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We Won’t Rest Until the American Health Care Act is Law, says AMAC

WASHINGTON, DC – Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens, warns that “liberals in Congress will continue to sabotage efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare.  They see President Obama’s so-called Affordable Care Act as a first step toward a single-payer system which is, itself, a first step toward the creation of a socialist state here in the U.S.”

Self-declared socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is as outspoken a proponent of single-payer health care coverage as he is a booster of the movement to convert America into a socialist country, says Weber.

However, the AMAC chief adds, neither universal health insurance nor the restructuring of our political system is in the cards.  As health policy expert Dr. Timothy Callaghan put it: “Americans, and conservatives in particular, have a strong belief in classical liberalism and the idea that the government should play a limited role in society.”

The argument that single-payer health care works in other countries such as England, Canada and France is bogus, Weber says.  There are numerous reports of the failings of their systems.  Britain’s Care Quality Commission says that country’s health system is on the verge of collapse.  Meanwhile, government spending for healthcare in France is over budget by billions of Euros each year and some say that universal health care there cannot survive.

“So much for the cost benefits of single-payer insurance.  What about issues such as the fewer health care options that would be available under universal healthcare,” says the head of America’s most powerful conservative senior advocacy organization.  “Choice is important.  We don’t want the government to dictate how we receive care, nor do we want the government to tell us how much care we get before it decides to pull the plug.”

Paul Krugman is an economist and a liberal but not so much a supporter of universal health care.  He points out that in order to have a single-payer system that might work, we would need to keep costs down.  And that would mean we’d have to “say no to patients, telling them that they can’t always have the treatment they want.”

A few years back Michael Tanner at the Cato Institute produced a paper in which he showed that Universal Health Care [is] Not Best OptionFirst and foremost he noted thatuniversal health insurance does not necessarily mean universal access to health care.  In practice, many countries promise universal coverage but ration care or have extremely long waiting lists for treatment.  Those countries that have single-payer systems or systems heavily weighted toward government control are the most likely to face waiting lists, rationing, restrictions on the choice of physician, and other barriers to care.”

If Congressional liberals get their way, Weber concludes, we could likely end up with the kind of rationed health care that Tanner talked about.  “We would have to forget not only about keeping our doctors and keeping our choices, we’d also have to forget about keeping our health.  And that is why AMAC will not rest until the American Health Care Act  is the law of the land and ultimately succeeds in repealing and replacing Obamacare.”


The Association of Mature American Citizens [http://www.amac.us] is a vibrant, vital senior advocacy organization that takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests and offering a practical insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at http://amac.us/join-amac.

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Again, for the upteenth time, We the People DON’T WANT the Federal Government ANYWHERE INVOLVED in our healthcare system except as an umpire!!! People, if the Government CAN’T RUN or even adequately care for our veterans, why do we want them ANYWHERE NEAR our family or personal healthcare??? … REPEAL OBAMACARE and get the heck away from interfering where they DON’T BELONG!!! … Pregnant Canadian women come to the U.S. to have their babies that are coming premature because under Socialized medicine, the system can’t handle nor is it set up to handle non-scheduled healthcare needs! … Then what? These newborns are NOW U.S. CITIZENS because of the STUPID ANCHOR BABY LAW that DOESN’T EXIST ANYWHERE ELSE in the world. Haven’t WE LEARNED anything from already having 25 MILLION ILLEGAL ANCHOR BABIES??? … The ONLY THING COMMON about OUR POLITICIANS IS THEIR STUPIDITY!!! (Not including attorney politicians who see these… Read more »

Sadly Rik, AMAC doesn’t care what its fiscally or constitutionally conservative members want or think regarding Obamacare or the proposed Ryan version of Obamacare-lite. AMAC likes federal involvement in healthcare insurance, because AMAC makes a lot of money from insurance companies via its membership referrals on insurance and insurance related by-products. Just like AARP does. So simple repeal of Obamacare is NOT something AMAC will support, which is why a lot of folks like myself are no longer members. AMAC really isn’t conservative. It’s just less progressive than AARP. Big distinction, which I’m sure you get. Anyway, you can of course continue to scream at AMAC on this forum, but they obviously don’t care as they continue to lobby in Washington for Obamacare-lite. Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend and remember our fallen troops. God bless.

Guys, Amac left out the most important part of what cannot be kept. Along with keeping our doctors. our choices and our health, none of which are defined in the Constitution, nothing was said about keeping our lives which is a protedted right. So why does not the government just get out of the way so we can protect life ourselves, huh? Just thinking.
Anyway, this is just a continuing repeat of advocacy that in the interest of individuals should have been abandoned long ago by real classic liberals and conservatives.

I think the plan AMAC is talking about gives you a tax credit (reducing your taxes) for money you invest in an HSA, which you can then spend on paying your doctor or hospital, or insurance premium if you so desire. This sounds even better than abandoning Federal involvement altogether – which would mean taxes as usual, with personal health care spending coming out of net. How did you miss that?

You think this is a health savings plan?

I don’t believe our politicians are stupid. I believe that we, the people, are stupid for allowing our government to become what it is today. We’ve been conditioned for a very long time that health care is our right, not our responsibility. When something is a right, then SOMEBODY must pay for it. And certainly not one’s self. If it’s a right, then it’s the government’s responsibility to pay for it, apparently. And since the voting numbers in our country are so disastrously low, we have no one to thank but ourselves. Remember Ben Franklin’s answer when asked “what kind of government have you (Continental Congress) given us”? He said, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Correct on all counts. Franklin’s admonition was a warning that the American people had to be both actively engaged in what their federal government was doing on their so-called behalf and, when necessary, take the appropriate action (meaning voting from an enlightened and truly informed perspective, not the robotic, apathetic approach we have today) to remove and replace those politicians NOT acting in accordance with the peoples’ expressed wishes. Sadly, we both know the vast majority of the American public believes they don’t have to be either informed or engaged. That the country can function on auto-pilot and we are somehow magically protected from the culmination of our bad decisions. Of course they are wrong and our nation will suffer the consequences, if the public doesn’t get engaged real fast, real soon. Personally, I am not holding my breath. Yes, stupid does sum it up nicely and the politicians are… Read more »

Actually, if something provided by others is a ‘right’ then that provider can be forced to provide same. Too bad slavery was abolished years ago…..


Who in his right mind wants a system dictated and controlled by the government that tells you when, where and how much health care you shall receive! This is the one provider system advocated by the likes of socialists like Bernie Sanders! It doesn’t work!

There definitely is no anchor baby law,it’s a big lie perpetrated by the liberal,commies,including the press.Nowhere in the world,except here ,could they get away with this kind of subterfuge.


I feel the same way as you do and PaulE is 100 percent. I had notice lately that AMAC isn’t so Conservative as it used to be. I had cancelled AARP
long ago and switch to AMAC. Now I am thinking of doing the same with AMAC.


You are so right, our government under Democrats has continuously gone downhill. Big centralized government never has a good outcome. But people just seem to learn the hard way in this state if at all.

Any revision to Obamacare will result in a single-payer plan. Unfortunately, the government in Washington is interested in not only maintaining control over the citizens/residents in the United States, but to increase that control. The federal government will become the only issuer of insurance, and the dispensers of health care services. Nothing less than full repeal should be acceptable. But then, there needs to be a complete deconstruction of government regulations separate from the PPACA, and other laws that were enacted in preparation for government takeover of the health care and insurance industries. In actuality, we need a fundamental transformation of America according to the blueprint set forth in the Constitution, which has been abandoned for well over 100 years. The health care fiasco is simply symptomatic of the failure of our country in this post-constitutional system. We have the form of a republic, but in reality, we have an… Read more »
Very well said Tom. I concur with Ivan that it is a shame so very few Americans today understand any of this. What makes it even worse is even less seem to actually care about any of it. Most people seem quite content to simply either grumble under their breath about how bad things are, talking about the good old days or how things should be without any effort on their part to change things or they simply throw up their hands and say nothing can be done to fix any of it. Then they stick their collective heads back into the sand and hope something magical happens to make it all better. America didn’t get the way it is today by accident. Far too many people for far too many decades have stood by as Progressives (Socialists) in both parties have systematically grown both the size and overall scope… Read more »

And PaulE, I concur with your statements as well. You usually present further evidence of cause and effect that got us to this point and it’s appreciated.
Another weak week with little or no attention paid to the sacrifices of our troops. Thanks for that addendum.

Yes, another weak week. They just keep trying to shove their Obamacare-lite solution on the country.

Obama, socialist snake in the grass- Come, take a bite of the socialist apple and every thing will be great and wonderful.

And we have no one to blame but ourselves. ‘We have met the enemy and he is us’ – Pogo.

Hard to beat Santa Clause until he either runs out of presents (money) or elves (taxpayers).

So true, Tom. It’s a shame so few understand.

Right on the money. I seriously propose that Congress enact, and the President sign, a bill repealing every law placed on the books since the signing of the U.S. Constitution, thereby starting with a clean slate.

Does that mean that all of us living on SS and Medicare starve and die in the streets?

Full Repeal Only
AMAC, you disappoint me.

I don’t understand why AMAC isn’t supporting the idea that the federal government should not be in the health care business. At the very least I don’t understand why AMAC is not advocating for a full repeal of Obamacare and a replacement system that gives responsibility to the states and to the people.

Repeal Obamacare completely and get the government COMPLETELY OUT of the healthcare system as it worked fine before any government involvement.

AMAC: PLEASE get it through your head that we DO NOT WANT an obamacare REPLACEMENT!!!

AMAC says that the ACA is “…a first step toward the creation of a socialist state here in the U.S.” Not so. That started with Social Security in the 1930’s and continued with Medicare in the 1960’s. When will government intrusion end? That is the real question. I would say that we must define what socialist tendencies we are willing to put up with. Anytime you are willing for the Federal government to come in and tell you what you must do with your own money you are in to socialism. As everyone surely knows both S.S. and Medicare are requirements that you are forced to pay for through a tax on your pay check.

AHCA is just as unconstitutional as was ACA. Health care does not belong to the purview of the federal government. Check the enumerated powers of Article I, Section 8…It’s not there! This belongs to states, individuals and charities.

Ted: The Constitution is about 7,600 words, written to be understandable by every citizen. The “Constitution-Annotated” (which includes the judicial interpretations of those words) occupies almost as many pages of words as the original has words. “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises” (Art1 sect8), like the “Commerce Clause,” has been twisted to grant more power than the founders ever thought to prevent the Federal Government. We have allowed this “Second Constitution” to be used more than our original, unfortunately.

It started with IRS and the federal bank system.

AMAC is out of touch with it’s members. We want it repealed, NOT replaced. When my membership expires, I doubt I’ll be renewing. Will be checking out Generation America, American Seniors Association, Christian Association of PrimeTimers, Christian Seniors Association, 60 Plus Association, or The Seniors Coalition.

Thanks, Gary, for some alternate (possibly Constitutional) sites for our $$$.

Sorry Gary but AMAC and Generation America have merged.


Thank you for this information. I will also check these out.

AMAC, Please understand that when I joined your ranks it was because I heard on the radio (Glenn Beck) that you were against all government interference in my health care. Now I read that you want to have a slightly different version of Obamacare!!! Why in the world would you want to stand between me and the best care that I can get? Back in the day, I had no health insurance and I paid for my diabetic supplies in cash from the money that I earned! Can’t do that now. Not only did I buy what I needed I was able to visit any doctor that I wanted to and change doctors as often as I changed my mind! Can’t do that now. I used to walk into a pharmacy (drug store) tell the clerk that I am a diabetic and need insulin, syringes, alcohol, lancets , glucometer and… Read more »

“…AMAC will not rest until the American Health Care Act is the law of the land and ultimately succeeds in repealing and replacing Obamacare.”

Replacing? With what? Obamacare Lite? RINOcare?

What is wrong with the system we had BEFORE Obamacare? It was called the “Free Market”, remember? So why replace one ridiculous law (Obamacare) with some other flavor of government-intrusive health care? Why not let Free Enterprise determine who pays what, how much, and for what?

Isn’t it true that government control of health care was virtually nonexistent prior to Obamacare? Simply repeal and do not replace!

AMAC’s president, claiming to be an American Conservative, sounds more like a RINO senator. Forget it. I won’t be renewing my membership with this organization unless they get their act together in favor of genuine American Free Enterprise.

To prove that government insurance doesn’t work,I’m eighty and in pretty good health,but I’ve had trouble with my teeth,I only five lower teeth and two broken off molars which are under the gums and require surgical removal and United health care,which is a medicare advantage plan,to whose advantage I’m not sure,well,lets see.I find out my plan only covers maintenance type treatment,which,in this case only includes the five remaining lower teeth.I’m told that teeth that are broken are bad for your health and could cause major problems.Their answer to that was to find a doctor and try to pay it down,well tat is kind of difficult with $1000.OO a month Social Insecurity.And they added”good luck to you”

I always read lots of outraged rants on this site.
When was the last time you folks contacted your rep’s in Congress or Senators?
Why does’nt AMAC organize a protest in D.C. Most of us are retired, no?
It makes no sense to continue to invite more immigrants here when we can’t take care of our own. And many who have come in recent years do not seem to care to assimilate nor learn our common language. Inviting pregnant women to give birth here and have entitlements is ridiculous.

Last time? March, April. 15 of ’em.
No, I don’t think most of us are retired. But I did sign up for the “AMAC Army”, and I’m waiting for the call!
It seems that we have to become loud and annoying like Schumer, Pelosi and the Washington occupiers before the press even gives us a mention.

It was supposed to be REPEALED completely! NOT REPLACED! The problem to be solved is to REDUCE medical costs not to dump them on the backs of taxpayers!

I’m a redneck right wing conservative. I don’t want the government telling how to live or what treatment I can have or Not. Here’s the deal..right now and before Obamacare, the Insurance company’s tell us just that. Treatment approved, treatment not approved. They tell us what doctors we can go to. AND they are self regulated…Something has to be done and I don’t claim to know this complex answer. But Insurance companies need to be regulated and insurance should be available to all without spending 25-50% of our take home pay. If we want a legal treatment we should get it and drugs should be included

To call what we have today “insurance” is a misnomer. By eliminating the stipulation that pre-existing conditions are excluded from coverage, our overly generous Congress subverted the underlying principle of insurance: namely that it pays for itself, plus a profit for those who make it their business to “insure” that we as a group pay enough in premiums to cover the STATISTICAL risk of those paying for insurance having FUTURE conditions requiring treatment. Now, if you include folks with pre-existing conditions, you are not running a 5%, or 15%, or even 50% risk that those persons will be needing future treatment: it is a 100% certainty. In other words, it is no longer insurance, it is a subsidy pure and simple. So I guess we had it wrong all those years going back to those earliest days of insurance. Like so many other things in today’s enlightened world (definition of… Read more »
Exactly! If people used their car insurance the same way they are using their health insurance then our car policies would be unaffordable too! Imagine submitting a claim for an oil change or a set of tires. And only buying a policy after you have a wreck is the same as forcing insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions. Like most of us here, I want the government to get the heck out of our way. And obummercare-lite isn’t where we want to go. Seriously. Frankly, the very fact that socialist Bernie Sanders got as much traction as he did is frightening. I am afraid that it is only a matter of time before we are a socialist state. I wonder if there is a way to take over a country nearby, by immigrating there illegally, and voting in their elections and demanding that they speak english and giving us free… Read more »

You must be thinking about Costa Rica. Lots of English speaking American, Canadian, and British ex-pats living there.

Actually, the REAL problem that needs to be addressed is tort reform. But that will never happen since most legislators are lawyers. P.S. If insurance should be available to all how about making new cars, NFL tickets and gin available to all?

Seems to me there was a time in the United States when it was illegal for any lawyer to hold any political office at any time in his life. Oh, that it were so again!

When I hear someone speak glowingly of single-payer health insurance, I am reminded of a conversation I had with a British citizen who was in Maryland visiting her daughter. This was just before the ACA became law, and this woman had undergone treatment for a mild heart attack in England a few years earlier. Before she could see a cardiologist, she was required to make a few stops along the way with various medical offices, none of which offered her medications, surgery, or any other form of treatment. This process took over six months, when, finally, she qualified for a stent. I naturally questioned how many patients might suffer, and actually die, while waiting to see a specialist. Her response was that “the system” EXPECTS a percentage of them to die, and “we just had to get used to it.” She also said that it was not uncommon for women… Read more »

What that British women decribed to you was indeed how single-payer is designed to function. “Cost savings” under single-payer is achieved through rationed care, long wait times, massive bureaucratic delays and the inevitable higher percentages of deaths before any significant medical resources are expended on those suffering the most costly medical conditions. This is the nirvana the Dems and RINOs want to force the American people into accepting here.

Right on the button PaulE. Get rid of the older, sicker people (no matter the age) by denying treatment & medication. Just make them “comfortable” until they die. Except of course for the elite & their families. They will give themselves a waiver to exempt them.

You need to attach an ad to the “Fake ad” from AARP….they are on all the channels in Colorado….telling people to call Cory Gardner to vote against the healthcare bill. Expose who they gave money to during the election!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why in the world does AMAC even consider replacing one entitlement with another? That’s exactly what the conservative’s are against!

As I keep on saying, I just want what the members of US CONGRESS has. Anyone home at AMAC? I am asking AMAC, NOT ANYONE ELSE. What a joke…..

You stated that we should all vote for the repeal of the “Affordable Care Act”. And, I do agree that it is and was a tremendous failure, especially for older Americans. Obama hurt older Americans with his Act. My question is, do you know how the repealing of this Act will effect older Americans. Rumor has it that it will hurt us even more? So, before I vote for anything, I want to know details as they pertain to us.

A few months ago, I read that over a third of US counties had only ONE health insurer in the exchanges. Some parts of the country now have NO insurers in the system, and more will follow. Repeal–a 100% trashing of the ACA–is a good starting point. The ACA requires us to pay for coverage for health issues that don’t apply so that someone else can get a huge subsidy (e.g., a “mature” person like me has to pay for maternity coverage, pediatric dentistry, substance abuse rehabilitation…). Since young, healthy people did not sign up for O’care, the price of insurance went through the roof, along with deductibles. The ACA is doomed. If it remains, Joanne, the cost to every American will continue to rise, and we will be far worse off than if the law is repealed and replaced with free market-based solutions. People of every age will benefit… Read more »