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We Are AMAC – The Alternative Choice for America’s Seniors

America’s future is at a crossroads.  Our history and traditions.  Our sacred Constitution and Bill of Rights.  The incredible legacy we have inherited.

The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) is committed to securing a future that holds fast to our nation’s moral compass, respects and honors our selfless veterans and offers real solutions to the challenges our country now faces.

Please share this message with like-minded friends and family.  It will only take a moment of your time and costs less than it would for us to run a fancy television commercial.  Our work of boldly representing our members and their values on Capitol Hill can only continue with your help.

We are AMAC. Better for you. Better for America.

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1 month ago

An explanation is needed why you showed the rainbow, when there are so many more symbols that better support the foundation of AMAC.

1 month ago

How about the sun shining or a blue sky or a tree?
At least-If y’all would have written IN GOD WE TRUST over it.

1 month ago

I joined Amac because I’m a patriot and conservative. Why the rainbow??

29 days ago

The Rainbow was stolen to be the symbol to represent gays ! It is only political correctness that has allowed it to become such. You people prove just how such a beautiful simple piece of natural artwork can be misconstrued and then use as a means to divisiveness. If you see one and automatically think of gays then it just shows that you have been indoctrinated.

James Parry
29 days ago

Seriously people….
Quit worrying about a little girl painting a rainbow in an
AMAC video for Christs sake!
You’re not getting the viewpoint of the video itself if that shuts down your mind from watching the video.
I know conservatives are smarter than our liberal counterparts.

29 days ago

People you need to lighten up about the rainbow! You’re acting like those who are offended by hats and statues, these people need serious help! The rainbow belongs to God, it always has and always will, it was a promise God gave to Noah regarding His covenant, between Him and the earth, stating that He would never again flood the earth! Stop being legalistic! And look at the rainbow through His eyes and not the enemy’s!

29 days ago

Let’s not turn into the Left stereotyping inanimate objects and judge them at face value for what they really are. A miracle of nature. I like pink shirts and wear them often. Doesn’t mean I’m gay only that I like pink shirts and I’m secure enough in my manliness to disregard any comments to the contrary. But it is a shame that organizations have picked something as beautiful as a rainbow 🌈 to use as a symbol for such a disgusting organization.

29 days ago

When I saw the picture of the little girl painting a rainbow, the LGBTQ symbolism never even crossed my mind. Back in the 80’s, my wife and I led a youth puppet team ministry in our church. Our puppet team was named “The Rainbow Promise Players”. This was based on our first full scale production of the story of Noah’s Ark. The script, written by one of the senior members of our church, ended with God’s promise of the rainbow, signifying that He would never destroy the earth by flood again.   The Gay Pride community hijacked the rainbow symbolism… Read more »

29 days ago

An excellent video! A moving message on a powerful platform. Jack

29 days ago

Disney films show pedophilia signs in some of their children movies. Is that an innocent coincidence?

Gary Z
29 days ago

We cannot let the radical socialists and haters of free speech and those who desire anarchy to destroy this great nation. Too many good people have worked, fought and died to protect our freedom, rights and liberties. The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men and women to do nothing. Our Nation under God must continue to stay strong in the core beliefs that it was founded on in our bill of Rights and we must protect our Constitution, for if we fail the whole world will suffer.

29 days ago

Seriously people. It’s a rainbow. Take it at face value. Stop trying to label everything and attach it to a cause. That’s why we are divided today. Learn to go with the flow and accept it at face value. It’s a beautiful thing being painted by an innocent child. Why do you feel the need to trash it or demoralize it? Let it be.

29 days ago

The rainbow is Gods promise, don’t let satan take that away. I am so sick and tired of a few evil people stirring up the USA, and the ignorant following. The bad governors allowing the states to be torn apart and burned because they are following evil. When ever I get a chance I claim the rainbow, for it was given by God. The queers can and leftists can get over it. I still love seeing a rainbow and you don’t have to be a child to still draw one. We are to a point where everyone will make a… Read more »

1 month ago

Why show a LGBTQ rainbow being painted????

Cynthia Busch
29 days ago

That video made me nostalgic for the great moments in our history when we seemed more united as a country. There is so much chaos now, will we ever see that unity again?

27 days ago

Enjoyed the short video. Please, Please when you show a video with someone talking Don’t put music with it, as a hearing impaired person as the majority of Senior Citizen’s are with any music one has trouble hearing the words for some they wouldn’t be able to hear them. It is so frustrating when that happens as one knows it is a good informative video just couldn’t understand it.

Mike Keehn
28 days ago

Please just stop. The left does enough of this with it’s ‘Cancel Culture’. We don’t need any of that here. I think just plain old hometown common sense tells us there is no hidden meaning here. We have all just become so self protective looking for the signs and symbols everywhere.   That’s exactly what the left wants. To pit us against each other at every turn. To keep us afraid of each other at every opportunity. If we do that, then they have succeeded. They have torn us apart. They have then totally corrupted our American way of life.… Read more »

29 days ago

I liked the video and the message is a great topic, but I agree that it could’ve been a little longer.. Not too much though because we’ve become a short-attention-span society.
I don’t know what all the brouhaha is with the rainbow, it’s a rainbow. Stop looking for things to complain about. I don’t have a problem with gay people, I have a problem with gay people who are jerks. We all have our moments though, don’t we? God Bless America.

29 days ago

If all you have to talk about is the rainbow that this little girl is painting you are missing the whole point ! Stop taking everything God made as beautiful and saying it represents something bad !!! I’m sure the intentions were good ones.

Iccabod Craine
29 days ago

Truly BLM could careless of any life. Their true agenda is the political bullying of government entities to yield to peace at all cost. Ask Israel how well that concept is working. The CDC reports that since 1972, more than 3.4 million black babies were aborted. More than any ethnicity in the US. So if truly Black Lives Matter, this socialist political entity should be on the forefront to end abortion (infanticide) with the same vigor as they are destroying the history and culture which gives them the freedom of sacrifice babies to their cult god of democratic socialism and… Read more »

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