Will the FEC Please Stand Up — and Hold Hillary Clinton Accountable?

2020 Clinton Hillary clinton-doj-leaks-investigation-blockedAfter more than a year of inaction — 18 months, to be precise — the Federal Election Commission has finally ruled on Hillary Clinton’s $84 million money laundering scandal dating back to 2015 and 2016. And, well, she’ll get away with it.

More than 1,500 Democratic mega-donors moved $84 million on behalf of Clinton, in a brazen scheme to buy our democracy. They failed — spectacularly — and broke the law in the process. But, who cares, because the FEC isn’t doing a single thing about the largest campaign finance scandal in U.S. history.

Despite a strongly worded, highly detailed memorandum from their own Office of General Counsel — calling for a full investigation — the FEC officially deadlocked, punting on the opportunity to hold Clinton accountable and choosing instead to sit idly by as Democratic political elites continue to abuse our electoral system.

The Clinton scandal was first brought to light by the Committee to Defend the President — one of America’s leading pro-Trump super PACs — which filed a complaint with the FEC after spending months combing through 2016 campaign finance disclosures. Meticulously documenting the “unprecedented, massive, nationwide multi-million dollar conspiracy,” the committee’s 101-page complaint was built entirely on FEC reports filed by Democrats, memos authored by Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook, and public statements from former DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile, among others.

To put it into perspective, Clinton’s $84 million money-laundering scheme is the single largest campaign finance scandal in U.S. history. Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza was prosecuted, convicted and served eight months’ confinement and five years of probation for a similar type of campaign finance violation. Yet D’Souza’s violation amounted to $20,000 in straw man contributions.

Clinton’s comes out to $84 million — over 4,000 times more money!

Yet, faced with fact after cold, hard fact, the FEC decided to take no action. What message does that send to the American people? How can we trust our government to enforce the law when America’s most powerful politicians can get away with wantonly, routinely and dramatically breaking it?

In an age when skepticism of the Washington swamp is at an all-time high, the FEC had a unique opportunity to restore our confidence in the political system. The agency’s commissioners could have sent a message — to everyone, including the elites — that we all must play by the rules, or face the consequences.

But, in reality, we see clear-cut, highly detailed cases languish endlessly, with FEC commissioners talking a big game in public instead of acting efficiently and effectively. Now, we have to live with the consequences of government inaction (again), which will only embolden the Clintons of the world to continue playing by their own rules for personal gain.

Before it gets better, illegal electioneering will get much, much worse — at the expense of those of us playing by the actual rules. The FEC punting makes a mockery of our entire democratic system. The one silver lining in this debacle is the FEC also failing to approve defending its own inability to uphold the law in court. It seems that only the courts — and not the agency charged to do so — are available to hold the powerful accountable.

If that’s the case, why should anyone follow the rules now?

Reprinted with permission from - Inside Sources - by Dan Backer

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1 year ago

If Hillary Clinton was standing, by herself, in the middle of the Sahara Desert, you could bet that she was doing something illegal. The woman has made a career of lawless behavior. She doesn’t have the talent to play by the rules. And she’ll walk away from this, just like Lois Learner walked away from the IRS scandal, just like Eric Holder walked away from the Fast and Furious scandal. But it’s not surprising, ideology plays the biggest role in our Two-Tier legal system. Keep an eye on the Barr Investigations … investigating the investigators.

Elizabeth Davis
1 year ago

Hillary is and always has been out of control. She literally has gotten away with murder. I can not figure out why she has not been brought to justice. For if any one of us had committed the smallest of her crimes, we would have been brought to justice and sent to prison… We the people are tired of Democrats trying to give our country away. Illegals dont have rights as citizens. Muslims do not love America and are bound and determined to bring us done. Christians are thought to love thy neighbor but also tells us to put on… Read more »

1 year ago

AND you will never hear of this in the general media. Its not Trump-bashing therefore not news worthy.

1 year ago

The FEC needs a thorough cleaning because their house stinks of corruption! Too many years of democrat rule has made the whole government stink! The civil war the dems say they want is coming!

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Name new FEC director & get moving on this.

tom young
1 year ago

In a communist country the elite can and do anything they want. Clintons are progressive socialists which is another word for communist so I guess we are fundamentally changed as Obama wanted . For proof just look at the Clintons.

1 year ago

The clinton crime family has had decades to make connections and place their operatives in key positions. In the film classic ‘The Godfather’, by the time the movie takes place don corleone has judges, politicians and police on the payroll. I dont think this is much different. I never expected her to face consequences let alone be locked up as so many like to chant. Its enough that her and her marxist friends be marginalized. That being said, if we can get T reelected, who knows?

Frank S.
1 year ago

Yet she dares to call me DESPICABLE? If this wasn’t so pathetic, it’d be funny!

Sgt. Preston
1 year ago

We can only hope that Trump wins another term and through his victory, someone in his government will have the balls to arrest Horrid Hillary and see that she is tried for her crimes, starting with her abandonment at Benghazi, her “secret server” complex in her basement, her Uranium I fiasco, and all the other lies she has told

Sheridan Umphress
1 year ago


Rick J.
1 year ago

I wouldn’t trust the courts either. Every facet of this country is corrupted in favor of the democrats.

Mike B.
1 year ago

I for one am sick and tired of the political elites (usually Democrats) getting away with what any one of us would go to jail for. We need to elect people who share a love for this country and the rule of law. We also need to get rid of the un-elected administrative buraecrats who are answerable only to those who appoint them and not to the people.

Stephen Lykins
1 year ago

“Before it gets better, . . .” If the Democrats retake the White House, I predict it will NEVER get better!

Wilbur C Bartels
1 year ago

What goes around comes around. Hopefully that crook will pay.

Burton Pauly
1 year ago

Looks as if slick Willie isn’t the only Clinton with a teflon coating. Cheating is nothing new to the Clintons, or the democRATS in general.

G.A. Fisher
1 year ago

“[W]hy should anyone follow the rules now?” Because only America’s self-appointed aristocracy will get away with breaking them.

1 year ago

But she won’t get away with it. GOD IS WATCHING. how does she sleep at night?

1 year ago

all these committees and commissions have been loaded with ultralibs and freinds off the clinton’s and other law breaker freinds that nothing will ever be done to stop the socialist power seekers without voters waking up to the garbage going on even in the halls of Congress where the ultimate violators of law reside

1 year ago

If I steal a loaf of bread I go to jail

Darlene Painter
1 year ago

How can she get away with that.

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