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Why Is A Soros-Backed Conglomerate Snatching Up Latino Media Stations?

AMAC Exclusive – By Andrew Abbott


For more than 50 years, WAQI Radio Mambí has been the voice of Cuban exiles. The relatively small station’s positioning in Miami meant it could broadcast directly into Communist Cuba throughout the Cold War, and WAQI has become one of the most trusted news outlets for Cuban Americans and a reliable critic of the Cuban regime. But now, a new George Soros-backed venture could change that forever.

Last month, Univision announced that it had sold 18 radio stations in 10 separate markets, including WAQI, to a new entity called the Latino Media Network (LMN). Almost every radio station sold has a talk radio format and is located in a U.S. city with a large Hispanic population. In a press release, LMN states that its mission is “to help Latinos make sense of the world and their place in it by inspiring, informing, and celebrating Hispanics through an audio-focused multimedia network.” In an op-ed published to coincide with the launch, LMN executives reassured listeners that they “do not intend to change the spirit or character of what has made it popular and profitable.”

Nonetheless, the listed board members, investors, and advisors for LMN immediately drew scrutiny from conservatives. Several high-level executives at LMN have an extensive history as Democratic Party operatives, and have served as field organizers for Democratic presidential candidates. Co-founder Stephanie Valencia served on the Biden-Harris transition team, while fellow co-founder Jess Morales Rocketto founded a left-wing activist group called “Coven,” which worked extensively with Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. The most prominent supposed conservative on the board is Al Cárdenas, husband of ardent anti-Trump “Republican” and CNN commentator Ana Navarro, and himself a self-described “reluctant” Trump supporter.

But the real red flag for conservatives is the involvement in the acquisition of Lakestar Finance, LLC, a close affiliate of Soros Fund Management. While George Soros has denied that he will be involved in how the radio stations are run – or what type of content they disseminate – Soros’s active involvement in other areas of American politics, like funding far-left prosecutors in cities throughout the country, has left many conservatives skeptical.

As if to confirm those suspicions, just a few weeks after the purchase, Valencia and Rocketto hinted in comments to the New Yorker that they are indeed aiming to turn the radio stations into little more than mouthpieces for the Democratic Party. They described how the new mission of the stations would be to counter “right-wing disinformation,” calling concerns among Hispanics that Democrats support socialist policies a “modern red scare.” Rocketto further told the New Yorker that media stations should be about creating “safe spaces” and a “sense of belonging” – both buzzwords for left-wing identity politics.

In other words, to hear Valencia and Rocketto tell it, it’s not Democrats who are out of touch with Latino voters, but Latino voters who are out of touch with Democrats. The implication is that if Hispanic communities are simply force-fed a heavy diet of Democratic Party talking points, they will abandon their rightward shift.

But the appetite among Hispanics for conservative news and analysis only appears to be growing, a trend that this Soros-backed effort is unlikely to reverse. Earlier this year saw the launch of another new media group, Americano, targeting conservative Hispanics with Spanish-language content. Following the launch of the network, Americano founder Ivan Garcia-Hidalgo said Democrats are “scared” and “they should be… Democrats took Hispanics for granted for too long, and no one thought to create a home for us in conservative media. There is an appetite for this. You see it on social media. You see it in elections.” Meanwhile, Fernand Amandi, a Miami-based consultant who oversaw Barack Obama’s successful national Hispanic outreach, called the launch of Americano a “Defcon 1” moment.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, three of WAQI’s most prominent hosts, Dania Alexandrino, Lourdes Ubieta, and Nelson Rubio, have already resigned in protest rather than work under the new management at their station. In a recent interview, Ubieta told the Daily Signal that the LMN deal is “stab in the heart of the community,” and a blatant attempt to push left-wing propaganda to Latino voters. “These people from the left, these Democrats, they believe that [by] buying these 18 radio stations, somehow, they can control the opinion they deliver [to] the Hispanic community,” Ubieta said.

Progressive activists and left-wing billionaires may think that they can win back the support of Hispanic Americans by simply seizing control of their information centers and silencing conservative viewpoints. But after decades in which liberal policies have failed Latino communities, such efforts are unlikely to stop the mass exodus of Hispanic voters out of the Democratic Party.

Andrew Abbott is the pen name of a writer and public affairs consultant with over a decade of experience in DC at the intersection of politics and culture.  

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8 days ago

it’s based on the soviet propaganda media machine to control the narrative. without America globalism goes the way of ALL OTHER attempts at marxism ……………… a grander scale of failure.

10 days ago

Its the same reason Soros is funding the pro-criminal DAs around the country to turn criminals loose the same day they are caught. No doubt the illegal aliens will also be allowed to vote and will vote democrat just so they can remain here.

11 days ago

If the new owners of the “media” can dumb down the Latinos like they have done with the rest of America, they can brain wash their new class of people to do and be whatever they want them to be. Hopefully the Latino community is smarter than that. Soros is just ONE of the evil people that will be at the forefront of the new world order.

Theresa Coughlin
11 days ago
  1. Hispanics are not leaving the democratic party; the democratic party is leaving them. (Actually, the party is driving them away with the rush (not lurch) to the far-left.)
  2. Someone really needs to tell Soros to take a hike and stop sticking his nose in things that are none of his business.
5 days ago

Good luck with that sorrows knows what he’s doing and he’s been planning this with the other globalist since before the ’50s he’s not a fool turning everybody against each other making a country full of hate distrust is the only way they can step in and take the country by the balls question is are we going to let the you win send their peacekeepers in to enslave us or are we going to stand up and fight That’s the better question fight in numbers will take sorrows down fight singly will take ourselves down.

Charlotte A Mahin
11 days ago

Is there no legal way to make this horrible man stop meddling in our elections? There seems to be no end to his money and his detrmination to destroy our country. Even his death will not stop it because his son is also involved in the scheme to bring us down. Soros’ father was a Nazi and George helped him steal valuables from Jews in WWII!

John D Pfister
11 days ago

Why is this asshole still alive?

Robert Zuccaro
11 days ago

Based on their actions its clear Democrats and their supporters are the “domestic threat” I, as a veteran, swore an oath to defend against when I enlisted.

11 days ago

Why Is A Soros-Backed Conglomerate Snatching Up Latino Media Stations? For propaganda and indoctrination. Big mistake on Soros part. Because Latino’s, Asian’s, Black’s and hard working union old line Democratic’s are FED UP with the take over of the Demoratic party by radical marxists leftists. They are flocking to the Republican Populist party. This doesn’t and will not get broadcast by the fascist marxists lame street news media, go figure! The liberal progressive globalist elite, such as Soros, are going down and being rejected. There is a Populist revolution going on friends! Be a part of it. Take a look at the rest of the world, especially the European countries. The People Are The Government, Sovereign and Free!

14 days ago

Someone needs to take this man out! He uses money to destroy all that is good and enjoys it! Has anyone ever wondered why he is doing this? He is American but hates America. He is from Hungary and I wondered about this. What if he and his family were on that ship that came into the east coast harbor during the beginning of WWII, carrying Jews fleeing their homeland due to what was happening to them there. There were all looking for exile and Roosevelt would not let them stay. He sent them back. He didn’t want to get involved. That was terrible and knowing what happened to them when they returned, that would make me angry. Just a thought.

11 days ago
Reply to  Gil

He’s a one world globalist. He only see more power and money. Don’t feel sorry for him.

Sean Rickman
14 days ago

Sir soros should be sent to the country that wants to punish the bottom feeding S.O.B.

15 days ago

And how have we allowed the Chinese Government to buy up land in the SW and NW??? Hmmm..wonder if Biden made another deal???

11 days ago
Reply to  Jeanette

It’s been going on for a long time.

Richard Minetti
15 days ago

Where is the comment I just made concerning that lowlife Soros?

Richard Minetti
15 days ago


Richard Minetti
15 days ago

We definitely need to get rid of Soros! He does not represent anything I stand for or want to see in government, especially in this country! We need to freeze his assets in this country as he’s trying to force his will upon the American people! His communistic/socialistic will that has been the impetus for the Latino population to come to the USA away from that fascist government structure!

15 days ago

Geo soros needs to stay out of American bussiness

14 days ago
Reply to  Ron

So should China. We allow these things due to the liberal policies. Pretty soon we will not have a country anymore.

15 days ago

Back in 1950s, one of goals of Communism was to control the news & media. And what does Soros want for USA ???

Jake the snake
16 days ago

It is obvious. The left is loosing the hispanic vote. Soros wants to bombard hispanics with leftist propaganda to get them back.

Doug C
16 days ago

So the Commies can spread their propaganda … why else??

16 days ago


16 days ago

Why Is A Soros-Backed Conglomerate Snatching Up Latino Media Stations? Duh! Spew Democrat Marxism.

Linda Sweet
16 days ago

Why are we tolerating manipulation by George Soros in our elections. There are six countries, including his home country of Hungary, in which he has been banned. He and his minions in the USA need to be deported and permanently barred from ever entering our nation again. He is a godless, soul less socialist, which is what socialism is anyway.

16 days ago
Reply to  Linda Sweet

to answer your question, money buys a lot of political influence and Soros has a lot of it to spread around in Washinton, D.C..

14 days ago
Reply to  Linda Sweet

He will just let someone else do his bidding. Conservatives, people who love America, people that love honesty and integrity, need to get elected into the legislature in big numbers and make some changes to the constitution that will make it impossible for this to take place. We need to get rid of the democratic party and educate our youth of the principles and truth of socialism as well as the benefits of a Constitutional Republic. We need to start with getting another Trump in office, or Trump himself.

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