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Will Hillary Rodham Clinton Ever Be Held Accountable?

hillary-clinton-emails-espionage-accountableby, Paul Gardiner

Hillary Rodham Clinton continues to publicly pontificate about various subjects.  She acts as though her previous actions as US Secretary of State do not deserve nor warrant any further scrutiny by anyone. There is even talk of her running again for president in 2020.

Like many millions of my fellow Americans, I was required during my career to safely store and protect classified US government documents and communications.  The penalties for failing to do so can be quite severe.  Mrs. Clinton, however, has yet to be held accountable for her actions, while serving as US Secretary of State, when she used an unsecured private e-mail server at her private residence to store and receive/send over a thousand classified messages, several classified as SECRET or higher classification.  Some of her classified e-mails are known to have been “hacked” by several foreign governments that are hostile to the interests of the United States.

Mrs. Clinton’s actions are clear, obvious violations of the gross negligence provisions of the Espionage Act, subsection F, 18 USC 793. An intent to deceive or perform illegal actions is not required; gross negligence alone is grounds for prosecution. Among other things, use of a private e-mail server to store and receive/send classified communications permits the material to be removed or abstracted from its proper, secure location, i. e., a secure government file server.   Penalties allowed under the Espionage Act for gross negligence in handling classified materials include a fine or imprisonment of up to 10 years, or both.

To restore the faith of the American people in the rule of law in our great nation, it is essential that Mrs. Clinton be charged and indicted for violating the Espionage Act as described above. She was not simply “extremely careless” as former FBI Director James Comey erroneously declared in an effort to shield her from prosecution.

The critical question is who in the Trump administration understands the necessity of indicting Hillary Clinton as described above, and who has the fortitude and courage (guts) to do so?

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Carol A Murray

Anyone who did what she did would be held accountable and put in jail. YES! She needs to be held accountable!

G. Murphy

For sure She should be procecuted for breaking the law. Also from profiting from her sale of uranium to Russia. She was on the Govt payroll so had no right to profit from that ridiculous action

Mike Busch

All involved in our government that stand by or look the other way to what Mrs Clinton has done should also be held accountable !!

Dr. Scott

At some point soon, I hope a grand jury is in place to go through the years of the Clinton cabal totality of possible crime and criminal activity. Mysterious murder and death of some close servants, extortion with payola going to the foundation that handles millions, or more, dollars with payment to personal pockets. The email debacles, destruction of subpoena evidence intentionally, obstruction, abuse of power, and if the facts lead to treason or dereliction of duty or anything else that is crime, so be it. As the grand jury exposes various types of crime and those involved in it, each one should be indicted, with amendment as needed while it serves to uncover all that was done. This Department of Justice, FBI, and other agencies corrupted from within will need a good cleaning and restructuring to prevent this from repeat nonsense. Top down house cleaning is a must. If… Read more »

Katie M

How much money is spent on all these investigations yet no one is held responsible. How was this woman nearly elected president?

Tom Greiling

Hillary Clinton and her corrupt actions are a total disgrace to all Americans, especially the thousands upon thousands of Americans who fought and died for this country, period.


They both should be hung