What a Border Crisis Looks Like

border migrant caravan families cartels Mexican FBI illegal aliens Mexico murder sanctuary MS-13News flash: There’s a crisis at the border.

This was discovered again over the past few days when immigration attorneys talked to reporters about appalling conditions at a Border Patrol facility detaining migrant minors in Clint, Texas.

According to the lawyers, many of the kids had to sleep on the concrete floor, failed to get proper adult supervision, and didn’t routinely take showers or brush their teeth. The details were hard to read. 

Reprinted with permission from - National Review - by Rich Lowry

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T Anderson

This why they bring so many kids….tug on our heartstrings and then they all end up staying here and can we really handle it all? Look at the Americans living on streets….some of them with their children, but what is being done to help them? Illegals are getting free housing, health care, whatever they need. Why are our citizens not being helped? Send them all back and let their countries deal with them. Do I sound heartless? I wasn’t before, but seeing films by Dennis Michael Lynch has opened my eyes to the legal citizens of this country suffering more than most of these illegals.


Send them and their parents back ASAP. They don’t deserve to be here and live for free which is why they come. Americans, true American taxpayers are tired of supporting everyone who is to lazy to work. If their country is so bad, FIGHT AND CHANGE THEIR OWN COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


America cannot afford to continue to absorb these people and the word illegal means exactly what it implies. They are committing a criminal act that you or I would surely be punished for as a citizen and definitely not be rewarded with free housing, food, medical treatment, and everything else. If that were the case, we would all consider doing something illegal when times got hard. We have to turn them back and shorten the process that orders their deportation. Why are ICE and the Detention Centers being blamed for the death from illness when parents are dragging these children across many treacherous miles where there is a lack of food and sanitation and exposing them not only to the elements, but to illnesses that many are carrying to begin with? How are those providing services to know that a child has been exposed to the measles or something else… Read more »


The real crisis is our immigration leniency that overruns our resources. We need an immigration reform that allows people in who are willing and able to abide by our Constitution and go to work and pay taxes. When our forefathers entered this country that is what was expected. They needed to have a guardian who would vouch for the aforementioned principles of the new immigrant/s. If these principles were not abided by the guardian also paid the price. These are common sense conditions. Should we allow anyone in who would steal, cheat, lie, rape and kill us? Just look at Omar, Tlaib and numerous other muslims who are doing the aforementioned crimes!!!


So I guess on the way to break into our country they slept in 4 star hotels! Sorry, this may sound cold but this is a self made problem by those coming in illegally and those giving these people false hope. Once the borders are closed and people seeking asylum go through the correct channels these centers won’t be necessary.

Maria Rodriguez

These kids are here now so we should see if our brothers and sisters in Christ can set up care packs to send to these kids with toothpaste toothbrushes and a list of what else we can do to help. These kids are kids it is the parents faults they are here and being held.
We should try to help as best as we can to also win these kids to Christ in love.
This would be a great mission field. We must also pray for Preident Trump and his family. The left and right wing are really going to do all they can to make the reelection a dirty fight so we must ask God Almighty to place a hedge of protection around him and his family.
Thank you and May God continue to gear the prayers of His people.

Ruth M

Agree with most all of the comments here but the real problem is Congress – our “representatives” and senators not doing their job and not abiding by their oaths of office – making sure that U.S. citizens and the U.S. are number one in priority – protect the country and the citizens. They are cowards and betrayers.


Soros and company have purposefully created this crises and the ‘news’ media are the willing propaganda arm.

We have to strongly back conservative media so the liberals can at least be exposed to another narrative.

Nebraska Jerry

Well then, here’s an idea. Send them home!

Mike G

Here’s something we all learned before we started school “Charity Starts at Home”!

Armando Crescenzi

The brutality exhibited by migrants, of exploiting children as a fraudulent prop must not be tolerated. Lock up all those heartless adults who would put the lives of children at risk… immediately! With no chance of asylum every.


It is obvious That The Mexican President wont keep his word to put troops at their border to stop or slow the migrants from crossing our boarder. Our Congress wont help in fact enabling them by giving them things that they wont do for those that are with out here in the USA . What we need to do now is put our troops at the border and close all the entry ways and all the holes that they are using. Each and every one that tries to cross over will be forced back. This will be done until Mexico complies with their promise to put their troops at the border or Until congress gets their head out of their backside and allow the president to do his job And secure the border. Wewont allow these Migrants to Come into This Country As our Congress wants , but will not… Read more »


I feel for the kids because they are pawns used by the parents and organized human traffickers to make a buck. Traffickers sell the parents on the benefits of coming here and promise safe passage and protection for a fee. It’s a good paying business for them. I’m sure they get their money of front. Now there is a new business cranking up, yes, rent a kid. Traffickers pay parents to rent a child, returning the kid back once the mission is complete. We the tax payers will be overwhelmed eventually. Anyone that is informed can see what is going on. The word needs to get out to all the people what is really happening.

J. R. Wilson

Nobody is making them come here. They all have the option to turn around and leave.

Larry Lynn Davis

During the Obummer rein the same thing was happening. So why is it a big deal now about the kids?

Word of Truth

The reason that there is a crisis is that the Left wants one. It makes the President look bad. It gives them a chance to ride in on the white horse in 2020 and save us. So don’t count on anything being done to address this. If they control congress and the presidency after the election the solution to the crisis will be total amnesty and massive taxation.