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Whatever Happened to Truth?

by Michael Duncan –

What has happened to the truth? During what was meant to be a Senate interrogation concerning the security failure in Benghazi, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton declares, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” as she references the attack that left four American men dead – killed at the hands of terrorists. Well… I’d like to answer that question.

At this point, Madam Secretary, it makes all the difference. Half-truths, cover-ups and deflections are all symptomatic of one great danger – the willful abandonment of truth. And I believe that the American people deserve to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God.

I’ve said it for years and will reiterate it here: When truth is lost, liberty dies.

So, after Mrs. Clinton’s testimony before the Senate, I began to wonder how far down the path of political spin we’ve traveled. How far away from the truth have we wandered and is there any hope of return? Let’s take a look.

Before he was President, then Senator Obama declared that raising the debt ceiling of our Country was a sign of leadership failure and unpatriotic. Now, however, President Obama wants to have an unlimited ceiling for our national debt, with no limit to how far it can be raised. So my question: which one is the truth? Is raising the debt limit unpatriotic or is it an absolute necessity? It can’t be both.

As the then Senator Obama began his first successful campaign for President, he had a sit-down chat with the Rev. Rick Warren. He defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman. He also called it a sacred union. However, things change again as he now holds to the view that same-sex couples should be able to get married.  He described this change as an “evolution” of his thinking that came over several years [actually, only four – from 2008 to 2012]. I guess that marriage is not as “sacred” as he once supposed.

All of this is to say, truth is a dying commodity in the political arena. How many times do you remember your politician declaring with unwavering determination that they will stand up for the valued principles of the American people? Then, once in Washington D.C., those principles are quickly compromised or radically altered in order to gain positional power in the political games.

So, as many Americans screamed at their televisions when Secretary Clinton said her infamous statement, I say as well – truth matters! The families of those four men deserve better than that. They deserve to know what happened, and to know it in the open light, with salient testimony from the person or persons responsible.

The American people deserve to know the truth because our liberty depends on it. If, at this place in our great Country’s history, we begin to accept with no reservation the distortion of fact and the twisting of truth, we will fall. I don’t fear the economic earthquakes that shake our nation or the terrorists that plot our demise as much as I fear the politician who will not speak the truth.

We’re a great nation and we can overcome economic downturns. We’re a brave nation and can stand against the plots of evil men. But when truth is lost, liberty dies.

Michael Duncan is an author, pastor, and bible commentator on the Alive in Christ radio network. His latest novel, Shadow Remnant, is the epic story of one man’s quest to reignite the cry for liberty. Michael has shared God’s message across the U.S. and beyond. He is also on the executive board of the Northwest Baptist Convention and a board member of the Northwest Christian Writer’s Association.


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8 years ago

We do not have enough citizens paying attention to what is going on in government. They hear a little bit of stuff on the news and because they do not investigate and verify what they heard, they believe what they heard. It is hard for some of us to swallow it when we hear some politician lie knowing that a group of citizens know it is a lie. They have no shame because they know that those who do no more than pretend to know what is going on enough to vote will likely cast their vote based on that one or more lies that made it on the news. Believe it or not, some people think if they heard something on the radio or TV that it is true. We need to shame more people into taking some time to watch dog our government so that we will get a more honest vote from them. GOVERNMENT OF, FOR AND BY THE PEOPLE leaves us with responsibility (not just complaining). We are in such terrible trouble now I think the only hope for the survival of our constitution is to take GOD up on HIS offer in 2Chronicles 7:14. If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and HEAL THEIR LAND. I challenge anyone reading this (who fits the My people) will obey this scripture, we may get enough people praying to save our country. God bless all who read this.

Jan Sanchez

Pocket Rocket
7 years ago
Reply to  jan

The reason no one is paying attention to what is going on in government is because those talking are fabricating information to pay attention too. When Fox news is the trumpet sounding the alarm, America knows it is coming from a platform of lies.

Example: This past presidential election. Fox news took a stance and drew a line in the same when it sided with the GOP and T-party after these collection of idiots stated front and center, “We don’t care if we tell false statements. We are here to win the election for what ever it takes.” Fox join Ranks Previous and that moto and ran with it. Mitt Romney couldn’t help himself for lying about everything and anyone. Fellow GOP competitors ask him to stop lying ferociously. Retired GOP officials step away in disbelief at the tactics of the current GOP/T-party position of lying at all cost. It is the reason Karl Rove went on the offensive against the lying machine of the GOP/T-party/Fox news network. Even Karl came to his senses and realize you cannot lie your way to power. You are going to have to learn how to govern honestly, fairly, and with integrity to win elections; something Ranks Previous and the fellow close minded followers cannot see.

Read the story of Peter Wolf. Lie enough times and the people will not believe you. Lie constantly and the people will not listen to you. Lie because you can’t help yourself then the people will not CARE and stop ignore that you are in the conversation.

8 years ago

As a concerned American taxpayer I have been participating in the political process for many years now. I have written numerous letters to government officials, attended rallies, obtained signatures to put amendments on the ballot, such as term limits, but only to see things continuing to deteriorate. I believe “We the People” are now at a crossroads. It is frustrating when you put all your time and effort into something and see no positive results. When I was laid off from my job, I couldn’t believe what was made available to me (as a legal citizen of this country) but to “illegal” aliens as well. When someone told me that I could get a free cellphone with free minutes I asked why would the government provide something like that–that isn’t a necessity! I refused to accept that and explained to this person that it wasn’t “free” the taxpayers are paying the bill for that! President Obama got elected a second term because he tells every group what they want to hear, to pull them in and make them think that he’s looking out for them. When people become increasingly dependent on the government system as has been the case for many years, it’s tough to break that cycle. It’s hard to compete with “free”. Women having children out of wedlock (some with multiple partners) with no father supporting the family makes every taxpayer now the father of these children in addition to their own. No one is held accountable for their actions anymore. It’s not about fixing the problems. It’s all about votes to maintain power, making people dependent and thus their reliance on the government system, which will put these same people back in office time and time again. With the re-election of Obama I fear that we are at the point of no return. People are too busy with their lives and don’t seem to care enough to do what needs to be done. I believe our Country has lost her way and has turned away from God and now He will right the wrongs in due time.

Pocket Rocket
7 years ago
Reply to  SAM

Have you heard of Tough Love laws? Women having litters with different fathers no longer get free tax payer “checks in the mail”. They have to work, earn at a living, show pursuit of education of skills acquisition and then seek some financial assistance to bridge the gaps of which the Sequester has eliminated assistance.

If you are a concern American citizen then read to get the facts from sources other than Fox news. If that is your source of information then you are not a concern tax paying American citizen. You are instead a flunky subject to hearsay from the master lying machine.

Gil Jones
8 years ago

Crimes fall into one of two categories: ‘commission’ or ‘omission,’ i.e. one is seen, the other is not seen. Ms Clinton’s crime is one of omission: FAILURE TO ACT resulting in the injury, reduction or degradation of another person, their possessions, or their survival. Whether through incompetence/malice the result is the same. I feel it is the later, she’s a Marxist, she’s not on our side.

Criminals minimize their responsibility with statements like, “What’s the big deal?” or “I really didn’t mean to hurt anybody,” or “It was a joint effort and a failure of communication between the depts.” Continued investigation will reveal two other invariables, i.e. they’ll claim the existence of a “motivator,” or reason for doing the crime, then that motivator will likely to be used as “justification” for committing further crimes.

Ms Clinton is a very dangerous person, not only to herself, but those around her as well. Her continued freedom would be a crime of omission on our part. Our motivator would be something like, “Nothing I can do, she’s a politician.” Which, in turn, gives further justification for her to commit further crimes. Cleaning Washington’s house in D.C. should be done with this data in mind…Semper Fi

Jacquie Doty
8 years ago

We must remember that both the Clintons are very practiced grifters. They were let off scot free in the Whitewater scandal, but they were none-the-less culpable of gross malfeasance. Ergo we must take note that Hilary, formerly of the Rose Law Firm, has a long history of successful obfuscation.

8 years ago

This was a tragedy, but the idea of outrage when our young men and women are dying because we are so busy policing the world … why aren’t you figuring out how we control massacres in our own backyard? The questions these idiots were asking were nothing more than grandstanding and posturing without substance.

Paul Robbens
8 years ago

Obama is appointing his lackies so he does not have to deal with any kickback while he is out politicking on the stump.
The Benghazi hearings, if not so obvious in its political motivation to stave off an admission of the resurgence of El lQuida prior to the election, would be laughable. Why are “OUR” elected Republicans and Conservatives so hesitant to call these criminal hooligans out for what they are? If it is because they fear not being re-elected then we should put the fear of “GOD” in them and let them know that if they don’t then they will be replaced anyway. Congress is blamed for everything and is accused by the current resident of the White House {I refuse to call him President because doing so would defile to many great leaders who have come before him. For the life of me I cannot understand why right thinking Democrats can condone the destruction of our Constitution, as well as our Country, or why the media stands by, NO promotes this group of communists. This Obama’s goal, and with every speech he lies by stating he is thinking of the best for this wonderful country, truth be known he loves it so much he seeks to replace our way of life with his pre-ordained mantra to even the playing field {which means every one is equal, opportunity is non existent and incentive to excel is dead. I want to know when everyone is on the public dole and everyone is equal, who will be there to pay the bill. P.S. I found it ironic that when I used GOD’s name it was underlined as a misspelled word, I rest my case.

JB in CA
8 years ago

Everyone who agrees with the author on this issue should contact his/her congressman and demand that impeachment articles be drawn for Obama. I live in California, so my 2 senators are among the worst in history, but my congressman happens to be a good conservative and I believe he’d be willing to support such action. Even though the current senate would never convict (my so-called senators would fight it tooth & nail), some dirty laundry might get aired in the process. And that would be a good thing.

8 years ago

Truth is dead in Washington. The much awaited Congressional hearings were a letdown. The Republicans had months to prepare a unified set of questions, that should have boxed Clinton into a corner and forced her to either tell the truth or showed the American people the larger cover-up in place by this administration regarding Libya. Instead we got the usual grandstanding by Senators and Congressmen, who were more interested in their five minutes of camera time, than in digging for the truth. They came unprepared and disorganized and Clinton ran rings around them.

The same story, by the way, is how the fiscal cliff talks played out as well. Instead of adopting a unified strategy to build consensus with the American people ahead of the talks, debunking the President’s lies, what we were treated to by each Republican member of Congress was them saying what he or she would like, in broad vague terms, and nothing more. The party has consistently under-estimated Obama and played small ball. Until the Republican Party decides they actually want to stand for conservative values, truth in government, and develop and stick to a unified strategy, there will be no fallout from Obama’s constant lies.

Pocket Rocket
7 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

She did tell the truth. A hand full of Republicans and an army of T-party members didn’t want to accept the truth. The President and Secretary were asking for funding to increase security in Libya but the GOP house refused every time for over three years. When the attack came it was not enough repelling force by the US Embassy to stop the terror force attack.

hen the GOP was ask why they continually refused funding request for additional fire power and defense Ran Paul, Michelle Bachman, John Cornyn, Louie Gohmert, and other narrow minded T-party members ignored the question and continued with ridiculous and futile efforts down an unsustainable line of questions. Their close of the subject was to parakeet the question, “The truth has not been told and we are going to get to the bottom of this issue.” You Weak minded people believe anything your weak minded leaders say and you are caught up in the endless, mindless, pursuit to know what’s in the air.

Nancy Lee Liebscher
8 years ago

I must admit that I was yelling at the TV when Hilary was being “interviewed” and I have remaining questions as to veracity. Why will no one get down to serious talk with her? Why does everyone fear falling out of favor with the current administration? Our current government is pushing us to total governmental control and practices deceit as if it were truth…..why do we settle for it? I applaud those members who do stand up and ask those hard questions but they are not really answered, are they? Do we know anymore now than we did? Duplicity and out right lies! Sadly, we told God to get out of America and it appears that He did! Morality is now a bad word in this culture. Enjoyed the responses from readers.

Pocket Rocket
7 years ago

“I must admit that I was yelling at the TV when Hilary was being “interviewed” and I have remaining questions as to veracity.”

What remaining questions do you have? I would like to know. What I do know is that you don’t have any. You will say, “I want to know what really happen” and she, the military, the CIA, and other intelligent organization told you. Here is a new one; even Libyan forces that died and those whom survived protecting the Embassy told their story and you still don’t believe.

What you need to admit is that you are a weak minded fool following weak minded leaders into a ditch. God said only the blind lead the blind. A wise man thinks for himself. Fools believe there own folly.

Pocket Rocket
7 years ago
Reply to  Pocket Rocket

She said, What difference does it makes because they were asking questions irrelevant unrelated to why the attack occurred, why our defenses were inadequate, and what can we do to prevent it from reoccurring. Gop knuckleheads were arguing if the President said, “Acts of Terror” of “Acts of Terrorism”. Really!

It was stupidity, needle threading, and Nats ass questions and comments that Senator Clinton said, “What difference does it makes?” Whether you call it terror or terrorism is ridiculous. We had three Americans killed and the GOP/T-party spending 4 hours or more arguing of words used before or the day after the attacks.

What damn difference does it makes? When reference to why she ask, suddenly her question has merit.

Mr. Michael Duncan has put his spin on the issue:
“What has happened to the truth? During what was meant to be a Senate interrogation concerning the security failure in Benghazi, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton declares, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” as she references the attack that left four American men dead – killed at the hands of terrorists. Well… I’d like to answer that question.”

No, M. Duncan, answer the question in the right context, “What difference does it makes if the President called it an act of Terror or Terrorism before the attack or the day after the attack” Three Americans are dead. ” What difference does it make?

Now answer the question.

Tony Mastre
8 years ago

SHAME, SHAME , SHAME screaming out “What difference does it make.” What a message for Hillary to throw out to the Investigators, and to the survivors of the Bengahzi deaths. Now she is leaving her post without any type of censure. “THE BUCK STOPS HERE.” The Buck don’t stop with her. She sure wants to sound like the big wheel. She was appointed by the President, and that is where the Buck stops, as President Harry Truman once said. Hillary was lax in her appointed position and should pay the price, rather than get any type of retirement after only four years. Yes, as one the comments suggest, IMPEACH, IMPEACH.

Justin Anderson
8 years ago
Reply to  Tony Mastre

Impeach? How about 20 years in hard labor…oh wait, the liberals already did away with that aspect of the penal system…now what?

8 years ago

Let’s face it, the President and his Administration know the American people have short memories. The Administration wants what happened in Benghazi to just go away. Four brave Americans lost their lives at the Consulate on September 11, 2012. These American Patriot’s fought for 7+ hours to repel attacks on the Consulate and no one came to help. Months have passed and no one from the Administration will answer questions. I think we owe it to these Americans who were killed to keep asking questions until we get the truth.

Angela M. Rosati
8 years ago

The truth is the truth and we want it!! obama and hillary don’t fear us. People call them idiots, but they’re destroying our country because they’re communists and leftists/ they’re committed to their own agendas. IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH

8 years ago

So agree

Jon W
8 years ago

True! Truth in American politics suffered one of its watershed moments when Bill Clinton stated, “it all depends on your definition of is”. Political spin, (overt prevarication) began during his administration. It is alive and well in politics today as a result of Clinton duping tens of millions of Americans with his lies that continue today as is evidenced by Hillary’s lies to the American people. The political ideology differences between the Clintons, Al Gore and Obama is twiddle dee and twiddle dum.

8 years ago

As long as the Democrats control the Senate, impeachment will go nowhere. Yes, the House can impeach, but no Democrat controlled Senate would ever convict Obama. For that matter, I seriously doubt a majority of the House Republicans have the stomach to even do their part of the impeachment process.

Paula K
8 years ago

When there is no accountability from the press there is no push for truth. Fox is the only mouthpiece for conservatives, but the rest of the country watches the alphabet channels that follow lockstep with this corrupt administration.

Larry Dalzell
8 years ago

Bill was asked how Hillary’s head was, and he stated Monica’s was better! This whole bunch leading our country, are a JOKE!

John E Nevola
8 years ago

And in order to assure something like this will never happen again, or at least attempt to insure it will never happen again, it matters to know what the root cause of this catastrophe was. But she got away with a “willing suspension of disbelief”.

8 years ago
Reply to  John E Nevola

Also agree with this. My thinking is that we need to earnestly get back to God, ask for forgiveness and redemption.

Patricia Potts
8 years ago

If Hillary Clinton was questioning one of her underlings and they gave a flimsy excuse like “what difference does it make?”, does anyone think she would put up with that? There better not be any lamps around while that employee was escorted out of the building.

Ron Martin
8 years ago

Obama is the ultimate, amoral liar and so is Hillary Clinton. I am not sure why we are being punished with this type leadership, but whatever the reason, I for one repent and pray to God to lift this type of leadership off our backs before we are all left destitute by their inept leadership. The reason he was elected was based on the lies he told to get people to vote for him.

Sue Hakanson
8 years ago

You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.
You will not know the truth and you will be held in bondage.

8 years ago

The answer to most of the questions here, is in the frightening 2005 documentary “Why We Fight”. After the crops are harvested, a farmer perpares his soil for next year. Sadly, the four Paitriots who were murdered in Benghazi are harvested crop of the new “Military Industrial Complex” war machine.

Richard Gordon
8 years ago

Was the Secretary of State under oath? If she was someone may have committed perjury. One of the Republican Senators cited her testimony as being different from the classified account.

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