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White House To Release $34 Billion In New Regulations After Midterm Elections


from – NewsLI.com – by Mike Bastasch

In 2012, the Obama administration was heavily criticized for delaying major regulations until after the presidential election. A new report by regulatory watchdogs found that the White House may once again be delaying major regulations that are expected to cost a total of $34 billion.

The American Action Forum (AAF) reports that the White house is set to release 15 major regulations, totaling $32 billion in costs, until after the midterm elections. A significant amount of these regulatory costs come from energy and environment regulations emanating from the Environmental Protection Agency, according to AAF.

The most extensive regulation set to be released after the elections is the EPA’s ground-level ozone standard. The regulation does not currently have a price tag associated with it, but when the rule was previously vetoed by the White House in 2011 its cost was put at $90 billion.

The EPA is also expected to finalize its rule limiting carbon dioxide emissions from new power plants by January. This rule would ban the construction of new coal-fired power plants unless they use carbon capture technology. The coal industry and Republicans argue this rule would force the shutdown of more coal plants and coal mines.

“Many of these regulations are controversial, including the GHG [greenhouse gas] rule, and have spent years in the courts and the rulemaking process,” said AAF’s regulatory policy director Sam Batkins, the report’s author. “Regardless of possible motive, if this schedule remains in place, there will be no shortage of major regulations issued immediately after Election Day.”

Another major rule set to hit Americans after the election is the Department of Energy’s new conservation standards for incandescent lamps, which is projected to cost $13 billion over the long term. The rule is expected to cost $863 million per year and raise consumer prices by 40 to 70 percent, according to AAF.

It’s not just the lighting industry that’s expected to get hit with billions in regulatory costs, but the coal industry as well. On top of the costs imposed by EPA carbon dioxide limits, the agency is also hitting the coal industry with a coal ash rule in the wake of coal ash spills into rivers.

The coal ash rule is expected to be released this December and is projected to cost more than $20 billion.

This is not the first time the Obama administration has been criticized for releasing major regulations after an election. Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe hit President Barack Obama in the wake of the 2012 election for holding back major regulations for political reasons.

report in 2012 by Inhofe’s office details the ways the White House pushed back the publication of major regulations, which could have hurt Democrats in 2012.

“President Obama has spent the past year punting on a slew of job-killing EPA regulations that will destroy millions of American jobs and cause energy prices to skyrocket even more,” Inhofe said in a statement on his 2012 report. “From greenhouse gas regulations to water guidance to the tightening of the ozone standard, the Obama-EPA has delayed the implementation of rule after rule because they don’t want all those pink slips and price spikes to hit until after the election.”

More than a year later, The Washington Post confirmed Inhofe’s claims and reported the Obama administration delayed key environmental and Obamacare regulations until after the 2012 elections.

The Post reported that former administration officials said “the motives behind many of the delays were clearly political, as Obama’s top aides focused on avoiding controversy before his re-election.”

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7 years ago

The solution should be simple. The government cannot pass any new regulations or laws without figuring out how to fund it first. That should not include raising taxes, borrowing that raises the national debt, taking from other programs already in place, or outright stealing like they are doing to OUR EARNED Social Security and Medicare. All elected officials need to take and pass a course on family financing and check book balancing.

Judith from O'Bama Land
7 years ago

I believe our Higher Power is Jesus, Son of our GOD. I believe in our families no matter what skin color. I believe in our USA Constitution and Bill of Rights. I support our Armed Forces no matter which branch. I, wholeheartedly, support our Veterans. I believe in manners and law and order. I believe in US History. I, certainly, believe in the highest education that anyone of us choices to attain. I am NOT jealous of those who were born of the “Silver Spoon”. I just wish it had been me. I love our country, our natural wildlife and fields and streams. I just love the USA and understand why good people want to come.

Now for my opinion: I think from this day forward, we should write about what we do like and not produce any negative vibes. We all came out of the womb crying for a spirit-life, food, companionship and shelter. Our lungs breathed, our eyes opened and we saw. We all had forks in the road. If yours was good road, then I am happy for you, not jealous. If not, then I would pray you to receive better. Mine was both. Do anyone of you agree to not be negative anymore? Does it help us to be negative? Can we play on that original word, “Change” and make it happen to our benefit? Ponder this please, and thank you for reading. Just a voter from Illinois.

7 years ago

Dear Judith from Obamaland … I am first and foremost a realist with a measure of common sense thrown in, if anyone out there can tell and prove to me Obama has done anything positive for this country I’d like to be educated as to what that is. All I know is that in my 44 years of working in sales, these last three years have been my worst! This past year I made what I did as a young salesman in 1972 and this year looks even worse.

The only thing I am truly positive about, is this country will only get worse unless we eradicate all these socialists from America … The sooner the better! We, as a country, haven’t learned a thing from our founding fathers if we continue down this road to socialism. Maybe blood needs to be shed again to straighten it all out!

7 years ago

If ‘negative’ means being perpetually crabby, you have a point. If it means to simply refuse to acknowledge what your senses tell you, you do not. I am well acquainted with both definitions. The good folks in the second category have simply found a little bubble of bliss that they carry around with them, using it like one of those snail critters on the beach might use a discarded shell for protection. This is no more patriotic than it is spiritual as it amounts to willfully ignoring anything unpleasant with the goal of preserving personal equanimity.

7 years ago
Reply to  D.A.

Very well said.

7 years ago

I believe in being positive and understand that God will do his will no matter what. BUT, that does not mean we stick our head in the sand and not stay up on what is happening around us. We are required to stand and fight for the right thing. If you want to be a bystander, that is your right, but just know that makes it that much harder for someone who is being active to have to fight for your rights as well. The government cannot be more powerful than our Lord and Savior, but many people treat government as such, and that is going to bring our nation down. That affects you and me.

7 years ago

If you are looking for someone to get behind that will help the American people then look at what Dennis Michael Lynch is doing. Yes he probably doesn’t have a passport, he’s not the “mainstream media” pick, he hasn’t been in office but he has done more and spent more time traveling our country helping us to get this great nation back then all the politicians. Watch his They’re Coming to America 1 & 2 plus They Ride to DC. Just listen to his interview on C-Span this month… http://www.c-span.org/video/?320974-4/washington-journal-unaccompanied-immigrant-children The mainstream media pushed Obama through and they have been working for years on Hillary. They are lying to us everyday about what is really happening to our country and around the world. This is their agenda and we need to put an end to them if we are to have a say about our future.

7 years ago

Our only hope is not electing Democrats in November, but I’m not sure that the Republicans are too much better. There could be more disagreeing right now than there is. Surely there would be a few Dems who would go along with getting rid of some of the Obama foolishness. Corrupt politicians will stop at nothing to get their way and keep their jobs–lies, threats,and even murder. That’s why we can’t get any good honest people to run for office. If they do, they’re treated like Ross Perot and Sarah Palin. Even Donald Trump didn’t want to go through it and he has everything but world power. Watch ‘Scoundrel’ if you want to get your eyes opened.

Rik, I too, fear the stupidity of the masses–and if that doesn’t work–the fixing of the voting machines.

Yes, these thoughts are pessimistic, but they’re facts. We need a God-fearing president in our evil nation to spur some optimism.

7 years ago
Reply to  Nancy

One thing wrong in your comment. Ross Perot. It looked like Bush and the republicans would take over and they had committed to investigating and overhauling the processing of Medicare claims as there was rampant fraud. They would have done this. Up steps Ross, a “super conservative” who pulled away enough votes to elect Clinton. Gone was the opportunity, maybe forever, to investigate, stop and prosecute fraud in Medicare and Ross went back to making much of his wealth with his medicare claim processing businesses. I knew a man working with his election campaign who said a number of them wondered about things near the end and it seemed as if something stunk. So anyone hear from save the U.S. Ross after that????

7 years ago

When are the Republicans going to stand up like men and challenge what HIS majesty is doing?
As it stands now our republicans are ALL acting like R I N O.
QUIT fund raising and do your job FOR the people who elected you, or suffer the pain of not being in office again.
RECYCLE the entire Congress & Senate if necessary!!!!!!!

glen dowdy
7 years ago

The crooks have come out of the closet. They call themseves politions. We were once a nation of laws. Now just a bunch of crooks saying, ‘I think it should be this way.’ We once had the ability to control by something called elections. But things happen so fast these days that throwing the bums out every two or four years simply does not cut it.
The formula is you lie to get elected then proceed with your personal agenda. I don’t think the founders foresaw this or they would have offered adequate tools for correction–say firing squads.

Willie Evershave
7 years ago
Reply to  glen dowdy

The Founders did give us adequate tools for correction. They named it the Second Amendment, and that is why the past several administrations continually hammer on it. When the people fear the government it is a lazy tyrannical Communistic Democracy; when the government fears the people it is a peaceful and productive working Republic. It is extremely difficult to vote an administration that gives their general population sufficient benefits that allow them to vote for a living, particularly when the average educational level is between the third and fifth grade, and falling, because they have taken over and dumbed down the entire public education program by inserting “progressive” teachers and removing teachers who would, and could, train our children to be patriotic citizens with a decent work ethic; able to work honestly within the system, not just manipulate the system for benefits.

John Tremmel
7 years ago

One of the comments above says “… when are we going to stop whining and do something concrete…?” Besides vote, just what exactly can we do that really is concrete in order to actually change what the Obama administration and Congress will do between now and November 2016?

Andy Sulskis
7 years ago

Save us from a government that wants to help us. Their solutions are new problems, without fixing the problems we really have. I suggest we add a new regulation to all of the government agencies. No new regulation can be added, without removing 1,000 old regulations from your department.

7 years ago

This is the same play that Obama and the Democrats pulled in 2012. They held off on tens of billions of dollars in new regulations until AFTER the election. Then dropped them on the nation like economic carpet bombing. They counted on the average American voter to be so ignorant of what was in the regulatory pipeline, that they would just assume nothing would get any worse. Now Obama and the Democrats are counting on that same level of ignorance and apathy this time around as well.

By the way, the likely impact of these regulations will be significantly higher than $34 billion estimate. The more realistic estimate would be in the range of $50 to $60 billion, when all is said and done.

Ivan Berry
7 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Yep, PaulE, it’s a re-run. They will continue because it works. All because of what Rik calls, “the stupidity of the masses.”
This nation has been played and re-played. Looks like at some point we would learn. And if I had to guess, I’d say that your figures are even too low as to costs. Actually, I see no end in sight if we don’t start slowing or ending this progression.

Frank Greene
7 years ago

With Obama’s war on coal and power companies, I think it’s about time to drastically reduce the nighttime lighting of all government facilities, museums, etc., nationwide. If the citizens must conserve energy, so must our local, state and federal governments.

7 years ago
Reply to  Frank Greene

Let’s cut out the lights for those “midnight basketball” initiatives as well … jus’ sayin’ …

7 years ago
Reply to  IvyGrad

I’d say if golf courses were lit up so folks could play at night, he’d think twice about it!!!! Our Demander in Chief is railroading as much through as he can- and apparently there’s no stopping him. With all that is going on in the Middle East, Missouri, Israel, Syria, and on and on…..one would think THOSE WOULD BE THE ISSUES THE PRESIDENT would put first and foremost. Not our guy! Golf first, then Bball…..maybe a party or two, a guest spot on a t.v. show (liberal, of course!) a jet out to Hollywood for a few fund raisers, then back on the greens; a quick blurb or two at the microphone quickly mumbled about how terrible the beheading was, and boom! Grinning, shucking and jiving on the golf course again with his cronies.

This country is in MAJOR disorder and danger – but Alfred E. Obama worries not. When the first major city is struck down with missles and bombs, will he take time out to give a speech about it? (provided, of course he hears it on the local news, or reads it in the Washington Post). Never in my 69 years have I seen our United States in such a disastrous condition; haven’t seen race relations this bad since the 60’s; and I’ve had a few folks older than I say it was similar to the months before WWII began. The Nazis were running amok, Pearl Harbor was attacked, and we’re at the edge ourselves of similar situations with ISIS. Something very bad will happen soon – and I’m scared to death we’ll lose a lot of lives over it — all because our borders aren’t secure, our military is weakened, and our President is too busy enjoying “la dolce vita” on the taxpayer’s dimes.

mike failla
7 years ago

When are we all going to recognize and act on the fact that this president and his corrupt administration hates us, the average citizen who may be older? when are we going to quit whining and do something concrete and get these crooks and despoilers out of our lives? When my good people are we going to put values for all in front of gimme gimee gimme, AKA if its for free its for me? Just when?

When are we going to actually not buy into the mantra, “those rotten republicans and conservatives, and realize that the ones who scream the loudest are the ones who are hurting us the worst?
Just my two cents, and yes you are welcome.

7 years ago

Obamacare, the biggest hoax to ever be perpetuated on a citizenry … Or as Justice Roberts ruled, one extremely massive bunch of tax increases … and the gullible people were okay with it … Initially! But, now the truth is finally being revealed … But, is it already too late? … and all the people will suffer for it! … Forever!

This election is our last chance to Undue this Obamination! … I fear the stupidity of the masses!

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