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The inhumane manner in which American retirees are treated by the United States government is beyond acceptable. The latest announcement that there will be no increase in social security benefits next year is intolerable. They have never used a proper formula to determine inflation. Now they throw in the ridiculous “low fuel price”. We do not drive at the same times and distance and many of us no longer drive. Our rent and health insurance continues to climb, as do most necessities (even postage .stamps). For seven years banks have been allowed to withhold our interest income from savings accounts (OUR LOANS TO THEM) and pretend that they are the same as Their loans to customers. It is past time for those whom we put in charge to conduct themselves in a decent manner and behave as though they truly care about the American people.

Cliff Smith

Social Security is NOT an “Entitlement” for those of us who actually worked and EARNED enough to qualify for the supposed / presumed / promised benefit! We paid cash for it in order to be able to receive our paltry monthly dole!


Why do we have to pay taxes on Social Security payments? Isn’t taxes what make social security money?


I am near 80 yrs old and continue to work 3 days a week to make ends meet. I don’t earn all that much yearly but have found that I must take 0 deductions + $25 every 2 wks out of my pay for taxes. When it comes tax time I would get nearly all this money back but when we add both mine & my husband SS they end up taking nearing all I paid taxes on SS which we already had paid taxes on before. I end up working a month to pay add’l taxes for just our SS. When you add all my wages and SS together it is still at the bottom end of medium income. Talk about unfair. Can’t even save money so I can retire. I’m not retired, JUST TIRED. This tax is so unfair.


Are there benefits for non Emergency medical transportation for doctors appointments

Nancy Walicki

Send me stuff to join.

Sandy Greene

Question – do you have a newsletter that is published and sent to members daily/weekly/monthly? Would love to receive an AMAC newsletter on a routine basis. If so, how do you get placed into the email list.


PAUL: we have to pay taxes on the 50% of SS our employer(s) paid in on your behalf. We only paid taxes on the 50% we paid while we were working. That is why we claim only 1/2 of SS payments as income on our income tax returns. Hope this helps.


the only way to get the power back in our hands and back to the states in a convention of states. follow the 5th amendment it was given to us by the founders to protect us, use it!

Tom W

I worked for the Federal Govt. for 38 tears and I think they pay their employees too much (not the lower pd. employees) The pensions also. My pension is very inflated. Govt. pay is much higher than the private sector. That seems to be higher for govt’s. of all types. It’s easy come easy go when the pay comes from all levels of governments throughout the


I enjoy the comments and give-and-take with AMAC members, a lot. But you have a long way to go as far as enabling lively discourse is concerned. If you had a way of informing us by email when someone comments to a post we make, that would allow us to get to that comment in a timely fashion. Even more ideal would be if you set up a topics and discussion site such as Free Republic, and make it for members only. It has a very efficient system for keeping posters abreast of conversations to which we contribute.


I would like to see the “message counter” returned to the website, since this is about the new website (I thought).

Gary T

Very disappointing that Social Security will not provide any increase, this year, since everything, that I depend on, has gone up in price! Are Medicare premiums going up this year?
I fear that, as Thomas Jefferson warned, now that the “something for nothing” electorate has figured how to play the system, we may not be able to turn this mess around!

Robert Dodge

Third time in 6yrs no S.S. cost of livin increase. I am glad congress doesn’t have to go without!