Why Does The New York Times Attack American Exceptionalism?

new york times attack American exceptionalismAs a career CIA operations officer and former chief of station, I’ve spent most of my adult life directly involved in U.S. national security issues. One of my observations early on was that generally what we now call the mainstream media in the United States has long been in many ways anti-United States.

This grew out of a pseudo-intellectualism among left-wing individuals who, following World War II, greatly admired the socialism of the Soviet Union and, to a lesser degree, Chairman Mao in communist China.

In fact, these radical leftist forms of government from Russia and China were known as “the great experiment” until only recently.

To add a little perspective, the USSR’s Joseph Stalin and China’s Mao Zedong are the only two people on Earth who have actually slaughtered more people than Hitler, and they did it mostly during peacetime. I’ve yet to hear any rational argument as to why these two individuals should be thought of any differently than their fellow socialist and mass murderer Adolf Hitler.

Yet following World War II, the relative benefits of the great experiment of socialism versus democracy was hotly debated. In fact, one of the greatest betrayals of U.S. national security interests was based on exactly this admiration for socialism.

A couple largely forgotten by modern history named Julius and Ethel Rosenberg led a ring of spies that allegedly provided information to the Soviets that gave them the ability to build their own atomic bomb. The U.S. atomic bomb was very likely the only thing that stopped Stalin from continuing his conquest of Europe and other areas immediately following World War II.

Once the USSR was able to perfect its own bomb based on the stolen information provided by the Rosenbergs, it was launched into the position of the world’s second superpower, and started the Cold War. Stalin’s plans for additional world conquest continued, albeit indirectly, through surrogates.

The Rosenbergs were executed by electric chair for conspiracy to commit espionage, in June 1953. The judge at their trial who sentenced them to death was prophetic when he stated, “By your betrayal, you undoubtedly have altered the course of history to the disadvantage of our country.” Stalin was, of course, the principal “bad guy” who was the actual imperialist desiring world conquest. However, he was enabled by the Rosenbergs, who gave him the atomic bomb.

The Cold War that followed was fought indirectly through surrogates rather than as a direct confrontation between superpowers. Also largely lost to modern history, there were on the order of 100 small wars fought through these surrogates all over the world. Many hundreds of thousands of people were killed in these many shooting conflicts, which ranged widely in size and intensity. Many of those conflicts, if not all of them, wouldn’t have taken place if it weren’t for the atomic spies, and they certainly bear responsibility for major bloodshed.

Those from the left, including The New York Times, still to this day try to make arguments that the Rosenbergs were variously innocent or even that no crime actually took place.

Deep anti-U.S. sentiment has always been just below the surface and is likely why The New York Times has attacked American exceptionalism for decades. Now, the newspaper has taken off its gloves and is brazenly showing its true colors.

For this year’s 2019 Fourth of July celebrations, the newspaper kicked off a campaign directly attacking the United States. As part of that campaign, on July 2, its opinion page posted on Twitter, “The myth of America as the greatest nation on earth is at best outdated and at worst, wildly inaccurate.” That says it all, and The New York Times is finally open about who and what it is.

Most recently, it launched the “1619 Project,” which aims to demonstrate “that nearly everything that has made America exceptional grew out of slavery.”

There has been heavy public pushback against the newspaper, which it deserves.

From the viewpoint of this patriot, who served his country proudly for 25 years—nearly 20 of which were overseas and often during periods of conflict—I question whose side The New York Times is on. The perspective it peddles, which is completely lacking in any intellectual integrity or honesty, is so similar to that of the Rosenbergs that it’s scary.

By all accounts, the Rosenbergs believed strongly in socialism and didn’t think it was good for the United States to be the world’s only superpower—a philosophical position The New York Times seemingly espouses.

As someone who has seen most of the rest of the world and has visited, lived, and worked in well over 100 countries, I can tell you that the United States is absolutely the best country in the world and American exceptionalism is alive and well.

The world is a better, safer place because of the United States, and only a fool would argue otherwise.

Brad Johnson is a retired CIA senior operations officer and a former chief of station. He is president of Americans for Intelligence Reform.

Reprinted with permission from - The Epoch Times - by Brad Johnson

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Great Story- If we are NOT the best country in the world how come everyone wants to come here and risk their lives trying to do so. When is the last time we hear about anyone trying to cross into Russia. And if socialism is the end all how come these “socialists” that want to change our country are all millionaires who live behind walls and keep all THEIR money instead of sharing .

Glenn Lego

The world is a better, safer place because of the United States, and only a fool would argue otherwise. And there seem to be lots of fools that say otherwise, sad to say. Some of them have infiltrated our government.

Arnie Boge

I am a history buff but never read very much about the Rosenburgs in my school years. I very much enjoy the writers and the AMAC perspective very much.The truth does set us free! I fired AARP long ago Too!!!

Paul Revere

God Bless America, Land That I Love. . . . !

Dean Brittain

Meant to say that most TV media join the NYTimes in hating America.

Burton Paully

In my opinion the main stream media , and even the lesser medias are not a very good source of news. So I mute or don’t read radical so-called news. One must take what they offer with a grain of salt. Only common sense folks negate the false news. MAGA, and Sic-em Mr. President.

Paul W

Excellent article reprinted from the Epoch Times, which unlike the rag nyt, actually does truthful, insightful journalism.

Rick J.

Great article! Another reason for the “phony news”. Nadler, Schumer, and Schiff are all 21st century Rosenburgs.


Ignorance of the past is a major problem for citizens in the USA. The termites who want to destroy our country know this and exploit it with lies which doesn’t get challenged because the MSM are co-conspirators.


What they mean when they say America’s achievements shouldn’t count they are merely citing an underlying hypocrisy in their thinking.. They’re thinking that the bomb makes America a bully and is enough to silence people and gives us clout – in other words Fascist because “might makes right”. The same is true of Blacks and Slavery and more or less most of the minorities latch on to this derisive and superfluous “cop out” or defeatist slight.. They are saying that since we have the bomb then they can discount all the rest of our achievements such as The Declaration of Independence, our Revolutionary War, our fight against Fascism and the spread of Communism to SE Asia. In other words, we, more than the Communist are relying on our CLOUT rather than our patrimony, rather than our stellar record of Human Rights protections, the implementation of Universal Suffrage, and the commitment… Read more »

Dean Brittain

Knowledgeable people have known this for a long time, including those in most TV media. Great story from a reliable source.👍


What’s going on is much bigger than all the world. As St. Paul said, we are fighting powers and principalities. I know this will sound stupid to many, but there are a lot of believers, also. Satan is real, and he does everything to separate people from God. God loves us, Satan hates and wants to control us. You are either on God’s side, or you are on Satan’s side. The NYT, probably not everyone working there, is simply one of Satan’s tools. From biblical prophesy, it appears his time is short.

Stephen Russell

I say Chap 13 NYT, then they’ll think twice about American Exceptionalisim for sure. or pray for resignations & retirements


The NYT as well as most of the media are socialists and their goal is to turn America into a socialist country. Don’t believe what they say, believe what they have done. Democrat/socialist politicians are the same. Americans wake up, we need to enact term limits and vote the socialists out of office and stop purchasing socialist rags.

Brenda Blunt

The NYT should be held responsible for what they incite! If they don’t like the USA, then they should just leave and see how they like living elsewhere! The USA is the greatest country and that is why people want to come here!!


I agree with what this author has written except I believe this country’s elites began to lean farther left before WWII ended. Woodrow Wilson was heading Left before WWI. He and Theodore Roosevelt were both Progressives and the Progressives today are still socialists. FDR thought Mussolini was to be copied, and gladly worked with “Uncle Joe” Stalin, even though Churchill didn’t want to. I was happy to see that this author also correctly called Hitler a socialist. The Left has our populace convinced he was far right, but the truth is he was just as socialist as Stalin and they were in competition as to which kind of socialism would win. Nazi stood for the national socialist party. But since our college students have been brainwashed by academia no longer teaching students how to think, but what to think, they believe the lies the Left have put out. And the… Read more »


Two thumbs up on that story. I have traveled the world for Uncle Sam too and been to quite a few countries where socialism was in the process of turning once prosperous nations into socialist/communist Petri dishes for growing the form of poverty disease they identify as their ideological nirvana. I was always glad to be back home again. There is not one nation with a better basic concept to keep their government from enslaving their population than ours including our allies; it would be nice if we actually had a federal law enforcement that would enforce these laws, and especially our Constitution on those who are sworn to uphold and defend these laws in Congress and in the rest of government. The American Pravda, a.k.a. The New York Times and its ilk in the media are simply the propaganda arm of the socialist/communist party of America, formerly known as… Read more »


Agree. Also note their hiring and keeping an overt anti-Semite in powerful Editor position.


These are stories that are being removed from the History Text Books in schools around America. The left is stripping our kids and grandchildren of the true American History and we are letting them. The Media has turned Socialist and our Government has been trying to implement it. Right now the only strong hold is Donald Trump. Anyone else would have folded by now. When is enough, enough! It time to unite and start fighting against the lies and tyranny that the media and socialists have been spreading since 2008!


Go Trump Go 2020