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Watch Video: Dan Weber On Healthcare Waste

Another example of what happens when the government gets involved in healthcare. This [what should be simple] medical paperwork is simply ridiculous! Can’t blame the doctors, either – they’re just doing what they’re required to do. More work for doctors, more confusion for patients, more control for bureaucrats.

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Marcia Standifer

Having spent 30 years as a health care provider, the last 20 years as an officer with the US Public Health Service, I fully agree with Dan Weber’s frustration. I witnessed numerous episodes of obstructive and wasteful medical processes, and strongly believe the government should NOT be involved in our health care.

That said, the need for some degree of systemic medical help for our seniors and indigent populations IS necessary to protect the health of the nation.

But processes involving these interventions need to be closely monitored and streamlined to prevent fraud and unnecessary waste, as well as to deliver appropriate care to populations and individuals in a timely manner.

Anna Clark

We need to return to a regional medical system so local hospitals are more triage centers with 24 hour urgent care services.
This would cut out multiple duplicate services and you would get the correct care at the best facility.

Susan Smith

Hey isn’t that “fine print” CYA information required because we have too many (way tooo many) lawyers in this country. I give much credit to lawyers for causing a good deal of the mess this country is in.

Clark Kent

So you would have the fox (government) monitoring the henhouse (medical care)? By the way, who qualifies as a ‘senior’ or ‘indigent’? The government will list EVERYONE as a ‘senior’ or ‘indigent’ in order to BUY VOTES. Wake up.


And that’s the problem with government today- too much red tape. But President Trump realizes this and exercises his carving knife everyday.