Will the FEC Please Stand Up — and Hold Hillary Clinton Accountable?

2020 Clinton Hillary clinton-doj-leaks-investigation-blockedAfter more than a year of inaction — 18 months, to be precise — the Federal Election Commission has finally ruled on Hillary Clinton’s $84 million money laundering scandal dating back to 2015 and 2016. And, well, she’ll get away with it.

More than 1,500 Democratic mega-donors moved $84 million on behalf of Clinton, in a brazen scheme to buy our democracy. They failed — spectacularly — and broke the law in the process. But, who cares, because the FEC isn’t doing a single thing about the largest campaign finance scandal in U.S. history.

Despite a strongly worded, highly detailed memorandum from their own Office of General Counsel — calling for a full investigation — the FEC officially deadlocked, punting on the opportunity to hold Clinton accountable and choosing instead to sit idly by as Democratic political elites continue to abuse our electoral system.

The Clinton scandal was first brought to light by the Committee to Defend the President — one of America’s leading pro-Trump super PACs — which filed a complaint with the FEC after spending months combing through 2016 campaign finance disclosures. Meticulously documenting the “unprecedented, massive, nationwide multi-million dollar conspiracy,” the committee’s 101-page complaint was built entirely on FEC reports filed by Democrats, memos authored by Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook, and public statements from former DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile, among others.

To put it into perspective, Clinton’s $84 million money-laundering scheme is the single largest campaign finance scandal in U.S. history. Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza was prosecuted, convicted and served eight months’ confinement and five years of probation for a similar type of campaign finance violation. Yet D’Souza’s violation amounted to $20,000 in straw man contributions.

Clinton’s comes out to $84 million — over 4,000 times more money!

Yet, faced with fact after cold, hard fact, the FEC decided to take no action. What message does that send to the American people? How can we trust our government to enforce the law when America’s most powerful politicians can get away with wantonly, routinely and dramatically breaking it?

In an age when skepticism of the Washington swamp is at an all-time high, the FEC had a unique opportunity to restore our confidence in the political system. The agency’s commissioners could have sent a message — to everyone, including the elites — that we all must play by the rules, or face the consequences.

But, in reality, we see clear-cut, highly detailed cases languish endlessly, with FEC commissioners talking a big game in public instead of acting efficiently and effectively. Now, we have to live with the consequences of government inaction (again), which will only embolden the Clintons of the world to continue playing by their own rules for personal gain.

Before it gets better, illegal electioneering will get much, much worse — at the expense of those of us playing by the actual rules. The FEC punting makes a mockery of our entire democratic system. The one silver lining in this debacle is the FEC also failing to approve defending its own inability to uphold the law in court. It seems that only the courts — and not the agency charged to do so — are available to hold the powerful accountable.

If that’s the case, why should anyone follow the rules now?

Reprinted with permission from - Inside Sources - by Dan Backer

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3 years ago

Now we have the child of these two, Chelsea, being put out as a possible senate candidate. Do not forget that Hillary tutored Chelsea when she was in a high chair at the dinner table. Hillary, according to an interview given when Bill was running for President, would take that special time to teach Chelsea that she would “hear a lot of lies” about the Clintons and it was because they had political enemies. Chelsea was taught to ignore what was said and to be true to the family. She was brainwashed from the time she could say “mama.”

NEVER HILLARY. Chelsea? Same thing.

3 years ago

WE are republicans, but would’ve supported Hillary if she hadn’ t stuck by Bill after he had so many affairs and abused women. Poor Hillary. So many gifts. So many talents. Such a brilliant lawyer and gifted person and her husband sucked the life out of her. Stole her glory. Stole her gifts. Abused his power and compromised her chances to be the first woman leader of the USA. He didn’t and still doesn’t care about her or what he’s done. He’s a sociopath and this woman has tried so hard for so long to do what’s right beside a man that has betrayed her and shamed her and their family without impunity without remorse without shame and continues to compromise her in every way for his own gain. Poor Hillary. She could’ve been President if she would’ve dumped Billy boy, but he clung to her to suck the last bit of hope and health from her like a true evil husband does. So sad. He destroyed her chances of ever becoming President because of his own selfish reasons, his romps with young girls with Epstein, his numerous affairs, oh Hillary, why….why didn’t you just disown him…so many of us would’ve had your back, even as republican women, but you showed such compromise and hiporcrisy and weakness when your husband did these things, you were so gifted, so bright, so promising, what a waste.

3 years ago

The media isn’t being honest with the American people. They should be warning the American people with honest reporting of the Socialist/Communist takeover of America. The youth of our country are unaware of the total consequences of living in a Socialist/Communist country. They are being fed promises that cannot be kept. We need to fight for our freedom and stop this takeover before the election and the destruction of this precious country. Our only hope is for President Trump to be elected as well as “honest” Republicans who are willing to fight for freedom and for the Constitution. One nation, under God, united. The contention and lies must stop ASAP.

3 years ago

Why does it always seem that the Clintons get away with murder, missing evidence (emails, phone, and briefcase), sexual misconduct, and out ‘n out lies? No wonder they continue to behave horribly. No one, not even the Clintons should be above the law. The Democrats can never back off their attacks on Republicans because doing so might allow time to investigate Hillary.

Debbie & Randy Rister
3 years ago

I agree there are two sets of rules & laws in this nation. Guilty & not guilty. On the right republican conservatives and the left radical democrats. It appears the leftists can commit any crime or break any law w/o any consequences. She (HC) thinks and sadly others who abuse power they “do no wrongs” I don’t think they truly understand what our forefathers meant when they founded this nation. The past presidency was crooked and did such injustice to the USA & change America-Obama’s goal. Not make & keep America GREAT!! Go President Donald J. Trump DRAIN THE CROOKED OBAMA/CLINTON REGIME SWAMP.

3 years ago

with Hillary walking away without so much as a slap on the wrist, the Democrats have gone rampant with lawless behavior knowing they’ll get away with it too. I thought is said “liberty and JUSTICE for all” Hold her and the Democrats accountable.

Ron Campbell
3 years ago

Ho ho ho, there really is a Santa Claus.

3 years ago

Well it’s time for Hillary Clinton to be held accountable for all the corruption and scandals. They have been getting away for years. She thinks she is above the law Benghazi white water so much scandals just because she is amongst the elites. She or NO ONE should be able to get away with it. Hopefully someone with a spine will stand up to the corruption of the Clinton’s and the establishment Democrats who are destroying this country with their corruption.

3 years ago

The Clinton’s and the elite deep state people like them believe that they can do anything they wish. They believe their poop doesn’t stink. They are one of a kind because they don’t put their pants on one leg at a time like you and me. They believe it’s all about them. Power, money, influence, arrogance and pride. They believe they are going to change the world for the rest of us. They make up the law as they go along in life. The law to them is subjective, not objectively given. That’s the left progressive ideology that has been indoctrinated in this country. It’s what we are reaping now. It reminds me of the story of the liberal who jumped off the Empire State building. On the way down as he was passing the 50th floor someone yelled out the window and asked him, how’s it going? The liberal said, great, everything is fine, so far so good! But a few floors later, he found out the abrupt punishment of the law of gravity.

Joan Harris
3 years ago

I am so disgusted by these criminals that have the temerity to lecture us on morals and ethics. As far as far as I’m concerned there is no difference between the college admissions scandal and Hillary’s unbelievable money crime. To me one part of this story is how I thought the rich people were the movie stars. Apparently, there’s an upper class and lower class in rarefied air of the really rich. So sorry actor people, Hillary has enough money to buy her way out of responsibility for her actions. That we learn early in life!!

JJ Johnson-Smith
3 years ago

How many Hit Men must one employ to get away with the number of Felonies the Clintons have committed?

Dorothy Kerr
3 years ago

Why can’t something be done instead of talking about it. Can the FEC, be replaced?. I am a Senior and we oldies, are getting really scared about the horrors of the Clintons. She is in the middle of all the evil doings going on. There has to be a way to stop these subversive money driven treachery. That whole cult, that’s what it appears to be are destroying. Our Country and no one will step up, who can? Thank you.

3 years ago

Hillary, Obama and all their minions will be brought to justice. Just not by the sources you would expect. There’s a storm brewing behind the scenes and the biggest scandal in all of American history is about to unfold. No one ever again will try to destroy or take over America again after the display of treason that will take place very soon. Hillary thought the RULE OF LAW was not for her. And maybe so if it had not been for God putting Trump in as President and setting an example for all to see. . . NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!!!!

3 years ago

She was chosen to take the fall since Bill was President, and actually, since he was Governor in Arkansas. They are both so corrupt! I do not have any faith that anything will happen to her. It’s scary, the ruling elites are really in charge. They just let us think we are. Although, with Mr. Trump being elected (which wasn’t the plan), maybe I should have a little faith.

3 years ago

I googled this on Chrome to see if any other info was out there. Surprise, surprise, nothing on google.. I went to Firefox and did find the same article as published here. Not only politicians protect this criminal but so does the lib press.

Warren H
3 years ago

No matter what dishonorable scoundrels do or say, there is surety in this partial quote – “…it is appointed for men to die once (physical death) and after this judgment….” (Hebrews 9:27 NASB) There will be a time when the “books will balance”.

james smith
3 years ago

Didn’t your mama ever tell you, “Do as I say not as I do.” She was just trying to get you ready for real life. That’s what the elitist do.

Ronald Crawford
3 years ago

Who does the FEC report to?
Is there not someone that can sue them to enforce the letter of the law?
Can Trump not demand that they enforce the laws as written?

Gail Fowler Middleton (Mrs.B.E.)
3 years ago

If Mrs. Hillary R. Clinton (Mrs.William Clinton)’s name were Smith, the former
lovely, intelligent, enabling first lady could
have shared accommodations with the
lovely, intelligent, nonenabling Mrs. Martha
Stewart…am certain they would have had a
blast! Orange is a great color and anyone can wear it depending on the depth and shade of color.

Gail F.Middleton
(Mrs. B.E.)

Susan Jobson
3 years ago

If Hillary gets away with all she’s done it will make the citizens loose faith in our government. They will make sure that if democrats let her get away with all then we won’t vote for democrats and if the Republicans do the same we won’t vote Republican who’s going to do the right thing and get the votes?

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