Year Round Romantic Getaways in the U.S.A.

Venice, Italy is a picturesque “Floating City” on a lagoon in northeast Italy.  It is situated on a group of 118 small islands separated by 200 intimate canals and linked together by 400 stunning bridges.  The main transportation is by water, via a water tax, water bus or gondola.  One may journey only parts of Venice on foot.   This “Queen of the Adriatic” is world renowned for its beautiful setting, romantic atmosphere, architectural character and contribution to the arts.  In fact, the city is so beloved, it is considered by many to be “the most beautiful city built by man”.  Nighttime has special appeal for those seeking a deliriously romantic atmosphere.  Lovebirds can ride amongst the winding canals in lavish gondolas lined in red velvet while being serenaded under a moonlit sky.  One may wonder if there’s any place in the United States that comes close to offering intimate charm like that of breathtaking Venice. While traveling overseas has its appeal, the truth is you don’t have to fly all the way to a European city or drop tons of money jetting off to a tropical Island. With so many scenic and romantic places right here at home, why not enjoy romance year round at one of these other beautiful American cities instead?

Charleston, South Carolina – If cobblestones streets, cascades of wisteria, Southern style mansions with intricate details and horse and carriages have romantic appeal, this city is for you.  With an amazing choice of charming bed and breakfasts, historic inns, landmark hotels, beachside resorts, and upscale lodging available, what’s not to like? Numerous hotels offer world class features, complete with concierge services, full service spas, exquisite pools, spectacular views, and luxurious fine dining.  Equally pleasing is the ambiance of the Old South.  Visit the Magnolia Plantation and its Gardens which bloom year round.  Stroll hand in hand on the world’s oldest oak-lined avenue dripping in Southern charm.

Key Largo, Florida – If botanical scenery fits your romantic lifestyle, a trip to Key Largo, First of the Florida Keys, is your ideal destination. This northernmost location along the Florida Key’s chain is only an hour’s drive from South Florida.  It is home to two state parks and a national park and marine sanctuary.  Enjoy a romantic stay at a tropical bay-front cottage or check in at a waterfront suite.  If relaxing on a dock or boat with your significant other is what you long for, you’re bound to enjoy peace and togetherness over beautiful turquoise water while watching glorious sunsets.

Brownwood, Texas – If rolling hills, beautiful lakes, wilderness and starry nights sound appealing, Central Texas is the perfect back-drop to your dream get-away.  You’re bound to adore the peaceful seclusion of a romantic resort nestled in nature, where all your needs are addressed.  Take advantage of packaged deals which may include complimentary wine or sparkling beverage, fruit and cheese trays with chocolate and relaxing spa massages.  Stay in your own country cabin and enjoy a slow-paced weekend where you can wine, dine and share dreams over a candlelight dinner.  If you’re more of an outdoor adventurer, enjoy lake activities such as canoeing the scenic Pecan Bayou or birding.  Then, delight yourselves in the welcoming small community atmosphere. 

Newport, Rhode Island – Located on the southern tip of Rhode Island’s Aquidneck Island, Newport is a favorite destination of many people due to its rich 19th century architecture and culture.  Home to “summer cottages” and colonial buildings, the vibe is that of a city with an Old World feel, with an air of seaside elegance.  It’s rather a ritzy town, where tourists enjoy shopping in upscale shops and touring some of the many sprawling mansions open to the public.  You and your sweetheart can observe the beautiful view of the Cliff Walk, though the trail is rocky and narrow for walking.  Feel free to top the evening off with a late night dinner at a great restaurant, many of which specialize in fresh seafood.  Then, relax overnight at a warm and hospitable accommodation suited for a couples-get away.  The good news is that if the weather is bad, you can always stay indoors and cuddle by the fire.

While Venice is undoubtedly a city of great beauty, let’s face it, you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy a romantic getaway.

If you’re looking to celebrate love, the United States has its own share of beautiful hot-spots worthy of exploration and befitting of romance.  Why travel overseas when you don’t have to?  There are great advantages to journeying closer to home, from cost effectiveness to the amount of time you save getting to and from your destination.   In fact, you won’t have to go to the trouble of getting a passport or worry if you don’t speak the foreign language.  You won’t have to give a hoot about exchange rates, purchasing an electrical adapter or making sure your cell phone works overseas.  If you’re looking to celebrate love, be it an anniversary or just to rekindle the flame, don’t go oceans away.  Instead, consider vacationing in one of America’s many charming and romantic cities right here at home.

Feel free to share your favorite romantic get-away locations with us.

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8 years ago

Mackinaw Island. Incredible B & Bs. Need to stay a couple if nights for the island us a gem at night and has some fun nightlife after all the “day” tourists are gone.

Brenda Zuzolo
8 years ago

There are so many romantic and lovely places to go, with something wonderful near everyone.
1) Brown County Indiana in the fall is lovely. If you like fall leaves and covered bridges, Rockville IN and Putnam Co IN are nice.
2) Traverse City MI is beautiful. Great for foodies, fishermen, those who love lighthouses, and oenophiles (Chateau Chantal is a lovely B&B at a winery on Old Mission Peninsula).
3) OH. Canton OH has nice hotels and is near Roscoe Village and many scenic sites

TX: New Branfels TX and Fredericksburg TX are lovely, as is the Lost Maples area in central TX.

VA:Peaks of Otter lodge in Bedford VA is a rest and relaxation hideaway near the Blue Ridge Parkway.

AZ: Nothing could be more romantic than the Grand Canyon. Lovely scenic railroad trips and beautiful lodging. Side trips to Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, etc

WV: Berkley Springs WV is a wonderful town with many lovely accommodations and scenery to spare. Includes natural hot springs

AK: Hot Springs AK area is lovely

MO: Anywhere in the wine country area (around Washington MO) is lovely. Some really neat B&B lodgings, some on the Missouri River.

8 years ago
Reply to  Brenda Zuzolo

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8 years ago

Jekyll Island, Georgia!

8 years ago

How about showcasing some trips for women only (single or married). There is a lack of organized trips for women and there are a lot of single women looking to take a trip, but don’t want to do it alone!

Oxtabie Smith
8 years ago

I went to Italy (including Venice) with my daughter in March 2012. If you are going to Italy go to Tuscany and Florence. In my humble opinion Venice fits into the same category as Hawaii and Mardi Gras in New Orleans – that is to say it is a tourist trap and everybody should have the opportunity to go once and nobody should have to go twice. Nearly everybody who has never been there thinks a gondola ride will be wonderful. I will simply say $100 to $125 for a 30 minute ride up and down some filthy alleyways is a bit more extravagant than I had expected. The Italian locals were much more friendly and welcoming than the locals in Honolulu. It was educational. The old buildings have beautiful interiors. Walking around the outdoor areas is much like being in Jackson Square in New Orleans. The food was average at best or unbelievably expensive for something really good. I would not go back, but like I said, everybody should have the opportunity to go once and nobody should have to go twice.

Dale VanBlair
8 years ago
Reply to  Oxtabie Smith

I visited Venice in 1990 and would love to go back.

8 years ago
Reply to  Dale VanBlair

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8 years ago

Local vacations are the only ones I can afford now. It would be helpful if the author included websites in her article. Thanks, though, for the lovely descriptions!

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