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CheckThe U.S. government acknowledges the financial concerns of its citizens due to the spread of COVID-19. Currently, over 150 million Americans are being told to stay at home in efforts to control the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. President Trumps has pledged to help U.S. citizens by putting money into the pocket of most Americans. He pushed for a $1,200 check to be sent to Americans who qualify in order to stimulate the economy and help workers whose jobs have been affected by closures due to the pandemic. The bill has now passed the House and Senate and is expected to be signed by the President very soon.

U.S. Government officials will soon announce how the payments will reach the people, whether by check or other means such as direct deposits. Some seniors are claiming that they are receiving phony checks in the mail. Understand that for now, NO checks have been issued. Currently, the details are still being worked out. Thus, any checks currently circulating are not valid or real. In addition, the government will never ask you to pay anything upfront to get the money. The government will not call you for your social security number. If you get a phone call of that nature, rest assured it’s a scam. You will also not need to claim a “stimulus incentive” nor call or visit any temporary relief sites. These are signs of scams.

The best thing to do is be patient and pay attention to official statements issued by Government officials. If you are a victim of a check-related scam, or receive a check that appears suspicious, please contact your state’s attorney general’s office and/or the FTC at  It is important to stay vigilant to stay scam-free.

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Sharon P
1 year ago

God Bless President Trump!! My prayers are with you every single day as you fight for the American people. It is sad you have to bang your head against the wall, so to speak, because the Democrats are so filled with hate and evilness!! God Bless you and all you continue to do for us!

1 year ago

I am finding this so frustrating. I have a unique situation and need to call as I did not receive the payment and should have. There is no one to call or write to. The Q&A published does not help.

2 years ago

Update May 11th, on the stimulus checks to widows for payment for their recently deceased husbands. IRS is asking for it back. The banks won’t cash them since May 6th. The left pushed the issue by saying they want to stop payments to dead people. Recently deceased husbands and wives payments that were on 2018 and 2019 joint tax returns should not have to be returned. Many recent widows are in very hard times. Why was this not income based? A lot of widows had to go back to work after their husbands died and are senior citizens and now have lost their retail and restaurant jobs. This is outrageous to ask them to return the check for $2400 and the IRS will issue them a $1200 check…………..when? weeks, months? Never? Some got the check right away and were told the IRS did not want it back………….so now what? They now owe the IRS $1200? Not enough we recently loose our spouse, half or all our income, have to sell our homes? Who got checks that did not need it? Who got checks that were not citizens of this country? Widows and widowers have little to no voice in government, especially if they are Seniors.

James Gurley
2 years ago

My wife and I have received the stimulus check deposited into our bank account and I am on social security and she isn’t. This amount is greatly appreciated as was the last stimulus check years ago. It is dis-heartening that this Nation was shut down during a booming economy and no-one has been prosecuted for the injustice surrounding the incompetence of our house of representatives. Yes it takes a majority vote but when out-right improper hearing proceedings are shown to the public, the intelligence of our youth has WITNESSED a travesty of injustice practiced in all of the hearings televised. At some point responsibility of actions against our Constitution need to be addressed or our nation will be doomed. I prayed to the good Lord to have Trump elected and I pray again to have this same individual to win again as this is our only ally in the White House.

2 years ago

I agree with you, Ross, and have already decided who I will send the majority of my check (if I get one). They are family of 6 with little income anyway. I know there are many retired people out there who need the extra money. They should keep it and use it. I am very thankful that President Trump is our President at this time and totally agree with what he has done. Speaker Pelosi, AOC, Chuck Schumer and their cronies should be ashamed of what they have done and I hope they are not re-elected! I also am praying for those affected by the virus and for protection for our President as well as his re-election. God is good–all the time! He will take care of us!

OM Mine is an unique name so prefer my initials
2 years ago

every senior citizen should expect this xtra money , apart from your SS, will go to the Assigned financial institution where the SS goes each month. Not sure what the amount is for those on SS. Maybe 1200 for one adult?, maybe not???

OM Mine is unique
2 years ago

I barely get by on widow SS so welcome the xtra $$ so my children don’t have to help as much.

2 years ago

Pardon me, but I do not believe EVERY American will get a check!! There will be parameters
That have to be met. Age, wage, number in family, if on Welfare or other Govt payment
Program….and perhaps even more “if you are…s.” Don’t be angry not getting one. REMEMBER the Government is ALREADY $25;000;000;000;000.00 in DEBT to other Countries . With this virus,I suspect it will be closer to $45,000,000,000,000.00
(That is Forty-five TRILLION DOLLARS!!! ). This isn’t to make people rich, it is to help avoid bankruptcies, etc for people who are already on the brink.
Please remember the Liberal left DEMOCRATS insisted on inserting PORK BARREL expenses. Instead of going forONLY necessary expenses.

Good luck and God bless America

2 years ago

I am very proud of President Trump. For still standing tall and not backing down to the evilness that keeps attacking him and our country. My prayers are for GOD to help president Trump get ahold of what he needs to do to keep America Safe, Healthy, Strong, and Standing Together to keep America On Top where it belongs.

A mac,
Thank you for standing with President Trump and letting the people see what Pelosi is doing.

GOD Bless you all

steve brisson
2 years ago
Reply to  Margie


2 years ago

I would hope that only those who have lost work due to the virus would get a check. My thoughts are that everyone will take a check just because it’s available. Why take the money if you aren’t affected? Leave it for others. I hope people will use wisdom. There should be proof given to the govt that one has been affected! I hope the govt doesn’t just send out checks with indiscretion!

James (mickey) Scoggins
2 years ago
Reply to  Ross

I certainly agree, while I live on SS income, this virus has not affected my income YET. So prove you are affected by the virus and good luck.

2 years ago
Reply to  Ross

I do agree with what you are saying and although I am still working I am at risk daily because I am part of the essential business community of workers. We work for barely over minimum wage and like so many others “hazard pay” is not a part of the equation. I already live on a shoestring. I welcome the check not because I “need” it right now but it would be nice to have a cushion so to speak.

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