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White House Invites AMAC to Attend the Signing of President Trump’s Executive Order

Trump executive order AMAC

AMAC member Corey Spangler (left) watches as President Donald J. Trump signs an executive order to strengthen Medicare at The Villages, Florida on Thursday, October 3.

Your AMAC team attended the signing of President Trump’s Executive Order on Protecting and Improving Medicare for our Nation’s Seniors in The Villages, Florida. AMAC member Corey Spangler sat on the stage with the President and he called upon her to share her Medicare experiences with the audience.

The Executive Order puts patients in control of their health care by providing transparency and more choices. The President will take a proactive approach to eliminating waste, fraud and abuse within the Medicare program by utilizing state-of-the art technologies and software. The Executive Order advances policies that will streamline the approval of therapies while reducing obstacles to improved patient care. Patients will be empowered by increased access to telehealth and new treatments as well as experiencing more time spent with health care providers.

President Trump recognized that America’s seniors are happy with Medicare and pledged to strengthen the program to ensure its availability for years to come. The President also called out the Democrats’ so-called “Medicare for All” scheme as a threat to end the Medicare program as we know it, noting that it would eliminate choice for America’s seniors. The President assured seniors that he intends to make Medicare competitive and more comprehensive so it may provide the best possible care for beneficiaries.

Read Executive Order Here

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