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Y2K Redux: FAA and Airline Sector Scare Tactics Obstruct 5G Rollout


Remember the Y2K scare?  

Twenty years later, it elicits a wry nostalgic smile.  

At the time, however, a sizeable number of technologists warned of widespread chaos as the year 1999 became 2000.  Because many computer programs in use at the time only allowed two digits instead of four to mark the year, some claimed that computers across the world would be instantly incapable of operating at the stroke of midnight when the date regressed from “99” to “00” instead of “1999” to “2000.”  Planes would fall from the sky, some believed.  

That obviously didn’t occur, thanks in part to technological precautions taken.  

Today, unfortunately, we’re witnessing a similar scare despite similarly exhaustive technological precautions taken.  

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and some within the aviation industry, a new form of improved 5G wireless service set to debut this week might somehow disrupt altimeters used by pilots in some airplanes to determine altitude in some circumstances.  

If the new 5G rollout by U.S. wireless carriers presents such a potentially grave threat to airline safety, however, then why hasn’t the world witnessed any incidents in 40 advanced countries that have deployed it?  

That’s the pivotal question that the FAA and aviation alarmists must answer as they continue to needlessly obstruct 5G rollouts and raise false alarm among a disappointingly credulous media.  

At the center of this needless controversy is a set of radio waves known as “C-band spectrum,” also known as “mid-band spectrum,” that is especially conducive to 5G effectiveness.  That band of spectrum allows 5G networks to deliver higher service speeds over a broader geographical area, which thereby allows expanded 5G service across the United States.  The wireless carriers preparing to unveil the new 5G service already paid the U.S. government $80 billion for the rights to that spectrum band, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) spent years investigating and resolving any potential safety concerns before issuing a 258-page decision approving its use almost two full years ago.  

It’s also important to emphasize that the wireless carriers’ 5G rollout employs a safety buffer between the bands used by airplane altimeters and the 5G service.  In fact, that guard band is approximately twice as broad as the buffer first proposed by the aviation industry, and twice as large as the one determined by the FCC to guarantee aviation safety.  It’s also larger than the buffer band required in some of the nations already using this form of 5G without incident.  

Nearly two years later, however, the FAA curiously decided to contest the FCC determination and threatened to ground or divert flights unless the 5G rollout was delayed.  In the spirit of good faith compromise, the wireless carriers delayed rollout for six months, and two weeks ago extended that original delay to this week.  

Despite those myriad accommodations and concessions from the wireless carriers, the FAA and aviation sector alarmists appear intransigent and persist in their objections.  It’s by now apparent that in its stubborn effort to protect its bureaucratic turf the FAA will never be satisfied.  Meanwhile, nations like China continue their own 5G rollout, unencumbered by these sorts of internal bureaucratic shenanigans.  

This week the wireless carriers further accommodated the aviation sector’s concerns by agreeing not to activate 5G signals near airport runways, but it appears that no concession will ever be enough.  Again, 40 other nations employing fewer precautions already allow the type of 5G service in question, without reported incident.  Accordingly, this controversy increasingly resembles the Y2K false alarm of over two decades ago.  

However these near-term controversies get resolved, similar issues will likely persist as the future telecommunication sector improvements occur.  The White House, Congress and administrative officials must learn from this experience and do better in the future.  We simply cannot allow America’s technological preeminence to suffer due to federal government incompetence and infighting, or consumers will pay the price as we continue losing ground to competitors like China.  

Reprinted with permission from – CFIF – By Timothy H. Lee

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3 months ago

I’m not sure who wrote this article but you need to do your research on 5G and how it to pertains to the vaccine and the Great Reset! It’s all connected. It will be used to track EVERYONE!! Nit to mention the effects of it, Powerful EMF bombardment of humans is very bad on your health! The government isn’t going to tell everyone because that would go against the agenda. Wake up and pay attention everyone!!

3 months ago

I’m not sure how old this article is, but I’ve had 5G on my phone for at least a year

Bill T
4 months ago

Timing is everything and after hundreds of millions of American citizens just received synthetic vaccines with graphine and possibly nanotechnology who really knows what the 5G is for? Not after everything that has recently happened in the world.

4 months ago

I read somewhere that 5G first rolled out in China and that their intent is to track U.S. Citizens. Don’t really know how much of that is true, but must be something to that even though my recollection of what exactly I read is somewhat vague. In my opinion, anything coming from China is bad news! I’ve read through all the comments here so far, as some see no harm in it, and some who do. My gut tells me it’s not good, and NOT just because of what I recall I read about it. So I’m choosing to go with my gut.

4 months ago

As someone who worked to ensure Y2K was a non-event by the time January 1, 2000 rolled around, the reason was indeed because older systems, chiefly COBOL coded mainframes had their dates encoded in two digits instead of four used by more modern computer systems technologies. The overall computer industry spent nearly two full years to ensure any and all computers had their programs fixed so the public would experience no problems. The author shouldn’t make light of the incredible amount of work that went into ensuring bank accounts, check processing, and hundreds of other things that were vulnerable to this issue didn’t experience any problems when the actual Y2K date finally rolled around.

As for the 5G issue, this is classic one government agency not checking with another government agency to verify ahead of time that no substantial issues would result from the roll-out of a new technology. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this happens more times than anyone in government would ever care to admit. Simply for no other reason than a lack of imagination as to how new technology may or may not interact with a myriad of systems outside the original scope of the federal bureaucrats envision.

From what I’ve read to date from various communications experts concerned with cross band interference of the plane’s electronic altimeter by a strong enough 5G signal, which would be a bad thing on either landing or in flight auto-pilot situations, the issue seems to be one of flying through areas of high saturation 5G signals sufficient to throw off the accuracy of the altimeter. At which point the impacted electronic altimeter would cause the aircraft’s on board computer systems to try and correct for what would be wrong information from the altimeter. The proposed solutions seem to be centered around with adding more shielding around the altimeter or some other means of shielding all the flight controls from the specific frequencies associated with 5G. Like anything else associated with doing a retrofit on modern aircraft, the government bureaucracy will take longer to navigate through than any proposed fix.

4 months ago

5G is easy way to bypass some rules and regulations that some municipalities have especially cable regulations.

4 months ago

This is more like the proposed band conversion that interfered with with GPS signals- witch it did in field testing, killing that rollout. The FAA and aircraft user groups had been dismissed in their objections.From my own experence in operating a radio nerwork in a band next to cellular- we dealt with interference regulary. Max power to get max coverage generating out of band issues to nearby systems. That is part of the concern here. The industry went thru huge efforts a head of y2k there were issues found and efforts made to patch and by pass them then

4 months ago
Reply to  John

Very good comparison John.

4 months ago

Pleas obstruct it as much as possible! The point of all this stampede to 5G is to track and control all of us! Furthermore, the higher the frequency, the more damaging it is to anything living. STOP IT!

4 months ago

Y2K was not as mild as you imply. There were tech companies that simply folded.

4 months ago
Reply to  DaveW

Y2K didn’t cause many problems cuz the programmers everywhere did their job and made sure their systems could handle the roll over to 2000! Only those systems that needed to use dates not time to determine money, billing, etc were the ones that if not changed would have caused havoc to lots of customers. If the system just used time, then Y2K wouldn’t have caused any problems cuz 24 hours a day didn’t change! As a programmer who worked many hours of overtime to make sure the financial systems I work on didn’t cause issues for clients, I’m totally offended by everyone who says Y2K was a hoax! IT WASN’T – a lot of folks DID their JOBS and we were never THANKED!

4 months ago
Reply to  Carol

I agree. The general public and unfortunately many in the MSM have no idea what the computer industry went through to ensure the banks, hundreds of retail chains, the financial markets and the government computers that process things like the Social Security checks weren’t adversely impacted.

Don S
4 months ago

Our government presently is in the business of “fear-mongering,” so I suggest to hold off and don’t jump to conclusions too fast! Modern cockpits of today’s aircraft instrumentation are of the “glass” types, containing almost all of the flight data on a computer-type screen instead of separate gauges. Conventional cockpits of yesterday’s instruments are immune from solid-state computer flight data glitch problems and possibly EMP conditions!

I am confident that most will agree that we have been subject to too much “over-reaction” than necessary! Our present government has become infamously known as over reactionaries just for the purpose of “people control.”

What else can one expect from a retarded and senile dictator in the WH? Let’s all wait before we leap because if we do, things will mellow out!

Ann Vieira
4 months ago

I totally disagree with you! 5G uses a microwave like wave, you know, the one you were warned against if you had a pacemaker! The government and globalists need the speed of 5G to handle a worldwide database of everyone which you can’t do without 5G! Shane on you AMAC!!!

Bob Rich
4 months ago

I am an expert in all things wired and wireless. 5G is inherently harmful. It should NOT be rolled out — ever.

Sharon Ormsby
4 months ago
Reply to  Bob Rich

My phone is 5G. Nothing happened to anything. Just faster.

4 months ago

5G is a clear and present danger to altimeters and health, so must be addressed head on and immediately, not as some conspiracy theory.

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