to keep your Obamacare plan.  You may need to go back to square one,” Weber said.

This year’s enrollment period will not be extended as it was last year.  It will start on November 15 and end on February 15.

“Glitches abound.  So, those who were forced to sign up last year had better do their homework.  And, while you’re at it, tell those candidates seeking your vote this November that the greatest health care system on the planet has been undermined by the law.  Tell them to go back to the drawing boards and devise a new plan, one that makes sense,” the AMAC chief suggested.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Editors/reporters may contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or to set up a call.


The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at

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How many lives have to be destroyed before Obama and the Democrats realize that he is not is not smart enough, and all of the Democrats together are not smart enough to devise such a profound plan unilaterally? It takes ALL of our Representatives with input from all of the healthcare professionals many months, or even years to figure out a comprehensive plan that will truly work for everyone.
And, since the Democrats have been in control for 50 of the last 60 years, why haven’t they taken care of this many years ago; instead of waiting until we are drowning to try to do it?

Interesting read this month…especially comments from THOMAS. THANKS
for your service Sir..Noted that you are apparently younger most of us Graybeards
Educated under the guidelines of the Dept of Education so you to could be biased
as well..Really no need for either side to be name calling.,I am curious though re
Your War Related Wounds; How has your treatment been under the VA? Walt. USN 59-66

Jerry M. you are 100% right. I couldn’t have said it better.

What we all saw on television a few years ago when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans was representative of what will happen to this entire country if government checks end. The guns were popping in the background, but guns could not provide food and water. People complained that government trucks were not there to cater the affair…and nothing was done until the government arrived to provide. People sat there and suffered whether able-bodied or not. Imagine what would happen if we were hit by a national disaster…but, better yet, what if the government was shut down?!!…and all the checks stopped. It would be like our entire nation was hit by Katrina. The government has slowly evolved this nation to a point where half the population is dependent on government for that check….both legitimate contributors and the ones who are not legitimate….but all dependence is critical. What would we do? What… Read more »

Here is a word of advice to all conservatives: Do not respond to the likes of THOMAS once you have determined what his comments are all about. Do not extend the forum by acknowledging him in any way.


Thomas, back when Clinton was running for office I had a conversation with a Marine who had served in Vietnam. Because of that war he hated republicans and was voting for Clinton. I pointed out to him that it was a Democrat president, Kennedy, who got us involved there and another Democrat, Johnson, who escalated the war there and it was a Republican who got us out. He didn’t care about that he didn’t like politicians who wore suits and were business like – in his mind Republicans because Kennedy and Johnson wore suits – and he perceived Clinton as being more of a “white trash redneck” who didn’t like wearing suits. His viewpoint was very simplistic and way off the mark as to proper evaluation of a situation. Look at Obama now. Unlike Bush, Obama considers that he can just go to war without consulting congress if he wants… Read more »

When all is said and done about this terrible law — it will be nothing more than another federal government entitlement program due to the % of high number of subsidies. And we’ll just go deeper and deeper in debt. We don’t need any more government programs – we need to cut a few hundred out of the over 1800 Federal programs now in force. The Socialist States of America is in full swing due to liberals in Congress. And of course eventually, it will crash our great economy at some point under it’s own weight of entitlements!!

Of course, it is failing. it was not put into effect for the right reasons.

Yep, just got my premium increase from zero, now $40.00 a month! Also my co- pays, all up 25%. Where’s my 7.5 increase? Vote in Nov. It is our only hope, I mean chance, that hope stuff doesn’t seem to be working. It is a shame they ruined such a good word.

It breaks my heart that every time I see the word hope, I feel hopeless.

First coment I wrote they would not print. That is what the matter with the world today. CAN’T TAKE THE TRUTH !!!!!!!!!!!

I am a wanted man, went to jail FELON I will never be able to vote again but I am a Repubican I will never be able to vote again still Repubican and I have to put up with people being so DUMB that I don’t know what to do I only broke One law but will have to pay for it the rest of my LIFE. Should have had a job in White House or played some kind of Sport and would have gotting away with it. I AM A REPUBICAN what do think of that Nancy P.

I am on disability, and have long considered it the responsible thing to do to keep good health insurance. So, even since disability started, even before the ACA was passed to force people onto insurance plans, I would pay for extra coverage (Medicare Advantage) to be sure my providers are paid, and to keep my own out of pocket costs affordable. And it was doable, and I was happy with my Advantage plan, until this ACA got passed, and it has started going downhill for me. Rates increased last year, and coverage went down. My insurance company has just announced rates will increase for next year, as well, with more cuts. I am on a fixed income, but I still do what I can to be a vital part of our economy and the community, to pay my bills, and keep myself covered with good health insurance. But how am… Read more »
Jan, This administration is built by incompetence upon incompetence. What does Obama care about your financial future? Absolutely nothing. He is covered for life. What does he have to worry about? Nothing! He has proven this time and again by allowing illegals into the country who undermine our welfare system. A system built to help Our citizens! He has allowed the illegals access to our schools, putting a huge burden upon their resources. He cares nothing about our disabled citizens. I too, am disabled. I have two disabled young children and care for two grandchildren full time in my home. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get services even though I have supplemental insurance for all of them. Doctors are reluctant to take Medicare and Medicaid. Why? Because they get a pittance from the government. Because they have to wait months for payments. Because they are consistently denied claims and… Read more »

I had one doctor who told me he was not taking Medicaid or Medicare anymore because the reimbursements were so small and it too forever to get their money. And he had to employ two people to just keep up with all the crap. so, now he if relieved of that burden by not accepting any more from those programs. He will only keep the current patients.

Sorry to tell you this, but the ACA is solely a treason party technique to expand socialism, which is just the little brother of communism. That is the larger goal. Along the way, the icing on the cake for its architects is the transfer of wealth from people who work or once worked to those who don’t. The generationally nonproductive are having a field day now, rushing in for every complaint imaginable, because someone else is paying. The money is being drained away from anyone who has earned a living and paid taxes and given to those pillars of society whose family members haven’t worked since LBJ. This is by design. It’s not an accident, oversight, or byproduct. They look at ‘the people’ as a quantity of whole milk, that naturally separates. They are in the process of homogenizing us. The aca is just the beginning, unless more people wake… Read more »

The chief architect of Obummacare recently said no one should live past the age of 70 because past that age you are a useless, expensive burden!

D.A., your comments may go past some like a speeding bullet with no target in mind, but you are so very correct in your assessment that it has been planned. When the schools indoctrinate instead of teach, when everyone is taught from cradle to the grave dependancy and then they weed out those who never make it to the cradle through abortion and limit those who would naturally enter the grave in their own good time to an hospice to speed the process or ration care such that they would die early, when they extend the dependancy for insurance to the parents of adult off-spring to the ripe old age of 26 (thus extending childhood even further) the accumulative product is a nation full of takers, not makers. The proper ages of dependancy historically was from infancy to early childhood and at the other end, at advanced age. Now it… Read more »
The enemies of liberty who don’t even know it are the product of a breezily educated, (history wise), majority whose small scraps of info were gleaned from exposure to Zinn. This is now most of the public school educated under fifty. They are also the product of new age ‘philosophy’ which emphasizes being ‘in the moment’. Millions have accepted quarter baked philosophies of life which are, in effect, diminishers of the human condition in the service of a no worries ethos based on a hedonism that would make Bacchus and Pan blush. The hippyism of the sixties was often a phase. The caterpillar emerged as something different, a grown up or semi grown up w a job, a mortgage and kids. Today all but the former are seen as impediments . Where I’m at the young are eschewing growing up till their mid to late thirties and living in three… Read more »

You are 100% Correct! And well said.

How about this article- Obamacare Architect says life is over at 75? Read it. He pretty much is trying to make a case that it is! Very scary! Of course he is WRONG! I know many people at 75 living full lives- even older people living full lives. But you have to wonder, why is this guy trying so hard to convince people that it’s over at 75 and trying to tell us that he would not let himself have cancer treatments, etc. after that age?!? I wonder who he is trying to convince. I can’t wait until he actually gets to that age, maybe he will re-think things? He thinks that he is special and somehow isn’t just another useful idiot for the government, but if they don’t want to treat the rest of us at 75, they’ll treat him the same. He just doesn’t know it yet. Here’s… Read more »
All the comments, I read more sense here than the Huffington Post ( the lunatic fringe of the left ) The left hates us, they hate this country, they hate our laws, our religion. Our reps in congress don’t do anything ( true they have put bills out and the senate has refused to bring them up, so they are not really a do-nothing congress) However, we are now being ruled not by England, but by domestic ruling class, we have traded one king for another. And we allowed it to happen. We have been taken over and not a shot fired. Some of you may remember Kruchev of communist Russia saying we will bury you without firing a shot. He was so right. In 1960 the courts ruled that teaching the Bible was unconstitutional. Since then we have seen increase in abortions, increase in births out of wedlock, increase… Read more »
We need to get the message out that WE the people own the goverment, they don’t own us! Prayer will bring back God’s blessings on this country of ours. So people PRAY without ceasing for people to see what has truly happened to our country, and they will get people up off their bu–s and GO VOTE. We also need to see how the candidate’s are chosen. Not by the Carl Rouls but by US. Dr. Ben Carson will not get the support from the Rep/party. The Rep/party think they know who is best for this country—just like the last two candidates they picked and lost. We have got to make some noise to be heard……Get out there and let your VOICE be heard. DON’T BE AFRAID OF WASHINGTON. WE the people still OWN IT. God bless us all in the coming days!

Carol F is so right. We, the People Constituionally DO OWN the government, not the government own us. But the Republican Party again betrayed us when they voted for the stop-gap bill to fund the government another few months.

There are no glitches in OsamaCare. These problems were, are, and will be, fully intentional. It is part of the plan. Screw over as many of the enrollees as possible, since they can NOT un-enroll from OsamaCare. Shove Draconian requirements down their throats, foul up their enrollment, then practically rape them with the out-of-pocket costs that they will have no choice but to pay in order to stay out of the FEMA re-education concentration camps. I still have trouble comprehending how so many could have been gullible enough to actually vote for that subversive…… Some of them having travelled to several polling stations and voted multiple times. But, that’s life in a society where cradle-to-grave freeloaders have most of the say, voting themselves more taxpayer-funded goodies, so those who either actually need them, or earned them, get short-changed As drastic as this sounds, I’m actually looking forward to the coming… Read more »

yea republicans are going to fix all the problems in the country. c’mon there isn’t one candidate they have who can win.not one.

Thomas most likely is one of those parasites. Thomas, you are as gullible as the rest of those liberals. Keep thinking you are in good shape with this President. You liberals will go right down with our nation just the same as us conservatives.

LOL keep watching fox will keep you stupid and scared, ill-informed and are irrelevant.Benghazi!! LOL

Four of our guys got killed in Benghazi — what part of that is irrelevant? And as Hillary said “What Difference Does it Make” — what an idiot she is!

where was the outrage when me and my fellow grunts were taking fire in iraq and afghanistan? many of us coming home in boxes.i myself was shot in the back. 13 embassies were attacked under bush.60 dead.but you watch fox news.all you know is Benghazi.blame it on hillary. what difference does it make? do you even know what she was referring to you imbecile? get your heads out of your asses. obama is a muslim,obama is a socialist,the poor people and the immigrants are to blame for our economy,isis is going to raise a flag at the white house,blah blah horseshit.enough already from you uneducated morons.please go crawl back under your rock.i have had enough of reading what your minuscule brains can repeat like parrots.none of it true but you like the words you hear so you repeat them over and over.paranoid,frightened,delusional old embarrass yourselves,your fellow Americans and… Read more »

Really? I don’t believe for 1 second that you are a fellow grunt. USMC would never talk to people the way you do, unless he was kicked out. Marines mean it when they promise to protect from enemies both foreign and domestic. You sir are a racist pig and a bitter looser.

WHY? WHY ARE YOU ON HERE, THOMAS, other than to incite arguments and disrupt a forum that is basically for Senior Citizens who are concerned for the future of our country. Your comment says you were shot in the back. Are you certain it wasn’t the back of your HEAD?

Thomas, we were all liberal as young people, but we grew up and realized a liberal utopia can only be achieved in your dreams. In reality, it can only fail. Either you’re still young and newly indoctrinated or old and just still stupid! Which is it?

LOL indoctrinated.the catholic church attempted to do assume much about me.i feel sorry for you miserable bitter people.your world is shrinking along with your brains

My son was brain injured at age 11 over 28 years ago. He has Medi-Care from his father’s untimely death and Medi-Cal in CA. We just received a letter from Dept. of Health Care Services that it is now mandatory for him to be on an HMO. We live in L.A.C. but 10 of his Specialist Physicians are in Orange County. He MUST go to an HMO in L.A. County where we reside. Also his multiple medications for seizure and other disorders will have to be through this HMO they are assigning us if we don’t sign for another of their minimal (4) HMO Agencies in L.A.C. , but none of his Doctor’s have any of these HMO’s that are available to us. They don’t care about continuity of care and meanwhile my Son gets the shaft. This is a Train Wreck Waiting to Happen! Thanks for the Vent.


I am blessed not to have to bother with Obama’s healthless care. When he came on the scene I was standing in front of my TV. I can’t describe the shroud of horror that swept over me, and never left. I thought that no one would vote for
this man, who seemed to me not eligible to be a USA president. So wrong! ‘
Is the military going to remain quiet? Are the people not going to do anything? Talking to people, I find they are getting too scared to leave their homes. God help us!

I feel the same way you do. I cannot understand why Congress does not impeach this traitor, Obama. Why are they allowing him to stay in office while he continues to destroy our country. When anyone else breaks the law, they are arrested and put in jail if guilty. We know his is guilty of breaking many of the laws of the Constitution, the law of our land, which he is working as fast as he can to take away from us. Why can’t our law enforcement officers arrest him? Why isn’t he being impeached fir being a traitor? Can’t the liberals see the damage and loss of freedom that will be on them as well as conservatives? HE MUST BE STOPPED NOW BEFORE HE DOES MORE DAMAGE TO THIS COUNTRY!

Sandi, the base of the Democrat party is happy with Obama, if not upset he hasn’t gone further. Nathional healthcare has been on the partys to-do list for decades. It was the last on a list that included a epa, the deparment of energy and national education system to help brainwash children. In fact, the communist party of america’s 1919 10 point platform has been fully implemented by the Democrat party with the passage of obamacare. They are very proud. Many Republicans are also proud also as they pay lip service to opposing Obamacare and promise to “replace it”. That means they will come up with a better nationalized health system.
Oh, can’t wait. The founders warned exactly of the problems with government, a necessary evil it was called. Before you can defend your nation one must understand the scope of the threat.

I agree with you Thomas, 100%! The threat is real, if we don’t start getting honest, good people on both sides of the fence, this country is doomed.

The facts are there for all to read. He deserves and should be impeached. Relieved of the honor of living in this great Country and sent to another country:

He is dishonest,
Unqualified in every American Constitutional aspect
Un-American standing with Mexican cartels over U.S. citizens,
Un-American standing with radical islamic muslims, who are his brothers, over Americans,
Divided and abandoned the black community while lowering their job/wages/education opportunities

The list could go on and on. You know his intentional purposeful destruction.

He is not an American. Period.


LOL. you people are crazy

First time in my life I feel like I do need to buy a gun. I might be crazy but I will be safer.

LOL. you will end up shooting yourself


ok you idiot.CAPITAL LETTERS MAKE YOU SO people are so paranoid and frightened. btw dede i served my is you people who are ignorant and unbelievably stupid.what is happening in this country is that we the people are moving on in this world and leaving you knuckle dragging,irrelevant morons in the dust.soon you will die and be put of out of your misery.i stopped by this comment section to have a little fun and to get a few laughs.thank you for the entertainment!!! Benghazi!!!

Thomas, I would not have wanted to serv with you. You would have left me behind like your liberal party did those in Benghazi!!!! and it doesnt bother you a bit they where left behind.

Pray. Pray to give thanks that you have a country like ours that allows you to say what you say. That allows you to hurt others. That allows you to make fun of others beliefs. That allows you to have your beliefs without fear of reprisal.
I can tell you you are wrong. You wouldn’t believe me. I could try to change your mind, but you wouldn’t. I could be as hurtful as you, but you would just be hurt.
So, as others who are worried about the course of America, we pray. We pray for you, we pray for America and we use our vote to make change.
You probably won’t feel as we do, until you see for yourself what’s really happening in the U.S. We pray that you do.

yea praying to a make believe being always helps norm.hurtful? try taking a 7.62 round in the back then losing pints of blood in the sand of a foreign country so your president and vice-president can profit(bush/cheney-war criminals).i can see what is happening in this country just fine.i earned my right to say what i people are delusional and paranoid.stop watching fox some research if you want to know whats going on.the koch brothers spend hundreds of millions of dollars to keep you uninformed and ill-informed.the amac and dan weber do their job to make you distrust your neighbor and help divide this country further.the world is a complicated place.just because you don’t understand it does not make any of the conspiracies you believe are happening true.stop praying and enjoy life.spend time with your family and loved ones.enjoy what you have and live the rest of your lives… Read more »

Hi Thomas,

Sorry you got shot. I for one was against going to war and would not have sent you – as did both Republican’s and Democrats. It is a false choice Republican and Democrat. Remember that Bush didn’t go to war until Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, voted to go to war. It was a bipartisan war and they are all responsible. You mention Bush and Cheny profiting. It is worthy of note that the wealthiest politicians in Washington are Democrats and they profit just as much as anyone else there off of war. I prefer to promote principles and ideals rather than parties as in the end they tend to support them selves as a priority relative to the well being of the country.

Thomas, you are either so left there is no hope for you-or you are ignorant as to what is happening to our beloved United States of America. Why not educate yourself a wee bit?
Perhaps you should make comments on the AARP site where they will, no doubt, appreciate your viewpoint?
Oh, I forgot, your right to make a comment is still allowed because of all the men and women who have fought and died for this country and our freedom in the last 200+ years!!!

Thomas, you may think we’re crazy, time will tell, but i hope you have your butt covered when it all falls apart, because it will.

I agree the Obummer administration is working as designed. I’m more mad at the fool’s who elected these creations and would vote for them still if Obummer could run a third term (God forbid).

Obamacare is working perfectly. It was never intended to provide medical care for anybody. It was intended to destroy a large part of the U.S. Economy, give the government more control over our personal lives and create unrest in society. Looks like it is meeting those goals.

Sadly, Jerry, you are right on. Obama is doing everything he can to get the US to fail and become a third world nation


obamacare is a repackaged socialist hillarycare with a different stooge for a mouthpiece. The R’s need a candidate to run on the ELIMINATION of the I.R.S. and obamacare, and replaced with a fair or flat tax and national competition for health coverage. The muslim at 1600 has done what he said about transforming this country into a joke which is the only statement he has made that was’t a LIE. Get rid of that senile old sack of pus reid that has screwed this country long enough. He is just as destructive to this country as obama. obama is going to help his muslim brothers for 2 yrs. but we can rid this country of reid in Nov. Lets hope the R’s get a plan to show the people how they will make this country safer “close the border” and more productive. Hopefully they will not screw it up.