We wanted to know if Pure TalkUSA could really save you money. Here’s what we found.

One of our longest partnerships here at AMAC has been with Pure TalkUSA, a wireless phone service company. There’s a chance you might not have heard of Pure Talk because they don’t do all the prime time advertising that you see from Verizon or AT&T or T-Mobile. I want to share with you what we know about Pure Talk and why we think you should know about them too.

Pure TalkUSA claims to cover 99% of Americans.

We learned that Pure Talk uses the AT&T 4G LTE GSM network, the largest GSM network in the country. If you check out their coverage map, you’ll see how extensive it is. You’d be hard pressed to find any area of the country that isn’t covered.

Is Pure Talk really more affordable?

If you’re using one of the big guys for wireless, you’re paying more than you need to. If you look at Pure Talk’s plans, their pricing grabs your attention. Monthly plans for AMAC members start at $10 and their new $55 monthly unlimited data plan can hardly be beat! Plus, all their AMAC plans include a FREE 3-Year AMAC membership. 

Are they lower cost because they scrimp on customer service?

We know from experience that when you call any customer service for help you’re usually dealing with someone half way around the world who might be difficult to understand. Not with Pure Talk. Their customer support is 100% U.S. based.

Pure Talk’s CEO and chairman is a veteran of the U.S. military, which perhaps accounts for the number of military and former military members who are Pure Talk customers. Headquartered in Covington Georgia, the company emphasizes friendly, personal service and devotion to its loyal customer base.

How are they lower in price?

Pure Talk keeps costs lower by doing everything online and not spending a fortune on national advertising campaigns. If you’re using one of the big guys, you’re paying more to cover their advertising budget. With no retail stores you eliminate a lot of overhead. Pure Talk’s pricing is lower because operating costs are lower.

What about data and service?

Talking about data can be confusing. All Pure Talk data plans rely on 4G LTE. 4G LTE is the fastest wireless transmission speed available in the nation right now. If you know and like the AT&T network, you’ll like Pure Talk too.  Many of the other carriers slow their data speeds when their network traffic gets “too heavy”. Pure Talk does not do this. Talking about data can be confusing. All Pure Talk data plans rely on 4G LTE. 4G LTE is the fastest wireless transmission speed available in the nation right now. If you know and like the AT&T network, you’ll like Pure Talk too.  Many of the other carriers slow their data speeds when their network traffic gets “too heavy”. Pure Talk does not do this.

What does “unlimited data” really mean?

In the U.S. wireless phone industry, “unlimited” means the data is delivered at the maximum speed until you reach your plan’s pre-set limit, then the carrier decreases your speed but they don’t turn it off.  Pure Talk decreases speed once users hit their monthly plan limit – but the slower speed is 128 kilobytes per second (nearly 3G speeds) – which is much faster than many other carriers.

Do new customers have to buy a new phone when they switch to Pure Talk?

Customers can use their existing phone if it has a SIM card and is an unlocked GSM phone. Most AT&T or T-Mobile phones will work, but they can’t be tied to an existing carrier contract or payment plan. If you want to see if you can keep use your current phone I suggest you give them a call on our dedicated AMAC toll free number.  Pure Talk also sells a variety of phones.

Can I keep my phone number?

As long as your previous carrier unlocked your phone (meaning it’s not tied to a contract or payment plan), you can keep your number.

Here is some more info we learned about Pure Talk USA:

  • The $10 a month AMAC members only plan is for folks that don’t need a lot of data.  Their other plans range from $20 to $55 and include unlimited talk, text, and however much high-speed data you choose.
  • New customers receive a free 3-Year AMAC membership which is a $42 savings.
  • You don’t have to sign a long contract. Customers pay month-to-month and can move on for any reason.
  • They offer a multi-line discount of up to 20% of the monthly bill.
  • They have a “refer-a-friend” program where each person gets a $20 credit.

Our conclusions: From what we’ve learned about Pure Talk USA we are confident that they do what they say. Their service appears to be at least equal to their larger competitors. They have a month-to-month plan offering and a 30-day risk-free guarantee, so customers have much to gain and nothing to lose.    

We enthusiastically endorse Pure Talk USA.  

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2 months ago

I switched 2 years ago service was fine and the plan worked for 2 years I was paying $48 per month. 2 years paying right out of my bank account. Most would consider that a contract.
A month ago I could not connect my iPad to my hotspot. Battled with phone software for a month. Then I called Pure talk support. Pure talk changed the AMAC plan with no notice. I called they want $20.00 for hotspot service, $65.00 per month. Within 8 days I took my number and switched to Mint Mobile for a total of $20.00 per month I have Hotspot and 10G of Data. They have a $15.00 per month plan also. Pure Talk is still AT&T in disguise. A contract is a contract. The Pure Talk support supervision manager said you get what you pay for. I have had Mint Mobile for a month now works very well.

Jan Courtney
3 months ago

Pure Talk is THE WORST company I’ve ever dealt with as far as customer service. After hearing several commercials about how great Pure Talk is compared to larger cell phone providers such as AT & T, T-Mobile, etc., and the fact Pure Talk uses “the same cell towers as the bigger providers”, and the fact Pure Talk is so much cheaper, I decided to make the switch. I also upgraded to a newer phone, an I-Phone SE, which I returned for an I- Phone 11.

This is turning out to be a HUGE-giant-of-a-headache mistake. I’ve waited over a week for a refund of $256 for the returned I Phone SE, and today I spent practically three hours talking to Customer Service Reps from AT & T and Pure Talk trying to port my phone number to the new provider. Last week a rep from Pure Talk promised she would take care of doing this, and I gave her all my AT & T information, account number, passcode, everything.

I currently still have no cell phone service on my new phone, and have been given every excuse under the sun why I don’t, the latest being a “system error” which may last 24-48 business hours.

For those believing the claims that the process of switching providers takes one quick phone call, as the Pure Talk commercials state, buyer beware! IT IS NOT WORTH THE AGGRAVATION.

June Witty
2 months ago
Reply to  Jan Courtney

I am in Morris County NJ, my home cell service is so so with Verizon which is the best of all the services I have tried, I am hesitant to switch for that reason but hate paying so much money for our plan.

June Witty
2 months ago
Reply to  June Witty

I just called, they are going to send me a trial sim card to use to see if I will have service in my home and area, this is perfect, I will take this opportunity to see if I’ll have service at our vacation home Upstate also. What other provider would do that???!

5 months ago

Sorry, but they’ve experienced some type of glitch. No incoming, or outgoing calls. Went to a friend’s home to call support. Was on hold for over 45 minutes before the call dropped. They are obviously experiencing an issue. I’ll be looking for another provider.

6 months ago

Do you have a store where we could come in and look at the phones offered?

Ralph James Gregory
7 months ago

10 months ago

Can you keep the same number?

James Krautkramer
1 year ago

Does Pure Talk give discounts to AMAC members?

Jon Jerret
1 year ago

Is Mexico and Canada in the plans?

Brian L Marshall
1 year ago

How do I get started with pure talk

1 year ago

Does pure talk support apple watches

Rebecca L Cleveland
1 year ago

Is there a code to apply at checkout for Pure Talk?

Ronald Brunette
1 year ago

Are the plan prices per line or can two phones share the same package?

1 year ago

we have 3 phones in same package, adding a 4th

Bill Owens
2 years ago

My wife and I Have pure talk with AMAC and love it. Mine is 10.00 for a flip phone and hers is 15.00 for smart phone. We are in a rural area and have a cordless phone with link to cell. We put our cell phones in the house where we get best reception and answer it on home phone line no problem and there service dept is great. Thank You AMAC.

Patricia shaffer
2 years ago

Does amac offer health insurance supplement to Medicare like arrp?

2 years ago

Yes, of course. Check their benefits pages at

Tammy Young
2 years ago

We have Pure Talk and it is excellent.

jo jantosciak
2 years ago

Does the price quoted include taxes

2 years ago
Reply to  jo jantosciak

No. My $20 plan is taxed 41 cents. But that might vary by area.

Joseph Gruss
2 years ago

Is Pure Talk less expensive than Consumer Cellular?

Robert Gardner
2 years ago
Reply to  Joseph Gruss

I am not sure. I just added my wife, a second line to my account for $15. that brought my total to $47 and change. I have consumer cellular. Unlimited text & talk.

Sue Barnett
2 years ago

We live in a rural area. Have VERY POOR reception and lots of dropped calls with C Spire. Can you guarantee us better service?

2 years ago
Reply to  Sue Barnett

You get a trial period plus you’re not locked into a contract. No carrier can guarantee you will have reception, but PureTalk USA will let you try it out.

Bonnie Castor
2 years ago

My husband has a flip phone, would it work with your plan?

2 years ago
Reply to  Bonnie Castor

Call their customer service and they can tell you. They are easy to work with.

Kenard Swift
2 years ago

I like your plan but AT&T has very poor service in my area. I’ve tried them before with zero luck.

Elaine Smith
8 months ago
Reply to  Kenard Swift

Interested in knowing how your service will work in my area. We have poor service with AT&T and have to use our cells mostly over WiFi. Will that be the same with this plan?

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