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Why Beijing Hopes for a Biden Win

bidenWhen it became clear that the Obama-Biden administration wouldn’t do anything serious to push back, China ramped up its island-building activities.

Elections have consequences, both domestic and foreign. There is a consensus among China observers that Beijing hopes for a Joe Biden win this November, because the last time Biden was in charge, as vice president of the United States, China completed its control of the South China Sea.

The South China Sea is one of the most important bodies of water on the planet. Besides China, multiple nations including Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines have their own, sometimes overlapping, claims to portions of the South China Sea. In addition to historic claims, according to the United Nations Convention for the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), a nation has sovereignty over waters extending twelve nautical miles from its land and exclusive control over economic activities 200 nautical miles out into the ocean.

However, using its own map with a “nine-dash line,” China claims that it has historic rights to about 90 percent of the South China Sea, including those areas that run as far as 1,200 miles from main­land China and which fall within 100 miles of the coasts of the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam. No other country in the world either recognizes the legitimacy of China’s nine-dash–line map or its historic claim.

The disputes between China and its neighboring Asian countries are not simply about who has the rightful claim historically but are predominantly about economic rights. The South China Sea is rich with natural resources such as oil and gas. It accounts for 10 percent of the world’s fisheries and has provided food and a way of living for millions of people in the region for centuries. The region is also one of the busiest trading routes, with about one-third of global shipping and more than $3 trillion worth of global trade passing through this area annually.

When Xi Jinping became Communist China’s supreme leader in 2013, he regarded transforming China into a maritime power, including the expansion in the South China Sea, as a key component to his great Chinese rejuvenation. According to the Chinese Communist Party’s own publication, “On the South China Sea issue, [Xi] personally made decisions on building islands and consolidating the reefs, and setting up the city of Sansha. [These decisions] fundamentally changed the strategic situation of the South China Sea.”

China started land-reclamation efforts in the South China Sea in 2013. Beijing initially proceeded slowly and cautiously while evaluating the Obama-Biden administration’s reaction. It sent a dredger to Johnson South Reef in the Spratly archipelago. The dredger was so powerful that it was able to create eleven hectares of a new island in less than four months with the protection of a Chinese warship.

When it became clear that the Obama-Biden administration wouldn’t do anything serious to push back, China ramped up its island-building activities. China insisted that its land-reclamation efforts were for peaceful purposes, such as fishing and energy exploration. However, satellite images show there are runways, ports, aircraft hangars, radar and sensor equipment, and military buildings on these manmade islands.

Noticing the Obama-Biden administration’s unwillingness to push back on China’s island-building activities, China’s smaller neighbors decided to find other means of addressing the crisis at hand. In 2013, the Philippines filed an arbitration case under the UNCLOS over China’s claims of sovereignty over the Spratly Islands and Scarborough Shoal.

In 2016, the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague rejected the majority of China’s claim of the South China Sea. It also ruled that China’s island build-up was not only unlawful but also a blatant violation of the Philippines’ economic rights and that it “had caused severe environmental harm to reefs in the chain.” Beijing chose to ignore the ruling and press ahead with more island construction and militarization.

Without U.S. intervention, small countries such as the Philippines have little means to enforce the ruling and halt China’s maritime expansion in the South China Sea. Former U.S. defense secretary Ash Carter criticized the Obama-Biden administration for giving Beijing a rare strategic opening for its island-building. As the Obama administration stood by, China was able to reclaim an estimated 3,200 acres of land on seven features in the South China Sea.

The Obama-Biden administration bore the prime responsibility for not forcefully stopping China’s South China Sea expansion early on. The administration’s soft approach and wishful thinking gave China a four-year strategic window to turn the South China Sea into China’s backyard pond and the most dangerous water on this planet, a reality the rest of the world now has to live with.

It was reported that between 2010 and 2016, 32 out of the 45 major incidents reported in the South China Sea involved at least one Chinese ship. Fishermen from the Philippines and Vietnam can’t even fish in their own nations’ water safely without being harassed by Chinese coastal guards and militarized Chinese fishing boats. The Chinese Navy also has responded to the U.S. Navy’s “freedom of navigation” operations in an increasingly defiant and aggressive manner. Some national-security experts predict that the first real Sino–U.S. war could be fought in the South China Sea.

The Trump administration ended China’s unchallenged expansion in the South China Sea by announcing in July that the United States supports the 2016 Hague ruling and opposes several of Beijing’s claims in the South China Sea.  In the same month, the U.S. Navy also sent two aircraft carriers to waters near the South China Sea when China held a large military exercise. Following the U.S. lead, Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte, who had appeased Beijing since he came to office in 2016, recently told Beijing to follow international law, including The Hague ruling to resolve any dispute in the South China Sea.

Biden might have adopted harsh rhetoric against China, but his past actions — and inactions — speak louder than his words. The last time when Biden was in charge, China completed its expansion in the South China Sea. Should Biden get elected this November, Beijing believes that Biden is someone it could do business with and expects him to revise the Trump administration’s hard line policies toward China. The recent revelation of Hunter Biden’s questionable dealings in China shows that Beijing has invested heavily to cultivate a good relationship with the Biden family for decades. A four-year Biden presidency will likely give China’s Xi ample time to fulfill his ambition: putting the final building blocks of a Sino-centric world order, turning China into a technology powerhouse through the completion of the “Made in China 2025” initiative, and possibly taking Taiwan by force.

Reprinted with Permission from - National Review by - Helen Raleigh

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John Derrick
2 months ago

It’s no coincidence that, during the Soretoro/Biden tenure, that not only was the FBI and Dept of Justice corrupted here at home but it was also a period of covert (under the table) deals for the Biden family. With the Balance-of-Power compromised, dems took advantage. After all, Soretoro was on the golf course much of the time and incompetence was the Administrations norm. Likewise, China tested the waters of the South China Sea as their claim and received NO push-back from America…so it was all good. The “Community Organizer-turned-President” was instructed by VP Biden that it’s all good…he had China in control (meaning China’s check to his sons holding company was good). Fast forward to today: Joe Biden must be elected (at all costs) to avoid exposure and possible prosecution for taking foreign bribe money’s from not only China but Ukraine and maybe Russia. Conspiracy or reality?

2 months ago

China will get right to work while Sleepy Joe naps, goes to lunch with the Obama’s, Clinton’s and Plastic Peloski. Then off to early bed time. This is a travesty.

Keith Keiser
2 months ago

China will do what they want because they are paying Biden to look the other way! Biden will let China do what they want as long as his pockets are full. The Democrats have never cared about the people, the only want to stay in power and keep their bank accounts full and they don’t care if it is China’s money or yours or mine.

Beth Sills
2 months ago

If this Really bothers Americans Why didn’t more vote for Trump!!!

Deborah McDermott
2 months ago

This whole election was staged and manipulated from the start. From the violence in Democratic cities to the ballot box! Communism starts with control over the news media that the public is allowed to see. Next, attack religion, then your 2nd amendment rights will be taken away. Already, we are CENSORED on Facebook and Twitter!! You will see a further infiltration of America by the CCP very soon. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion and I am only 1 American Patriot. The USA has two sides, one is HATE the other is Love! The Democrats only showed negative news about president Trump and only showed hate for him in every ARENA! The Love is the Americans that love Freedom and President Trump. Keep faith and be vigilant. Pray that our country survives this invasion from within our own Government! “The Perpetuation of our Political Institutions.” in Lincoln’s Lyceum Address. January 27, 1838. check it out.

John S.
2 months ago

Trump will shut down all trade with China. I believe in him. We will pay $1000 for small TVs but they will be made stateside by people earning $20/hour with 8 weeks vacation and no-premium healthcare.

Lou AZ
2 months ago

Our Sheriff Lamb made a point…when Biden/Harris had rally in Phoenix only about 8 people showed up…when President Trump had a rally 25,000 people showed up!! Fishy they are trying to claim AZ.
Pray ? for Our President,Our Country,and Our Freedom, God Bless y’all good night

Lou AZ
2 months ago

Obama and the whole gang committed TREASON go see what the punishment for that is per the constitution!!

2 months ago

Biden will be ousted
from office Harris will be in charge Liberal Radical Muslim. Annie get your gun

2 months ago

We should probably move our capital to Bejjing.

2 months ago

So we’re the next Tiawan ?

Bill Brown
2 months ago

Get our Children our of Public Schools and turn-off Mainstream Media!  Become a Free American!!  Join the Trump Movement – The American Revolution 2.0!!!  Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!!  Stand-up for Our Republic!!!!  Remove Every DemocRat!!!!!

Bill Brown
2 months ago

Both the DemocRat Party and the National and International News Media belong to the One World Government/Communist Machine!! Turn them all OFF!!  Join the Trump Movement – The American Revolution 2.0!!!  Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!!  Stand-up for America!!!!  Remove Every DemocRat!!!!!

Bill Brown
2 months ago

The DemocRats/Communists and Media are controlling the Swamp!! Their funding is primarily from international sources, Soros and ChiComs!! The DOJ knows most of the Monies are international and therefore are illegal but are doing nothing!! The SWAMP refuses to enforce our laws!!! We must be ready to “Take-up Arms and FIGHT!!”  Join the Trump Movement – The American Revolution Version 2!!!  Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!!  Stand-up for America!!!!  Remove Every DemocRat!!!!!

2 months ago

Beijing wants Biden because he’s weaker and dumber than Carter, and nearly as big of traitor as Obama. Along with the fact that his successor is a communist, Beijing loves this combo!

Helen Galfi
2 months ago

Yes we all are shocked by the outcome of this election and I am sure that its fixed by the Silicone Valley cronies and probably China had some input in it and also Iran but we pray to our dear God to expose all this in a short time. Let’s all pray to Him to prevail Amen !!!!

2 months ago

A day or two back there was Ben Ferguson and others showing proof of the Bidens’ dealings with China, Russia and Ukraine. If that was posted maybe six months earlier Trump would still be the president

Joyce Gibson
2 months ago

I think Biden is a disgrace to the United States and cannot, for the life of me, understand why so many people have voted for him and his ideas which will destroy the United States as we know it today.

2 months ago

The new USSR ( United Soviet States) is Russia, China, and the US. Welcome to the new world.
Mexico and Canada have just lost their best ally. Next month the Canadian govt will erect a fence
between the US and their country and Mexico from their own budget will finish the wall. They should
now be afraid of us. Biden is a tool.

2 months ago

Will we be the first nation taken over by communism without a fight ? At least the Russians put up a fight.

Reply to  GTPatriot
2 months ago

Not the first by a long shot. Zimbabwe, Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, just to name a very few of the countries that have been stupid enough to vote in socialism and destroy their countries, as well as their citizens in the process. The United States is just the largest.