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Without Law Enforcement, Crime and Anarchy Win

ReformAmericans need to keep their heads, look at police reform, but stand up for law enforcement.  Not to support the police and enforce our laws invites anarchy, and political chaos.  Appeals to disband, defund, and delegitimize police are patently dangerous – they make no sense.

Democrats who fail to condemn anti-police lawlessness, while mocking and blocking Black Republican Senator Tim Scott’s forward-leaning police reform bill, are playing with fire – literally.  Without fully funded police, and legal protections for good officers, law vanishes.

When 600 members of New York’s anti-crime unit were disbanded last week, shootings skyrocketed the first day, 28 incidents, 38 victims. As 300 New York police recover from riot injuries, 600 seek retirement, a 49 percent jump.  That phenomenon will spread, if not stopped.

In DC, career law enforcement officers are stripped by the DC Council of self-defense and non-lethal technologies, traditional means for keeping peace. Legal protections are removed, and federal agencies told not to help. What kind of madness is this? Who would want to stay on such a force?  In an officer poll, 71 percent said they will leave if the measure becomes permanent.  Where will that that leave DC police, a force already 52 percent Black and under pressure?

Nationally, only 16 percent of the public want to defund police, yet Democrats see this as a clever wedge issue. Truth is, they are wrong.  However much we want a flawless police force, transparency, consequences for egregious behavior, more money for social programs, society does not function without law enforcement.  However much we want equality, cutting police budgets will backfire.  Who answers 911 calls?  Social workers have no interest in that – just ask.

So, here we go – into a political season defined by anti-police protests, violent riots increasingly penetrated by radical leftists, documented Chinese ties, recycled members of the Weather Underground and former BLM – Black Liberation Movement.  The trend is not good.

In cities like Portland, Oregon, 911 calls are mounting.  In Atlanta, 911 calls are going unanswered.  In New York, crime is spiking.  This is what happens to professionalism, recruiting and retention when political leaders – like New York’s Democratic mayor, governor, and House members – fail to appreciate sacrifices made to protect them.

In cities across the United States, crime is surging, with police ambushes, reduced police budgets, and threats to qualified immunity – that is, discretion to act in self-defense without open-ended liability.  By example, homicides in Los Angeles jumped 250 percent in a week.

So, what is the answer?  The answer is not complicated.  It does take calm, responsible leadership – and civic engagement.  The answer is to remember rule of law is at risk. Only 900,000 police keep order for 326 million Americans.  That ratio, one to 362, is challenging.

Needed are three things:  Strong public support for local police, transparency and reform that does not devalue or defund the police, and a collective recollection that our republic is fragile.

On the first, let local officers know you respect them.  Find a way to tell them.  On the second, let congressional Democrats know you expect support for Senator Tim Scott’s reform bill, which is a big step forward – providing accountability, disincentives for no-knock warrants, linkage of grants to training, transparency on a national level to reduce prejudice.  He sets a national commission to study how young Black men are affected by disparities in education and justice.  Who can be against those objectives?

Finally, take a breath.  The nation has gone through similar times, faced radical violence before, and we survived.  The point is not to panic or postpone, but to step up, seeking responsible steps forward. Americans need to keep their heads, look to police reform, but stand up for the police. Without appreciation for law enforcement, crime and anarchy win.

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aluminum head
9 months ago

Hey, Robert B. Charles, have you ever thought about arming yourself to be able to defend your perimeter ? If there will ever be a day when we have no police ? Same rule applies as in Colonial times, OK ? Start applying common sense, Robert, not paranoia. I will say that you NEVER served in combat.

10 months ago

In many cases the police and firefighters are the least appreciated and in a good number of areas, underpaid. These idiot liberals want to defund and dismantle the police. I hope one day they desperately need them and they are unresponsive. Bonehead idots are now living in this country. Anyone want to set up a fund to provide them with a one-way ticket to another country of THEIR choice.

Last edited 10 months ago by par
Stuart Turney
10 months ago


Dr. Cissero
10 months ago

The fact is, without law there is no real freedom.

Phyllis Poole
10 months ago

We NEED. Armed responsible private individuals!!! All of America can be a police force with training. The communists are trying in every which way to get us unarmed. School shootings etc are well planned to play on the average citizens minds. And sympathies
When all of us. realize. all mayhem and atrocities are planned by our enemies and THIS IS WAR OF A DIFFERENT KIND we will redo our defenses. Good people together WITH PRAYER TO GOD can overcome the onslaught that is backed by the devil AND HIS WORKERS AMONG US! Prayer is our best defense! AND ARMS THAT GOD HAS PROVIDED US WILL WIN OVER OUR ENEMIES DONT BE TOO TRUSTING BY WORDS! Demand ACTION!!

10 months ago

Yes, America has been in hard times. A concern I have is our education system; it is breeding this Marxism. It helps to read and explain today’s reality. Allan Bloom’s book The Closing of the American Mind for a start. Also, Breitbart’s book Righteous Indignation should be digested. (The Big Lie by D’Souza is also worth your time.) (The Creature from Jekyll Island is fascinating and incriminating of our system.) And if you prefer fiction, 1984 by Orwell and A brave New World by Huxley. If Scripture, Romans Chapter 13 and Revelation.
I have concerns for national police reform out of D.C. Most departments are just fine. Fire supervisors who cannot supervise and get a handle on the unions before you legislate from Washington.
Republican representatives – where are you? Makes me wonder how deep the deep state is.
Thanks Amac for what you do!
Happy 4th, 2020!!!

10 months ago

If black lives matter what about all the black woman the get abortions don’t those black lives matter? And if all the black athletes are so concerned maybe they should refuse to play. Football,basketball,track. Both pro and college athletes.

W Arce
10 months ago

Lots of opinions and they are all valid. Liberals, fake media & Dems have already revealed their agenda, they even flaunt it to our faces. They want to have absolute power over the people so that they can undo and destroy President Trump and everything he and his administration have done and still doing. It’s all out in the open, Dems are out to destroy us and this country. Some deep state Republicans, the never Trumper are constantly hedging, instead of fighting for us and giving their full support to the president. However we have a huge dilemma. Election is happening in just a few months and whether we like it or not, we have to make a decision that will affect our lives as we know it and this country. Tucker Carlson is correct after he had disagreement with a Republican senator and if you missed it, go to you tube. If we don’t support Republicans who are asking for financial support because the Dems have the means to buy this election, or even elect them, then we abandon President Trump, our Constitution and everything that it stands for, we will allow ourselves to be controlled by lawless radicals including polluticians who pander to them, who wants to destroy our freedom and rule of law. One good quality of Dems- they stick together, whether they like it or not. Dems are using the pandemic and the killings as an excuse, calling it systemic racism to destroy this country and blame it all to President Trump; Dems have taken our freedom away even to worship. President Trump is not perfect but who is. Jesus is perfect and they crucified HIM. Socialism leads to communism.
As for me, I will vote for Republicans but demand accountability and transparency after this election. Hopefully and prayerfully they can control congress and white house to affect common sense and practical changes to this country. Leave it to the people to deal with their leaders who are weak. Dems have openly attacked our president 24/7 365 days and those who serve with him, even the citizens of this country who support our president are marginalized, do any of you think that it will stop and improve if Dems win control? I think not. RNC should put forth strong and wise candidates who have gone through a strict vetting to challenge the weak GOP “leaders” and Dems during subsequent election/s. I hope there will still be subsequent clean elections.

Lynda Buchholz
10 months ago

What better way to push through gun control. I am disgusted and fearful of our political government. And people will vote for those same 2 parties next election.

10 months ago

Would you please give an update on when can the President go into a State and take over?
Does he/she have to be invited by the Governor?

Gregory Russell
10 months ago

If anything EVER better illustrated just how much liberals are like their father, Satan, I don`t know of it. Demon-crats are intentionally, willfully, setting fire to this great Republic, through using their liberal puppet media to incite to riot and loot, through assaulting the integrity and character of EVERY professional law-enforcement officer in the country, and through making “heroes” of career criminals and thugs. This is purely and thoroughly disgusting.
In light of this, I would strongly urge ALL law-abiding, freedom-loving, America-loving American citizens to become annual members of Gun Owners of America. We need our Second Amendment rights protected, and strong, now more than ever. Personally, I am an NRA Life-Endowment member, and an annual member of GOA, and these days, I MUCH prefer GOA over NRA. GOA is NOT a milquetoast outfit, and they will NOT support soft gun control as NRA has in their recent past. The Second Amendment very clearly says that the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall NOT be infringed, and we must stand up to the those seeking to disarm law-abiding U.S. citizens. Stand up for law and order, stand up for YOUR ability to have the constitutionally protected means to protect you and your loved ones, even as our police officers are demonized by the left.

Gregory Russell
10 months ago

And by the way, national reciprocity and constitutional carry MUST be enacted. Per the U.S. Constitution, we do NOT need a permission slip from government to be able to keep and BEAR arms. Bad people already carry without government permission, and We the People do NOT need their permission either. Period.

Susan P
10 months ago

The democrats are begging for anarchy and chaos. That is the only way they can gain enough power to destroy our Constitution and way of life. Do NOT let them get away with this.

Robin W Boyd
10 months ago

When anarchy prevails; there are no winners. Anarchists will only be able to enjoy a very temporary victory if they get what they want. Progressive elites will swoop in and take over any anarchist win. We need to focus on the power behind the anarchists.

10 months ago

It appears to me that there are two types of human beings: those that are guided strictly by their emotions, and those that use their thinking processes to guide their actions. For some of us, the first type of human succeeds in swaying others of their type to follow them blindly off the edge of the cliff, spurred on by the news media, which is ever on the lookout for something to talk about. The first type is also the loudest, drowning out all other voices, that they be heard. The second type, referred to in some instances as the “Silent Majority”, is just that: Silent. Hopefully, they will make their voices heard in November, and silence this madness!

Sharon Harrigan
10 months ago

Isaiah 59:14 “And judgement is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter” I am so grateful there is a God in heaven who has a plan that He will carry through no matter what man does. Daniel 2:28a “But there is a God in heaven” My church sent a letter with over 400 member signatures to our city police department thanking and supporting them for what they do.

10 months ago

Its turned into a black pandemic in our cities&it will only stop when they themselves are ready.

Vic Guarnera
10 months ago

That is the plan!
When all is in chaos and turmoil, the REAL leaders step forward to form a Committee of Proper Deportment, appoint the Bureau of Proper Deportment Deputies (wearing the approved color of shirt), and name the “Miscreants”. The Bureau then rounds up the Miscreants, ships them to the re-education centers, and the process begins. Those miscreants who are deemed un-re-trainable are sent to the work-centers (from which none ever reappear), and the cycle of ‘selecting’ the rulers begins.
The new Republic of Free Democratic Citizens can now parade in triumph on the next May first in glorious celebration of the newly won American Dream.
How wonderful is that?

Matt Petryszak
10 months ago

Frankly, I don’t understand why police reform is needed. Unprofessional and rogue police should be removed, and if necessary, prosecuted but that should always have been happening. What other reforms are really needed? Their primary responsibility in my mind is to protect the lives, protect people from attack and people’s property from criminals, as well as protecting themselves. Policing has continually been improving over the years and I am pretty sure complaints and bad policing are much less prevalent now than in the past. So what is really needed?

10 months ago

The answer is STRONG LEADERS, which we do not have. If anything is to be defunded it should be the democratic party. The dem’s have finally shown us who they really are…a mixture of socialist and communist that are hell bent on destroying this country. We need to wake up because there is no reasoning with these people. Yes America has gone through troubling times before and has come out stronger for it, but the circumstance’s were different. God help us all should comrade Joe Biden win this up coming election.

10 months ago

Saw person on TV this week that had best advice of all (sorry I did not catch his name) & he stated “Talk to your children or others & tell them if stopped by police, be polite , do not resist arrest, & do not run away. Get their badge number & then deal with later with lawyer if you think that you were treated wrong” This is a strong message that should be shared & would have stopped a lot of serious injury

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