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Xi – Putin Summit Highlights Ties Between Russian and Chinese Communists

AMAC Exclusive – By Ben Solis

Following Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow to meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, most of the focus has been on the personal relationship between the two autocrats and what it means for the West. But perhaps an equally important relationship is the decades-old bond between Xi Jinping and his Chinese Communist Party allies and the Russian Communist Party.

In order to understand the significance of this bond, it is important to first understand the historical context of the relationship between Russia and China and the record of cooperation between the Russian and Chinese communists.

After the ban of the Soviet Communist Party in 1991, disgruntled former Soviet officials revived it under the name of the “Communist Party of the Soviet Federation.” While the name of the party had changed, its Marxist-Leninist political philosophy did not.

That organization became today’s Russian Communist Party. In many ways, it is similar to the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in its thinly-veiled territorial ambitions and violent undertones. Just as the PLO charter references a “right to return,” the Russian Communist Party program expresses a desire to return “the historic lands” to control of Moscow – including Crimea and other regions in Ukraine.

The Russian Communist Party has also courted close ties with the Chinese Communist Party. Immediately after its founding, the Russian Communist Party signed a collaboration agreement with Beijing that is renewed every four years. Twice, Xi Jinping signed it with Russian Communist Party leaders present.

Upon renewal of the agreement in 2014 in Beijing, Russian communist leader Gennady Zyuganov accused America of “pursuing fascist politics while discussing democracy.” He knew that China actively supported the Ukrainian Communist Party, not the government in Kyiv, backed by the West. That has never changed, as is evidenced by Beijing’s increasingly explicit support for Russia’s war in Ukraine.

For Xi Jinping, strengthening relations with Russian communists has served the purpose of bolstering his own power at home.

Since he first rose to power, Xi has feared diversion from Marxist-Leninist philosophy as a threat to his rule. In his view, the collapse of the Soviet Union was not a victory over tyranny, but rather a stark warning about what could befall his own country.

The Russian communists with their dire warnings about the dangers of democracy and the West thus proved a useful ally to Xi, even producing a semi-documentary called “In Memory of the Collapse of the Communist Party and the Soviet Union.” The film features Russian communists begging China to preserve Marxist-Leninist ideology and the guiding rule of the Party – thus paving the way for Xi’s desired “Stalinization” of China.

Xi has also directed considerable material and ideological support for Russia’s Communist Party, which has allowed it to expand daily outreach among ordinary Russian citizens.

Xi Jinping and Russian Communist Party leadership have been effusive in their praise for one another. Zyuganov has called China a “guiding star for every people on the planet,” while Xi referred to Zyuganov as an “esteemed Comrade” – perhaps an even more alarming title than his reference to Vladimir Putin as a “dear friend.”

Another Russian Communist Party leader, Yury Afonin, has said that he sees in Beijing an instrument to restore the Soviet Union, the fall of which he called “a colonial yoke imposed by Gorbachev and Yeltsin.”

“The socialist China will help us in this fight against Western hegemony,” he claimed recently during a popular television talk show.

These warm words between the communist party leaders of Russia and China also come against the backdrop of closer cooperation on economic and military projects between the two nations.

Chinese companies have been actively involved in a Russian project to construct a highway between Moscow and Vladivostok. Russian leaders have also praised Chinese carmakers, who are by now near-monopolists in the Russian market.

This background underscores why an increasingly close relationship between Xi and Putin should be so alarming for Western leaders.

Since Putin first rose to power, his political bloc and the Russian Communist Party have been at odds with one another – a result more of an internal power struggle rather than any real ideological differences. The Office of the Russian President, which orchestrates all national election results, routinely doles out less than 10 percent of the vote to communist candidates.

Yet Xi still brokered a close relationship with both Putin and the Russian Communist Party. According to Kremlin data, Xi and Putin have conversed about 60 times, including face-to-face meetings more than 20 times. In that same time period, Chinese and Russian communist leaders have held about 100 formal meetings and talks annually and probably many more informal contacts.

Now, Xi may soon use his leverage over Putin as a result of China’s support for Russian throughout its war in Ukraine to elevate the standing of the Russian Communist Party.

While such a development would likely be orchestrated quietly behind the scenes, it could have disastrous ramifications for the world – namely the emergence of a new openly communist alliance that would threaten democracy everywhere.

Ben Solis is the pen name of an international affairs journalist, historian, and researcher.

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2 months ago

Xi looks weak standing next to the world’s Biggest Loser.

2 months ago

We need to be concerned about an even greater problem in our own nation. Socialism redistributes money, but communism does that plus takes away individual freedoms- like the freedom to own guns and property, the freedom of speech ( censorship of ideas that don’t fit one’s agenda by schools, the military, the media, the present administration, etc.), freedom of religion ( like being arrested by a swarm of agents in full military garb if you sing hymns at a clinic where heads and arms are ripped off of innocent babies ) or freedom of parents ( you are a terrorist if you speak up at a school board meeting about your child keeping some childhood innocence in elementary school and not being sexualized at a young age ). Other countries, such as Hungary and Uganda and several more ( and, yes, in some ways even Russia ) don’t want our weirdness ( male political leaders in bright red lipstick and dresses who steal women’s luggage) and our immorality ( even many European nations which also advocate a liberal transgender philosophy still don’t advocate mutilating underage children who are influenced mainly by the media and peer pressure .). When I was in school we had bomb drills- but the communists even back then said that we would be destroyed from within and not by their bombs. Since we are now destroying ourselves from within, God may get disgusted with us and let the bombs fall. We became too confident in the midterm elections. We need to emphasize the reality of “ close elections” and the urgency that every vote counts. When mothers march to have their own children murdered- literally ripped apart or their brains sucked out mostly because the child is an inconvenience to their agenda or because a male wants his few minutes of pleasure but no responsibility- why are we surprised when a total stranger kills a child (yes, also a real tragedy ). Our nation is ruled by many morally sick people who also want us to believe their exaggerated narratives about vaccines, climate change, rascim, etc. to cause people to live in fear. Yes, we need to not waste our resources, listen to our personal health providers and not the WEF or the WHO, and be kind to all people who are part of the human race ( don’t divide us- whenever you have to fill in the blank about race, just write “human”). About Russia and China- America needs a strong military which understands love of country, of the ideals of our forefathers, and of freedom which also includes responsibilities -not a weak military more concerned about pronouns and crt and wokeness. God tells us in His Word that if His people fall on their knees in prayer and forsake their wicked ways, He will heal their land.

NIcholas Elder
2 months ago

Having lived in Japan, Taiwan, and China and watched Russia/China relations come and go, I would suggest that this relationship will be short lived as have previous agreements. They do not trust or like each other.

anna hubert
2 months ago
Reply to  NIcholas Elder

Agree Both China and Russia were always distrustful of foreigners, secretive and closed to outsiders Not welcoming new ideas and influences from the west This agreement is as good as the one between Hitler and Stalin Russia and China were never friends

Casey C Matt
2 months ago

My goodness the propaganda from our side runs hot and heavy. Two large nations get together and talk cooperation and add suggestions toward a peace agreement……and the western powers go insane. Nope, can’t have peace……..”who will feed our military industrial donors” screech the usual war hawks like the gutless Lindsay Graham who is always on the outlook for conflict despite being too cowardly to come out the closet he has hidden in his entire political career.
Maybe this coming together of Russia and China will make the US finally see that cooperation with foreign countries rather than always using threats and sanctions is the way to go internationally. Heck if we tried to stop with the social justice warrioring perhaps the African nations would stop giving us the boot every time we visit in our never ending attempts at stealing the resources of yet another continent.
Goes to show you…… live long enough and you see your own country become the new Soviet Union.

2 months ago

An enemy of my enemy is my friend !

2 months ago

I did not think along these lines, but now many facts make more sense. I wondered why, suddenly, ( last month) a Cuban Communist periodical wrote about the Leninist revolution led by China and Russia (calling it resurrected USSR).

2 months ago

Well, keep trying and you will eventually learn to decipher the correct interpretations of internet posts. Most people learn this in well less than a year …. but keep trying!

2 months ago

Bigwigs from Russian and China meeting that is receiving World wide attention!!! Might be descriptively called “The Commie Asian Liars Summit.” The need for Commie greed has brought this about.

Donald Reid
2 months ago

Seems like multiple players are vying for control: the Russo-China block with Iran, N.Korea in tow, the globalist cabal working to neuter the U.S. to set up a “global gov” they control, and a fading NATO with the EU/England/US under siege on all fronts. But here is a truly wild wild card: the so called “once Christian nations are-in their actions- in full rebellion against all everything Godly-especially His Word. One only needs to look how God treated Israel in the books of the Old Testament to know that once His patience finally runs out……. so then if He is involved in bringing judgement, who can fight Him????

2 months ago

I will state it again…China’s goal is to rule the World..Wake up America…

2 months ago

This is why we need to be American independent make our stuff here not like the globalist want ( Soros,Biden and his buddy’s) . We need our small business to thrive not ripping them down and make it more important for bigger business to stay state side not overseas. Get rid of extreme taxes on all business to put China and Russia in place being economic independent.

2 months ago

Last November, Chinese and Russian Communists discussed opening the new Lenin Academy in Havana to promote Communist ideology in South Africa. The Cuban daily did not say who was in that delegation, but it said that Chinese and Russian Communist Parties would sponsor the training of the teachers-propagandists. Last year, Russian Communist Pravda opened its office in Havana and Venezuela. The author is correct in turning our attention in this direction. Russia is becoming Leninist, but with some elements of religiosity not to create fears among their own. Lenin said all means justify the end – everything that serves Communism’s goals is moral.

2 months ago
Reply to  Jim

Their propaganda radios reported it, too.

Laura Johnson
2 months ago

On the first day, he had secret talks with Putin; I noticed his car had a CCP banner, not China’s flag. I realized it was what he meant to say about a new era of Russian and Chinese relations in 100 years, written indirectly in this article. That is the influence of the Chinese Communist Party over Russia.

2 months ago
Reply to  Laura Johnson

Ha ha!!! The next likely phase is China and Russia will start quibbling about which one gets the proceeds of their diabolical intrusions.

2 months ago

The mainstream media and even on our side are not watching what Ben described. He is spot on since the world revolution for Communists is like the coming of Messiah by Christians and Jews. Comrades look forward to the day Communism takes over from Ocean to Ocean. I am going to watch it closer now. I learned a lot of new things from this article.

2 months ago

What’s important about their meeting?? Just the fact that the west may have to fight China,Russia and Iran in the near future. Does anyone realize that Americas natural resources are a great victory prize for any country that invades us Imagine New York,Chicago and La hit by enemy weapons?? That’s reality!! Biden would meet them and hold the door open. We are close to ww3 and better prepare for it!!I hope and pray not. A lot more going on than Russia and Ukraine . Viet Nam: if commies couldn’t sell their ideas to a village they destroyed it and all the villagers. Putin and his gas pipeline blowup sounds familiar.We need a strong leader. Any available???

2 months ago
Reply to  Cc

If any strong leaders are available, you can bet they won’t be campaigning as DemocRats!!!!

2 months ago

I’m surprised the author didn’t mention the hot mike moment of this recent meeting. That was the most telling and substantive moment of the entire meeting, when both leaders spoke their true intentions. That’s the real news.

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