Welcome AMAC Delegates!

We are proud to welcome the following members who have volunteered to serve as AMAC Delegates:

Brad Kuiper NE-2
Cindy Krueger FL-11
Christiana Marinescu OH-59
Tom Jeffrey MO-2
Vince Romao GA-11
Jack Stuart ID-01
Shirley Heaton LA-04
Alan Winters, MD TX-07
Brenda Tolton SC-02
Dick Bowen WA-02
Raymond Bostard PA-6
Nancy Stanchina MN-06

AMAC Delegates will call on their local Congressional district office 2-4 times per year when the Representative is in town. They will introduce the Representative and staff to AMAC on a local level, and articulate our mission and stance on the issues that matter to our members.

The AMAC Delegate Program’s purpose is to put a local face on AMAC, show the Representative that AMAC members are a growing part of his/her constituency, and demonstrate our ability to provide conservative, free market-based solutions to the problems that affect our members and threaten our nation.

Are you interested in becoming an AMAC Delegate?  We need you!  Please visit and click the “Become an AMAC Delegate” tab to learn more about the program.


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Tom Beebe
9 years ago

How can I help from a home in St Louis?

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