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Will Witt | Exposing the Promotion of Sex Apps By Schools | EP 173

The Florida Standards’ very own Will Witt is exposing the promotion of sex apps by schools in Florida. Rebecca Weber invites this former PragerU rockstar to the Better for America podcast to share with listeners how he is advocating for children and parents through journalism and truth. Why would schools that should be focusing on improving children’s grammar and mathematics be promoting books that open innocent children to things like “The Ins and Outs of Gay Sex” and dangerous sex apps like Grindr? It seems like our children are the left’s favorite target these days! They also discuss the lack of confidence in our election process and where the GOP went wrong with messaging. Join Rebecca and Will as he shares what he calls the “Revolution of Normal Parents!”

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4 months ago

Love the podcast on Will Witt. It so true on how important to vote on local issues and government. Seeing what are trying to do with the children and schools is insane. I can see the down fall of public education and the rise of private education. One thing that Covid showed that this could be done. All the education unions will not let this happen. Our children will be in the middle of all this.

Larry Nuckels
4 months ago

I agree this is sick.

4 months ago

Sex is a very powerful motivating force and can be used to control people. Ask Jeffery Epstein. The sooner the radicals can get our children addicted to it the sooner they can control a whole generation. The left has taken over our schools and universities with the sole purpose of taking total control of our nation. We need to fight with all we have to save our children and future nation.

4 months ago

Those of us that care had better be on our knees praying not only for the children of our country, but those of the entire world, their parents, their “leaders,” their teachers, friends, and perhaps especially those intent on victimizing them with sexually inappropriate content and lifestyles. We cannot legislate morality now any more than we ever could, and we need to be involved in our children’s lives, loving each of them for the unique individual God created. We must let Christ live through us, turning to him for guidance and opportunity.

You may say we need to do more than just pray. Perhaps. But first let us pray for wisdom to realize what we need to do.

4 months ago

Why? The agenda is to weaken America including longevity of life. The sex cr*p is sheer evil. Kids have time for that! No one should be sticking their nose in a family matter like that. There’s absolutely no benefit in doing any of this. It’s doing the opposite. Like I said, sheer evil.

Noel Edwards
4 months ago

It’s amazing how the liberals will promote trash like this to our children and slam another politician for allegedly doing what they promote!

4 months ago

School Boards that allow this smut into the schools should be prosecuted as sexual predators of our children. This is shadow grooming into child sex trafficking.

This stuff is not “sex education” it is luring our children into the underworld. I am repulsed by how low people will go to get what they want (the whole world to live their lifestyle as “normal”) and makes me wonder if the LBGQT…organization is full of pedophiles.

God has removed His protection from the USA because we have removed God from our country.

4 months ago
Reply to  Elaine


4 months ago
Reply to  Joe

It’s hard to know and though it seems so at times and in this instance, I hope it isn’t so. However, we who have seen the Lord’s hand guide this country in times past should not give up. Shame on those who are so ignorant and uncaring to think that exposing children at a young age to such demeaning material is not injurious and derailing from what’s right and good. There’s yet so much to fight for, morals to teach, truth and unifying principles to lift up and guide youth and adults toward, and knowledge of what is right and elevating. If we keep sinking and luring eyes, ears and minds towards what is corrupt and evil, here and in the internet, our communities and nation are in for a rude awakening. The adversary is at our back door and we must reject him and his corrupting efforts. Turn to godly and good principles and cease playing with demeaning and filthy ideas.

Brad Brown
4 months ago
Reply to  Elaine

I agree!

4 months ago
Reply to  Elaine

I agree ???? it’s sick what the left is doing to the youth of America

J. Sparks
4 months ago

Laws, laws, and more laws.
America proudly proclaims: “We are a nation of laws!”
And truth it be.
Trouble is many are not enforced.
That said . . . ,
Did my teenage years in the ’60’s’
The decade of sexual revolution.
Unfunny thing about it was I learned back then that there are far more perverts than there are not, and children has always been their targets.
Think about it.
Slick Willie Clinton. President for two terms hanging out with a know pedophile trafficker in the White House! Creepy Joe Biden touching, sniffing, and making rude comments to young girls.
During the early years of my time in this earthly amusement park I spent some time in the dark of nights and encountered many who were “pillars” of society during the daytime, but in the darkness they were predators seeking encounters with the young and many wanted them as young as possible.
Understand that none of it. Drugs, trafficking, underage porn, cannot happen without such ‘daytime pillars of society’ being involved.
Too many decades parents spent uninvolved with what their children were being force fed in schools. That’s why you have the problems faced now. Even had a politician claim parents were to stupid ti know what their children needed to learn in school.
Kind of like dealing with all the ills of society folks. In order to eliminate the dealing of drugs and all the rest good folk have to rise up and do what has to be done.
This country is overran with gangs. Many deal guns, drugs, and are involved in human trafficking.
Not going to change without eliminating the criminal element.
In and out of politics.
We coddle criminals in this country. Even more so now.
Look at democratic cities with lax laws and defund the police politicians. Rising unchecked crime.
The only thing needed for evil to succeed is for good folk to do nothing.

4 months ago
Reply to  J. Sparks

Excellent and so true

4 months ago
Reply to  J. Sparks

I agree with you 100%. I watched this go on my whole life. People need to get involved with what they’re doing to our kids.

anna hubert
4 months ago

I thought there was a law protecting minors from sexual predators

William C Smith
4 months ago

The people imposing these practices on school children ae perverts and criminals. They must be removed. Banished. Credentials, terminated.

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