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Why Is One Republican Senator Working with Democrats to Nationalize CRT?

AMAC Exclusive-By Seamus Brennan

Nearly six months out from what could be the most significant midterm victory for the GOP in more than a decade, common sense would suggest that Congressional Republicans would be more determined than ever to oppose unpopular progressive ideas like Critical Race Theory (CRT). But, perplexingly, one Republican senator is taking the opposite approach and playing directly into Democrats’ hands on the hot-button issue of education.

Rather than finding ways to fend off Democrats’ eagerness to impose CRT, gender ideology, and other progressive academic “theories” on children throughout the nation, Senator John Cornyn, the senior United States Senator for Texas, has instead opted to join progressive Democrats in paving the way for more leftism in education.

In March of 2021, as the national debate over CRT in schools was just heating up, Cornyn co-sponsored the “Civics Secures Democracy Act” (CSDA), a “bipartisan” legislative effort that would “support and expand access to civics and history education.” As benign and well-intentioned as the bill may appear on the surface, however, if passed, it could effectively mandate the teaching of CRT and other left-wing ideologies in American classrooms.

As Stanley Kurtz of National Review recently observed, CSDA is virtually equivalent to “Common Core 2.0” and would “set pro-CRT leftists up as the arbiters of a de facto national curriculum.” Kurtz proceeds to point out that the legislation is undergoing a revision process intended to make its provisions seem less radical and foreboding than they truly are. A draft version of a revised bill relies predominantly upon vague terms that would still leave wide open the possibility for leftists to exploit the bill to their advantage.

The revised draft directs the U.S. Department of Education, for instance, to prioritize grant proposals from entities that are “traditionally underserved”—including “underrepresented minorities.” The proposed draft would similarly compel the Secretary of Education to “close gaps in civic knowledge and achievement among traditionally underserved students.”

Though these provisions sound largely unobjectionable at first glance, the left has demonstrated time and time again that every time it invokes seemingly imprecise language like “traditionally underserved” or “gaps in civic knowledge,” it has very specific definitions for these terms in mind. As recent history clearly shows, the left’s manipulation of such language almost always incorporates historically revisionist accounts of the American founding, which paint the United States as a systemically racist country defined solely by its “oppression” of racial minorities.

Following the public release of the revised CSDA draft, the Civics Alliance, which is affiliated with the National Association of Scholars (NAS), published an open letter urging Congress to oppose the CSDA if it is formally introduced. “We want our message to Congress to come across loud and clear,” NAS wrote on its website in a recap of the letter. “We see the Civics Secures Democracy Act for what it is, and we will not let it go unchallenged.”

“In practice, the Civics Secures Democracy Act will enable the federal government to impose both Critical Race Theory and ‘Action Civics’—vocational training for ideologically partisan protest and lobbying—upon America’s schools,” the letter states. “Now that the teaching of ‘civics’ has been heavily politicized by the introduction of Critical Race Theory and Action Civics, it is more important than ever that the federal government remove itself from this arena and allow America’s states and localities to set their own education policies, particularly when it comes to standards and curriculum.”

The left’s well-documented ambitions to take over K-12 education with curricula like CRT, Kurtz indicates, cannot be fully comprehended without considering what he describes to be the “most influential book on the new civics”—Meira Levinson’s controversial No Citizen Left Behind. Kurtz writes that Levinson, whose book first introduced the concept of “gaps” in civic knowledge, believes that in order to “close” such gaps, we must “abandon the traditional view of American history.” For Levinson, Kurtz continues, this traditional view of history is rejected by large swaths of racial minorities, and therefore, it “must be abandoned.”

Because Levinson understands that the vast majority of Americans are unlikely to accept her civics reform plan, she has advocated for a so-called legislative “rhetorical tweaking.” This “tweaking,” Levinson hopes, would be convincing enough to mislead conservatives and moderates into supporting efforts along the lines of the CSDA. One can expect to see the latest instance of this “rhetorical tweaking” if a revised version of the CSDA is formally introduced.

“It’s tough to see what distinguishes Levinson’s understanding of civics from national suicide,” Kurtz continued. “Yet these are the views of today’s premier ‘expert’ on the ‘civic empowerment gap,’ a concept that may soon be written into federal law.”

Why, therefore, would any Republican senator greenlight legislation that would permit Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats to nationalize the teaching of CRT, smear their country as systemically racist, and redefine the meaning of civics altogether? What reason is there to believe that this project and others like it will yield anything other than more CRT, more race essentialism, and more flawed and divisive retellings of the American founding? Cornyn was wrong to sponsor the original CSDA bill, and he or any other Republican would be making a terrible mistake if they were to introduce an ostensibly new and improved CSDA that was nevertheless filled with bogus revisions—even as they claim that the problems had been fixed.

Republicans stand on the cusp of a potential midterm victory that would enable them to stop the CRT and progressive “equity” agendas from advancing any further at the federal level. But, as Cornyn may soon come to realize, Republican voters are unlikely to reward their party if its own members are the ones responsible for advancing such policies.

If conservatives are serious about stopping CRT, they should urge Senator Cornyn to revoke his co-sponsorship of the original CSDA altogether, disavow its new “revisions,” and ultimately commit to preventing the spread of CRT, gender ideology, and other far-left academic theories at every level of government—even in spite of any “rhetorical tweaking” efforts that the left may make.

In what looks to be a promising year for Republican Party, anything else would amount to political self-destruction.

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Rich C
10 months ago

Can you say RHINO? Just another part of the swamp.

11 months ago

Jon Cornyn will sign his own political demise on this one. ‘Traditionally underserved’, ‘underrepresented’, ‘gaps in civic knowledge’, and ‘oppression’ are trigger words used frequently by the left. Kudos to NAS to question and act. Words are used to confuse, destable, and revise American history. It will further propagate racism, hate mongering, and far left”academia theories” already being taught in colleges and universities by far left ‘professors’. Why are the democrats and RINOS NOT working on bringing people together instead of segregating them? Control? Change history? Corrupt people’s minds? Has John Cornyn even used CRITICAL thought on this one?

Jeff Noncent
11 months ago

The Devil try to attack what he can not win

11 months ago

Texas need to shitcan him.

11 months ago
Reply to  TheHoneyBadger

No….the people tend to keep these types in office….I,e, the Governor of California…..Nancy pelosi, on and on…….we the people tend to be our own worst enemy

David Maddox
11 months ago

It must be understood that the states created the Federal government, not the other way around.

10 months ago
Reply to  David Maddox

I’ll bet most folks don’t remember ever hearing that in Civics class. Very well stated!!

Mark L
11 months ago

It’s all BS.! Everything CRT stands for is not supported by most of the Country just ask them!

11 months ago

Just how in this world would a staunch Republican like Cronyn be coerced into a national nightmare if passed? It’s clear the Democrats are out to destroy our Constitutional Republic and education system too! This is WHY EDUCATION MUST BE RETURNED TO EACH STATE!

Rich C
10 months ago
Reply to  Daniel

The mind is a powerful thing. When it goes down a dark path and sees the lies as truth, it’s sometimes hard to go back.

11 months ago

100% agree!!!

Chris Barnes
11 months ago

I hope there is a true conservative looking at this seat. We need patriots right now more than ever to retake this country and permanently write into legislation new laws prohibiting this kind of socialist,dangerous type of thinking, PERMANENTLY!

11 months ago

Perhaps the money is better than representing peopling the district, because his decision supporting CRT he has got to go!!

11 months ago

Because he is used to sucking the straight skin of Marxist Nazi’s.

11 months ago

Perhaps he is a RHINO? Definitely NOT a true American. See ya’ Senator Cornyn!

11 months ago

He is crazy, he will be voted out!

11 months ago
Reply to  Wendy

Don’t bet on it. I can’t explain it, everyone here in Texas says they despise this guy, but he wins every time. I’ve voted against him the past couple of elections and here he is. He’s also Anti-2A, but none of this stops him. It’s nut.

11 months ago
Reply to  Steve

He has run unopposed for several years. We have just not voted for his place hoping to send a message…if the Democrat wins that spot it won’t be much different.

Rich C
10 months ago
Reply to  Steve

Kind of like aunt Nancy.

11 months ago

He’ll be voted Out!

El Ey
11 months ago
Reply to  jonnyb

jonnyb, from your lips to God’s ears. Amen.

11 months ago

When was the first time you discussed transsexuals, race and inequality. For me these emerged in the past couple of years. Primarily pointed out by people who are homophobic or someone who is a closet LQBT-WXYZ or someone that is racist, black, white, brown, yellow or red or has a resentment toward wealth or perceived wealth. In other words my way or the highway.The American constitution, which is a document that is not included in any of the Civic Studies in question; however, is the foundation and protection for a free people. The Constitution is the only document in the world that insists the people covered have a right to pursue happiness, freedom of speech, freedom to protect your family and self from harm and the freedom to choose our representation where we live, states, to work as a federal government to protect the citizens of the United States and their rights and privileges as a citizen.Trying to provide federal governmental control over education is not in our Constitution. Neither is and obligation to sexual preference or rights over one color or another and nothing about abortion as a right, which is an issue of morality and law. Murder is the taking of life. Therefore, the law is clear and Murder is illegal. Moral and legal issues are left to each state to uphold. Each state, where citezens live and vote, is where morality and laws are set, not the federal level.Education is also a state issue. Since Hilary Clinton started trying to make education the responsibility of the Federal government and supporting unions at a federal level, which established a right, by political design, to dumb down education in America and stymie free thinking and self development, which was designed into a goal and reward driven education. This was the beginning of the participation trophy rewards, and began replacing parental responsibility for children’s education and success. It’s like the Bell curve for grading. The bell curve left no child behind, but put high school children on the street who couldn’t make change, write a check, tally a check book, build a budget or even read and retain what was read at a 6th grade level.The education failures over the past 4 decades occurred because parents stopped taking responsibility for their children and gave them up Unions, goggle, twitter and failure. You don’t have to have a blue blood education to be successful, after all sports figures have made millions, until they have to fill out an employment review and can’t.The people who are trying to impose CRT, gender ideology, and other progressive academic “theories” on children are out of touch with American values. The Americans who have blood in the sand and generations of service and support are the people who share American values like freedom and responsibilities, as outlined and provided for them in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. At this point we have representation in our government who have no Blood in the Sand and may have just became an American citizen because of loop holes or benefited by resident voting not American citizen voting using mail-in ballots and harvested. These tactics have been successful in the past, but no longer. It is time all of us looked at these topics and reviewed our common sense values and understandings and put the federal government back to protecting Americans and American interests. If America wasn’t the greatest country in the world why would our boarders be the most valued by the rest of the world. Stop these hate programs now! These doctrines are hate programs used to build discourse. They falsely identify hate programs as viable, allowing people to blame their failures on others or other practices that allow them to escape their own responsibilities. In many cases they offer opportunities for financial gains, but who pays the tap. A bucket with holes in it won’t bring much water to the garden. Common sense, take responsibility in November and again in 2024. NO RESIDENT VOTING!!!!

11 months ago
Reply to  Ty

AMEN! Couldn’t have articulated this as well as you.

11 months ago

Sometimes I wonder if Cornyn even knows what he is co-sponsoring! He just co-sponsored The Bipartisan Borders Solution Act with Senator Sinema that “DOES NOT ADDRESS BORDER SECURITY!!!!!!!” But only addresses how to process illegals once they cross the border. REALLY?

He needs to start paying attention or get out of office.

11 months ago
Reply to  PFArizona

Maybe he could be escorted across the Rio Grand to the OTHER side.

11 months ago
Reply to  Rich

That wouldn’t happen. Mexico has stringent immigration laws. The only reason Mexico allows all the Central and South Americans across their southern border is because they know they’re just passing through to the US and have no intentions of staying in Mexico.

11 months ago

bills with poison pills must be voted down.

Sharon Ormsby
11 months ago

Sent in my letter this morning. He obviously doesn’t know what this CRT teaches. I sure told him, having seen what they teach on the internet. Upset me royally. Told him he also needs to look into the background of the author of the theory of the CRT, I’m not going to do the work for him, why would he believe me? He needs to do it himself.

11 months ago
Reply to  Sharon Ormsby

He probably thinks the wonderful city of Austin, where a lot of CA libs have had to relocate for companies, will help him get reelected.

11 months ago
Reply to  gin

That may be so gin….but I’ve also heard he has “big money” behind him! Don’t know whom the “big money” is….

11 months ago

The renaming of Texas to texafornia

11 months ago
Reply to  Fore

Add it to the list. try Colofornia. Where there’s a liberal playground.

Brian Brady
11 months ago

GOP base is getting played by Kurtz and others creating a phantom Bogeymen in CRT and Action Civics. Notice how students and teachers from these classrooms are never interviewed? Because Action Civics is simply asking students to follow the issues and decisions made in their local community and to prepare to be a participating citizen. The number one issue kids choose to work on in Action Civics classrooms is how to reduce bullying in their schools. OMG, clutch my pearls, says Kurtz. Kids trying to reduce bullying is Communism! Don’t believe the hype. Kurtz hasn’t visited a classroom in 40 years and knows nothing of what’s actually happening in schools. As for CRT, 99% of teachers have zero idea what the heck that is and CRT is simply tossed out to play on racial fears of whites. You are being played. It is all a strategy to use fearmongering to kill public education (vouchers anyone) and to drive turnout at midterms. It may be working but it’s all complete fiction.

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