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White House Projects U.S. to Meet Mask Demand August Through October

 supportThe U.S. is expected to have a supply of at least 180m N95 respirator masks each month from August through October, exceeding the need for about 160m in that period, according to a copy of White House projections for personal protective equipment needs.

  • The projections, created by the White House Supply Chain Task Force also estimate needs for gowns, surgical masks, gloves, and face shields, as well as how much the U.S. is expected to manufacture or import
  • White House projects U.S. to meet the demand for surgical masks and nitrile gloves in June and July, and outpace demand for face shields
    • Administration will use the Defense Production Act on nitrile gloves, White House Supply Chain Task Force head John Polowcyzk says during Senate hearing
  • U.S. will need almost 200m gowns in June, about 175m in July; the supply is expected to be less than 150m in June and 175m in July

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1 month ago

Masks? … Only Antifa bandits wear masks. If masks were really healthy for us, we would be wearing them our whole existence. Wearing a mask is especially dangerous for us seniors. When a person breathes in, you are breathing in oxygen, when you exhale, you are exhaling co2. When you wear a mask, you are breathing in some of that co2 and guess what? CO2 kills brain cells and other healthy cells. Why would I do that to myself? … Ridiculous policy by government bureaucrats who want to kill off seniors. Why? … Because most seniors aren’t working anymore, thusly,… Read more »

1 month ago

Yes President Trump has continued to meet all the challenges posed by the Chinese virus attack on the United States and even managed to help the rest of the world afflicted by the same virus. Of course he will continue to get NO credit for his excellent job of managing the crisis that President Xi unleashed on the world, but what else is new? Instead the carping MSM will continue to only report that Joe Biden will make an outstanding future President, who will roll back all of Trump’s accomplishments on Day One. So what else is new? Vote like… Read more »

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