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What Do They Want? A Look at the Big Picture Tax Hikes Being Proposed by Democrats


President Biden’s budget lays out an ambitious tax and spend agenda that Democrats are currently having a hard time passing through Congress. But what tax increases do they want specifically? The Tax Foundation recently took a look at the full picture of proposed tax increases this year. Below I’ve included the tax increases Democrats hope to enact in order to finance their priorities. Taken together, these tax increases could be devastating for the economy. Here’s the full list.

Biden’s American Jobs Plan tax increases

  • Increase the federal corporate tax rate from 21 percent to 28 percent and tighten inversion regulations.
  • Raise the tax on Global Intangible Low Tax Income (GILTI) to 21 percent, calculate it on a country-by-country basis, and eliminate the exemption of a 10 percent return on tangible investment abroad (QBAI).
  • Impose a 15 percent minimum tax on corporate book income, which would be levied on a firm’s financial profits instead of taxable income for firms with revenue over $100 million.
  • Repeal the Foreign-Derived Intangible Income (FDII) deduction, which incentivizes firms to move intellectual property (IP) into the U.S.
  • Provide a tax credit for certain onshoring activity and deny expense deductions on jobs that were offshored.
  • Increase corporate tax enforcement.
  • Eliminate certain deductions and credits for the fossil fuel industry

Biden’s American Families Plan tax increases

  • Raise the top marginal rate on individuals to 39.6 percent.
  • Apply ordinary income tax rates to capital gains income of individuals with more than $1 million in taxable income.
  • Tax unrealized capital gains at death with a $1 million exemption for single filers and a $2 million exemption for joint filers, with additional exemptions for certain types of assets.
  • Apply the 3.8 percent net investment income tax to all income above $400,000, including active pass-through income.
  • Make permanent the 2017 tax law’s 4639(I) limitation on pass-through businesses’ losses above $250,000 for single filers and $500,000 for joint filers.
  • Limit 1031 Like-Kind Exchange deferral for gains above $500,000.
  • Tax carried interest as ordinary income.
  • Increase individual tax enforcement and enact new reporting requirements for financial institutions.

That’s over 15 different tax hikes proposed in the first 100 days of the Biden administration, with more certainly coming. Fortunately for the country, Democrats in the House can only lose four votes, and Senate Democrats have zero margin of error when pushing a tax hike bill. The clock continues to tick as moderate Democrats are getting weak knees about raising taxes as the country recovers with the 2022 midterms on the horizon. So far, Democrats have been unable to change a single provision from the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, but their list of proposed tax hikes gets longer each day.

Palmer Schoening is President of the Family Business Coalition and part of AMAC Actions advocacy team in Washington, DC.

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Tom Adams
3 months ago

Stop using terms most Amac readers don’t understand like “inversion regulations “. What does that mean?

Lee McQuillen
4 months ago

I wish I knew who the woman was who came into my place of employment and adamantly told me should would not vote for Trump because he was going to raise taxes. Makes no sense since he was the one who lowered them. There needs to be a way to combat the lies from the MSM but I have no idea what it would be other than word of mouth and a new platform rather than those censoring speech.

4 months ago
Reply to  Lee McQuillen

Biggest problem is that 98% of MSM is liberal, oops progressive and foreign owned. See why there won’t be anyone or business held accountable for what they say or print.

4 months ago
Reply to  Max

Don’t u mean humanoids. Look up the definition & you’ll agree

4 months ago

The “UNFAIR” tax loop holes for the wealthy and corporations have been going on since President Nixon. All loop holes need to be closed. The Wealthy and Corporations need to pay their fair share of taxes. It is Un-American not to pay your fair share of taxes, and you don’t deserve to LIVE IN THIS ALREADY GREAT U.S.A. if you don’t pay your fair share of taxes.

4 months ago
Reply to  Alfredo

Then lets go to a 10 or 15% tax on everyone. From the poorest 2 the richest. No deductibles

4 months ago

I would like to know those politicians in this wage or income bracket will have exemptions to this as with most programs aubmitted

Bill Roseberry
4 months ago

These changes would be good if the revenue was used to address our looming debt crisis. We need to make this our nation’s number one priority. Otherwise our country is doomed.

4 months ago

every time this sick pervert sippy joe salutes or stands next to Our Flag, makes me Vomit.. YOU Are a TRAITOR Communist PIG

Barb 304
4 months ago

I heard on the news today the G7 Nations want to ‘globalize’ corporate taxes to 15%. Wonder what Biden has to say about that. After all, he is a globalist, right?

4 months ago
Reply to  Barb 304

Anything to continue to line his pocket with $$$$$$$$$ !

Stephen Russell
4 months ago

More Government overall less business

Jesse F Tiede
4 months ago

Funny how every time a “Tax Increase On The Rich” gets allowed in, it seems to only work if the “Middle Class” actually pay for it! Time, no, well PAST time, to go to a Flat Tax on Income. You make a dollar you didn’t have before? Pay a dime in tax on it. No “shelters”, no deferments, no exceptions, everybody pays. Do this and in 3 years you will have enough money to start paying off the National Debt…

4 months ago

As Ronald Reagan said long ago. Businesses don’t pay taxes. They raise prices of their products and services to pay the taxes. Now, I’m not saying taxes shouldn’t be paid by business, but let’s not stiffle growth, particularly small business. I would like to see a minimum tax set up for these sleezy billionaires based on company income and their % of ownership so the Buffets, Bezos and Gates of the world can’t avoid paying income tax. Their holier then though statements are infuriating.

Bill Roseberry
4 months ago
Reply to  TomB

100% true. But, we do need to restrict corporate executive benefits. Corporations should provide the same benefits to all employees.

4 months ago

I have always felt that our tax laws are far to complicated, convoluted, and confusing. Too many loop holes. Too much “fanagleable” regulations. Too many special applications and special rules for certain groups. When even I, a simple retired person, has to use a CPA just to process my annual return, then it is clear……a simple flat tax is preferred. No deductions. No scales and schedules of earnings. Just a flat, unalterable rate that applies across the board….personal and corporate. Everyone pays the same rate, regardless. While this may mean hundreds of thousands of IRS workers and CPAs and lawyers and like consultants would be hard pressed for work…..perhaps even being put “out of business”, it would be a small price to pay. I know this is a fantasy, and in our present state would be near impossible to implement (because of the ingrained system that exists), but to continue to operate otherwise only perpetuates the ongoing mess. No one has the will to make the changes that matter…and it just ends up as “more of the same” no matte who is politically in charge.

Bill Roseberry
4 months ago
Reply to  D.P.

A flat tax is the answer with no deductions.

William Bleak
4 months ago

Unfortunately, the Democrats probably don’t know this but you were under no military courtesy to salute another nations flag. As a fact, it is the opposite you are not supposed to salute another nations flag. I do expect that when they gave him all a little plastic soldiers and let him play G.I. Joe no one mentions this. This man is not the commander in chief he is in no way a soldier, a sailor, a marine , in-service to his country. Having been a sailor it offends me to watch him play act. But then the Democrats are rife with clowns like this, CARY, Blumenthal et al.What I wanna know is which flag is he saluting? With this clown it’s always in doubt.

4 months ago
Reply to  William Bleak

Funny that you brought up military courtesy about foreign nations. From my sea going days, a US warship would never initiate honors to a foreign flagged vessel. The foreign flagged vessel would start the honor by dipping their flag to half mast. We in turn, would dip our flag to half mast and return the flag to full staff for acknowledgement, then they would return their flag to full mast and go on their merry way. However, when we came across a Communist flagged vessel, even when they dipped their flag, our orders were not to acknowledge that courtesy from that vessel what so ever. I don’t know the naval policy is now but I hope it has not changed.

4 months ago
Reply to  Max

If China had one in the mix, I would say that is the flag that he was saluting seeing that is the country that he defends

4 months ago
Reply to  William Bleak

On the flag saluting, I think he is saluting the one World Order.

4 months ago

This is just a start. If the Democrats are able to get these taxes passed, then they will start on people/families making under $ 400K. The biggest possible tax changes would be to go after exemptions and deductions which would be a tax increase on everyone.

4 months ago
Reply to  Max

Since the beginning of the year, everyone has been paying higher taxes at the pump. And those in the lower income brackets, who drive to or for work, are the most vulnerable. Also, broad-based inflation at the grocery store, the hardware store, the used car lot, and even the garden center already has driven up taxes that everyone pays on higher-priced goods. There’s no way Biden can fulfill his promises to the Squad by attacking only those in the $400K+ brackets.

Straight-ticket R’s in 2020 and 2024!

4 months ago
Reply to  Kim

Amazing how prices go up when the Democrats are in control and turn around to blame the Republicans for it.

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