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What PragerU Kids and Jill Simonian Are Doing to Reclaim American Education | EP 202

“Our education system has traded teaching knowledge with teaching social justice, and I think that’s one of the foundational problems for why so many children are lacking in actual learning,” says PragerU Kids Director of Outreach, Jill Simonian. Simonian joined AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber to discuss the variety of initiatives that target America’s youth and what PragerU Kids are doing to not only address but correct the obstacles facing America’s children today.

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Rob citizenship
2 months ago

Well Done Jill Simonian ! Your ideas about education are surely needed . In the spirit of everything that encourages good character, good citizenship, respect for law and the will of God, respect for life and Liberty.

Stan d. Upnow
2 months ago

Neither will you, living in your mom’s basement.

Stan d. Upnow
2 months ago

STOP using the Left’s deceptive term(“social justice”) to describe the perverted, anti-American crap they are hell-bent on foisting on our impressionable kids and our society at large.

Bill Murrin
2 months ago

I have been so disgusted with our education system for so long now that 20 years ago I began dedicating my spare time – when job and family allowed – to researching what is wrong and how to make corrections for such a destructive institution. I have no thought of money or positions. My only intention has been to share my substantial findings with the public so that individuals might influence the educational landscape, in all its manifestations, back on track toward a free society where the people are capable of self-government given their knowledge and wisdom. For those interested, go to

Patriot Will
2 months ago

Being a good parent is one of the most important jobs in the world. Teaching an offspring to have “confidence, responsibility, and hard work” is a blessing which will help that child develop into a kind and patient, happy adult. Tragically, many American parents are not doing their job, and our entire country is being torn apart by shallow and evil voices. Too many people are acting like emotional thugs. The racial equity goons are among the worst offenders. These impatient and ignorant fools, go around yelling and bullying those individuals who have the sense to be patriotic and thankful for our Constitution in a world where character, not skin color and sexual preferences, is appreciated and encouraged. Jill Simonian and Prager University are to be admired in their attempts to fill in some of the teachings in character that so many parents are neglecting to deal with.

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