Why Many of Today’s News Reporters Believe It Is Their Duty to Lie to You

CNN building jurors Manafort news reporters mediaPresident Donald Trump rolled out a new immigration plan in a press conference held at the White House Rose Garden on May 16 that focused on addressing the major flaws in America’s current immigration laws and border control system.

During his presentation of his new plan, Trump said the following:

“We must also restore the integrity of our broken asylum system. Our nation has a proud history of affording protection to those fleeing government persecutions. Unfortunately, legitimate asylum seekers are being displaced by those lodging frivolous claims—these are frivolous claims—to gain admission into our country. Asylum abuse also strains our public school systems, our hospitals, and local shelters, using funds that should—and that have to—go to elderly veterans, at risk youth, Americans in poverty, and those in genuine need of protection. We’re using the funds that should be going to them. And that shouldn’t happen.”

Trump finished by saying, My plan expedites relief for legitimate asylum seekers by screening out the meritless claims. If you have a proper claim, you will quickly be admitted. If you don’t, you will promptly be returned home.”

In an act of brazen dishonesty, here’s how CNN’s Jim Acosta summarized for his audience what the President said in a Tweet:

“Trump in Rose Garden speech paints asylum seekers with broad brush accusing them of misleading immigration authorities at border: ‘These are frivolous claims.’”

That bit of sophistry quickly drew the ire of the Official Trump War Room account on Twitter, which called out Acosta’s dishonest reporting:

“How can you do this and go home at night thinking you’ve turned in an honest day’s work as a journalist?”

Acosta shot back the following:

“Hi @TrumpWarRoom.. in the transcript you provided you note that Trump describes asylum claims as “frivolous” and “meritless.” The transcript also notes Trump uses the term “asylum abuse.” Trump clearly is accusing asylum seekers of misleading immigration authorities as I said.”

Now, most people who saw what Acosta did here will wonder how he thinks he has any integrity whatsoever as a journalist after engaging in this kind of absurd behavior.

I happen to know quite well how people in the “DNC media complex”like Jim Acosta can do this kind of thing every single day and actually think of themselves as being heroic for doing so.

Let’s Go Back To 2008 For A Minute

The Associated Press’s Washington Bureau chief, Ron Fournier, introduced the concept of “accountability journalism” publicly back in 2008, which gives reporters a license to go beyond just reporting the facts of a news story in a neutral and objective manner to instead begin putting their thumbs on the scale and start pressing down—hard—to ensure a desired politicized outcome is clearly seen in the reporting. It gives them a “duty” to shape the story toward political outcomes.

Fournier basically endorsed the idea that journalists need to stop seeing themselves as neutral relaters of facts and begin shaping narratives for the public in order to hold the powerful accountable.

There is a marked difference between where the basic facts of a story go versus where the reporter would like it to go due to his or her own political tastes and views. This is precisely why the American news media for many years championed the ethical guidelines of strict neutrality and objectivity in reporting the news. A journalist who got caught molding a news story to fit his or her own biases while omitting key facts from their reporting that counted against the outcome they wanted was considered to be engaging in journalistic malpractice.

Well, in our modern age, such quaint notions as journalistic objectivity & neutrality have been utterly dispensed with. What was once considered ethical malpractice in journalism is now expected and even encouraged in many newsrooms.

You can read more here about the entire accountability journalism philosophy and how some media outlets immediately embraced it while others quickly questioned it.

This new viewpoint of how “to do” the news quickly spread like wildfire throughout the entire DNC media complex. At last, reporters were actually being encouraged by their editors to give free rein to their own political biases while engaged in “reporting the news.” Far from being desirable, political neutrality in the newsroom came to be viewed as a bad thing.

So in case anybody is wondering why over the recent past it looks as though news reporters took any semblance of objectivity or political neutrality in their work and gleefully dispensed with it, now you know why. They were told it was their public duty to do this.

We are now 11 years removed from 2008, when many media outlets in the political news industry enthusiastically embraced the new accountability journalism guidelines. What did this result in?

Reporters and editors gave in to to their worst impulses. They began to give free rein to their most naked biases. And it began showing up loudly and clearly in their “news coverage.” By the time Mitt Romney ran against Barack Obama in 2012, most U.S. news media outlets had ditched even a pretense of neutrality between the candidates.

Accountability journalism was the last thing the American news industry needed. Fournier’s Frankenstein monster has now created an entire generation of reporters and editors who see absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever with being politically partisan and biased in their “shaping narratives” and calling it “news coverage” as they relentlessly attack one political party while endlessly slobbering adoringly over the other.

‘Heroic’ Journalists Who ‘Sometimes Have To Lie To You’

Since Acosta thinks Trump is a very bad President who needs to be “held accountable” at all times, the accountability journalism philosophy gives him the green light to crudely distort Trump’s words to achieve his goal of being a “heroic” journalist who is holding a power President “accountable.”

So understand this: you can’t shame reporters like Acosta no matter how brazenly dishonest his behavior becomes. It’s impossible because they know exactly what they are doing, and they are doing it deliberately, because they see it as their vital public service to set the proper narratives for the public—even if that involves lying to the public.

Acosta and his accountability journalism brethren have draped themselves in the mantle of intrepid public servants, lying, twisting, and distorting the truth in the service of the “noble” cause of stopping Trump. He literally sees himself as a hero as he lies to you. You can’t reach him, so I wouldn’t even bother.

That’s why the old legacy media cannot be rehabilitated. There are too many people inside of it who could never go back to the “old” and “outdated” way of covering the news: strictly neutral and unbiased. They would not even be psychologically capable of doing it.

Instead of being rehabilitated, it’s going to have to be replaced. CNN is on the way out, as are many of these other outlets that went all-in on accountability journalism and ditched all their objectivity and standards in the service of their own biases and agendas.

The DNC media complex’s biases and its political agenda are why they fell so hard for the Trump-Russia collusion hoax for over two years. A neutral and impartial news industry that checked it’s own biases at the door and investigated thoroughly would never have fallen for it.

Far from making the American political news industry better, accountability journalism totally ruined it. It created an atmosphere where being neutral and objective in reporting on political issues is seen as counter-productive and out-dated while all the hip and sophisticated people who are going places and changing the world were the ones who were shaping the news to fit the “right” narratives that people “needed” to hear.

What many in the mainstream news media loved the most about accountability journalism is that it allowed them to openly be what they always were: political activists disguised as reporters, chafing under the repressive strictures of the old model of neutrality and objectivity.

The good news is, the DNC media complex has almost completely rotted itself to the point of total ruin at this point, and the collapse of the industry has already begun.

Trump predicts many of these news outlets will be gone in six years.

I think he’s right.

Reprinted with permission from - The Epoch Times - by Brian Cates

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1 year ago

God hates liars… Hell is filled with liars… Therefore , hell is filled with journalists.

Todd Taylor
2 years ago

When we have a culture that embraces no absolute truth we get the beleif that everyone is right in their own mind. This is a culture that embraces lying.

Todd Taylor
2 years ago

The mainstream media has lost the complete faith of the American people. It is no longer news (facts) being reported rather opinion driven by a liberal agenda. Those that willfully lie to the American public by propagating fake news are either puppets or prostitutes. Money speaks louder to these “reporter” than good old fashion ethics; see, they know who butters their bread. Every mainstream news media today is owned by billionaires who have a clear liberal agenda; these billionaires are banking on the fact that Americans are too stupid or emotional to figure it out. Guess what? Americans have figured it out and it is now time for the liberal news media and those who fund fake news to go down. I believe criminal charges should be brought against anyone who knowingly spreads false information; we the people rule not debauched liberal billionaires nor the stooges who speak on their behalf.

2 years ago

Jim Acosta is one of the biggest rats in the underground D.C. sewer system. He has NO respect for the President or anyone who he deems beneath him. That includes all conservatives. I have NO respect for him or any of the other media darlings.

Todd Taylor
2 years ago

The title of this article is a oxymoron. “Why Many of Today’s News Reporters Believe It Is Their Duty to Lie to You.” The job of the news media is to state facts without opinion. I think the media must think we Americans cannot think for ourselves. I got news for you liberal media, we can think for ourselves. Most reasonable, educated Americans care little of the liberal medias and Hollywood’s opinions; such opinions are usually ignorant and dangerous.

Dennis S
2 years ago

Distorting the news actually began in the late-seventies early-eighties. I know. I was a television news cameraman for an NBC affiliate and witnessed the beginning. I protested the move to co-workers and management who informed me I needed to stay with the times and get on board. Instead, I gave up my career of 15 years and left the profession. What passes for “journalism “ today is nothing less than the tragic…a disinformation effort to undermine our lives and our nation.

Craig Z
2 years ago
Reply to  Dennis S

Thank you, Dennis S, for having the integrity to leave the journalism profession rather than go along with their left-wing agenda. It is indeed tragic what has happened to the mainstream media in the last 40 years.

Craig Z
2 years ago

Sean Hannity has commented that journalism died in 2008. Now I understand why, after reading this article. So-called left-wing “journalists” have long since abandoned any pretense of objectivity or fairness. Thomas Jefferson said that he didn’t want government without a watchdog (the press). Now more than ever, we need to be watching the watchdogs.

Todd Wingard Taylor
2 years ago

“Why Many of Today’s News Reporters Believe It Is Their Duty to Lie to You” this heading is an oxymoron. Media is suppose to be neutral in their reporting; report only the facts, truth, and let the American people make up their minds. Media must think Americans are too stupid to figure it out. It is time to pass legislation to hold the liberal media and progressive (liberal) politicians to a higher standard; to hold them accountable for lying, fabricating or manipulating the facts. The liberal media, along with progressive politicians has become the enemy of the people they are supposed to serve.

Timothy Nikles
2 years ago

the article states this started in 2008
I got needs for you it started way before that
I think like forever

Clark Kent
2 years ago

I read a recent poll that verified Yogi Bear cartoon re-runs have a higher viewership number than CNN. They are also laying off plenty of personnel. It is the classic case of giving them enough rope in order to hang themselves.

2 years ago

Lies are told over and over and the socialists think it’s the truth. If something is told by a socialist, you know it’s a lie. Reporters need to report news, not create it.

Vince Murphy
2 years ago

Mr. Cates is correct is his diagnosis and explanation of the phenomena. He is not quite right as to when it started…and why. It all started in 1948 when the media declared a vendetta against Congressman Richard Nixon in retaliation for his involvement in House Committee on Un-American Activities. Later, the media sensed a threat to their party favorite, LBJ, when he faced Barry Goldwater in 1964. One key example was after Goldwater spoke on the Soviet threat in Europe and the subject of battlefield nuclear weapons arose. He admitted that their use might become necessary- under certain conditions and circumstances. When Huntley and Brinkley “covered” this story they thoroughly misquoted his remarks in order to paint him as a wild-eyed war monger. Caught out they did apologize, but the damage was done. There have been glaring examples ever since, especially how the United States and South Vietnam “lost” after the battles of the Tet Offensive. 2008 was just a defining moment.

Dan Miles
2 years ago

All be sure to write/email your congress persons especially if they are democrats.
We do so on at least a monthly basis to let her know what we think of current events and the corruption of the socialist anti Americans in government, media, academia, Hollywood, etc.

These forums are great but we need to be sure to take it right to the corrupt politicians as well.

Let Freedom Ring!

2 years ago

It starts with these so called “institutions of higher learning” being no more than “indoctrination centers”.

2 years ago

It starts with these so called “institutions of higher learning” really being “indoctrination centers”.

Bob L.
2 years ago

Trump’s immigration plan still leaves a lot to be desired, it still has “give-aways” for illegals, doesn’t get aggressive with deportations, and doesn’t reduce legal immigration at all ( currently one million per year ).

Most major media news top floors are radical Progressives and only hire talking heads that espouse those views. Even FOX is turning in that direction now under it’s new leadership.

If your provider carries it, try One America News.

Lawrence Greenberg
2 years ago

Here’s how it works. Leftists lie because Leftist ideology and the Leftist agenda are based on lies, misinformation, and deception. If they were ever to present the facts and tell the truth, their entire agenda would be over and done and no one would ever follow them again.

Todd Wingard Taylor
2 years ago

Todays liberal media can be defined as liars, cheats and scoundrels. There manipulation of their medium has one objective to take the power, the vote, away from the people. They must think we the people are naïve.

R Pierron
2 years ago

Acosta ignores the fact that the majority of asylum claims by people crossing our southern border illegally are denied when adjudicated. Maybe they have been coached to claim asylum, but honest asylum seekers would present themselves at ports of entry or apply at the first neighboring country as international law recommends.

2 years ago

The network news casts I grew up with – ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, – I’ll never trust again.

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