Why the Affordable Care Act Should be Repealed


Many Americans, knowing only a few details about the entire Affordable Care Act, fail to realize need for repeal.

Part I – Obamacare Coverage

  1. Exchange enrollment in Obamacare coverage for individuals, families and small businesses

Part II – What Most Americans Know

  1. Higher premiums, higher deductibles, higher health care costs, and less access to care
  2. TWO Insurance Mandates and NINE Obamacare Exemptions (with 14 hardship waivers)
  3. National exchange (federal Healthcare.gov website plus interconnected state-based gov’t exchanges)
  4. Premium subsidies (av. $291/mo in 2016) and cost-sharing subsidies for Obamacare
  5. Mandatory reporting to IRS on insurance status by insurers, employers, states, individuals
  6. IRS penalty-tax for not being covered/insured (up to 2.5% in 2017)
  7. Guaranteed issue for people with uninsurable conditions (end of true health insurance)
  8. Expanded Medicaid, adding millions of taxpayer-funded Medicaid recipients in 31 “expansion states”

Part III – What Many Americans Don’t Know

Insurance Takeover

  • 700 pages of 2,700 bill empower IRS
  • Federal control of all exchanges
  • Medicaid enrollment imposed on certain exchange enrollees
  • Catastrophic insurance banned
  • Only managed care plans allowed
  • 10 mandated “essential health benefits”
  • Actuarial Value (Plans allowed to use 15-20% of premiums for administration)
  • Accountable Care Organizations (“HMOs on steroids”; hospital/doctor mergers)
  • Encourages “narrow network” plans
  • Annual limits on coverage
  • End of less costly child-only policies
  • End of less costly “mini-med” policies
  • Intrusive employer wellness programs
  • Medicare “wellness” exams
  • Ongoing screening of patients ages 55 – 64 to “establish the baseline data for monitoring the targeted population”
  • 159 new federal bureaucracies
  • Prohibitions on judicial/admin. appeals
  • More….

Medical Takeover

  • Hospitals bear risk; become insurers (ACOs)
  • E-health record (EHR) reporting mandates
  • Eliminating fee-for-service payment
  • Prioritizes preventive care and “population health” not care of sick/injured patients
  • Payments to doctors and hospitals based on “value,” “performance” and “quality” as defined by government and as reported electronically using EHR (e.g. compliance with one-size-fits-all treatment protocols)
  • Medicare “Innovation Center” conducts experiments on patients without consent.
  • IPAB empowered to cut payments for care without Congressional approval
  • “Team-based care” in “medical homes” limits physician-based, individualized care
  • Mandatory “quality” reporting by clinics and hospitals through EHRs
  • Medical and dental surveillance systems
  • Regulations/Penalties lead to Dr. employees
  • Penalties for hospitals that readmit patients
  • $500 billion cut to Medicare program
  • More….

Funding the Takeover

  • 3.8% tax on investment income
  • Increased Medicare payroll tax
  • 40% “Cadillac Tax” on employers
  • Taxes on drug/medical device co.
  • Taxes on tanning/insurance co.
  • Fewer allowable med. deductions
  • One FSA tax and two HSA taxes
  • Subsidies/redistribution schemes
  • More….

Enforcing the Takeover

  • Obamacare Exchange Database
  • Insurer reporting on enrollees
  • Insurance mandate reporting
  • Patient discharge data to Gov’t
  • Tracking of Free Drug Samples
  • Birth certificate data collection
  • “Elder Justice” surveillance
  • Employer wellness programs
  • Individual patient “risk scores”
  • Over 20,000 pages of regulations
  • More….

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13 Comments on "Why the Affordable Care Act Should be Repealed"

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Most Americans would agree that Obamacare needs to be fully repealed. Note I didn’t say repealed and replaced, as a full repeal of Obamacare would effectively rollback the healthcare insurance marketplace environment to what existed prior Obamacare. If Congress and the American people then wanted to make a couple of minor tweaks to that environment, say a federal regulation mandating insurance companies provide healthcare insurance availability for those with pre-existing conditions at a surcharge annually capped at X percent above standard insurance premiums to at least partially cover the higher healthcare expenses those individuals cost the system, that would be a very straight-forward easy bill to get through Congress. Of course that implies a Congress which actually wants to do its job for the American people. Full repeal of Obamacare is what Republicans running for Congress since Obamacare was enacted into law in 2010 and purely on a Democrat-only vote,… Read more »

I agree with you, PaulE, that all those Republicans winning political races across the country did so based on their promise to repeal (REPEAL) Obamacare, and that it is shameful that they reneged on their promise when it came down to the decisive vote. After seven years, there really was NO plan??
How’s this for a possibility: New Jersey Senator Menendez is found guilty for doing bad things, is censured, and removed from office. Wouldn’t that permit the governor to name a new member to the vacated seat? And then a new vote comes to the Senate floor (rendering Sen. McCain’s negative vote powerless), which gets the 51 or 52 votes needed to pass the bill…

Hi Kim, Yes, good point assuming all the other Republican Senators, except the two that have already stated they are no votes, would all vote for passage of the so-called skinny bill. Of course that would merely move the process back to House and Senate conference committees that would have to iron out the differences between what the House passed and the much different Senate bill. Still a long, painful process the way Ryan and McConnell opted to do this whole thing. The trial of Senator Menendez would have to be completed and he would have to be found guilty before the November elections here in New Jersey for a Republican Senator to be named in place of Menendez. It is doubtful Governor Christy would name a new Senator to replace Menendez, if Murphy wins the Governor’s race. Christy could legally do that of course, but he’s become too timid… Read more »

The question is: did the three Republican Senators who voted against the health care bill get re-elected by promising a full repeal of Obeymecare? If that is the case, the three should be history!

Well, guess what? I was already poised to say, “What, again?” But this article is spot on. So “Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom” makes it a simple choice. Either get rid of Obamacare or get rid of Congress. Congress, do you hear? Straight repeal, period.

I’m all for getting rid of Congress and most of the Senate too

FULL REPEAL and roll back. Then get to work making a few sensible improvements.

But it will never happen as long as the Democrat Party has any power and the gutless, sold-out. morally bankrupt GOP has any kind of majority.

Get rid of McConnell, Ryan, McCain, Graham, Murkowski and the rest of the RINO backstabbers FIRST. Then fix health care. Nothing else will work. The GOP lied to us, stole from us, used us then laughed as they screwed us. I for one will never forgive or forget that!

repeal got thru house and was 3 gop votes and the ENTIRE democratic senators (48) voting against. So get rid the 3 and all the democrats

As long as the GOP leaves Ryan and McConnell at the Congressional helm this will continue to happen. NEITHER of those two is on board with Conservative America. It’s easy for the rest to say they did their part when they know a few RINOs will tip the balance in favor of the Globalist Democrats. I DO NOT trust the GOP. At all.

It needs to be repealed and if replaced put ALL Congress and Senators put on the VERY SAME PLAN that the rest of the population has to be on not the Prince and Princess plans that they enjoy so much now and make John McCain go to a VA hospital just like all of the other vets are stuck with.

It’s not insurance, it’s just socialized medicine and nobody, but the healthy, like that option!

Thanks for the article, but you are preaching to the choir. Pressure need to be put on Congress, Senate, and whoever else is not supportive of President Trump’s decision to repeal it. This is 1 of the reasons he was elected, but there are too many life time politicians that they have all but forgotten why they are there. Healthcare is 1 more thing the Government is not educated in and should stay out of. At what point in time did people actually believe the Government OWES them just about everything? What happened to the pride people used to have? Help is one thing, but enabling an entire lifestyle to rely on Government help for everything? If you want to work, fine, but if you want the Government to furnish everything, head for one of the Communist countries. The Government will take care of you there!!!

The democrats for the last at least 50 years have made sure their constituents relied on gov’t hand outs and freebies. This enables them to stay in power and keep on getting re-elected.