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WATCH: Mike Rowe on a ‘Real’ Hard Day’s Work

Kelsey Harris | Heritage.org

“Closing the skills gap is about keeping America working. …It’s about keeping America, America.”

This was the theme of author and TV personality Mike Rowe’s testimony before the House Natural Resources Committee Tuesday. He was invited to speak before the committee about the nationwide skills gap.

Rowe, former host of the hit show “Dirty Jobs,” is infamous for highlighting stories of Americans doing “dirty jobs.” The Blaze caught up with Rowe while he was in D.C. to talk about the importance of skilled labor and work-ethic driven by necessity. Around :20 and 1:25, you can watch excerpts from his Capitol Hill testimony.

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6 years ago

I have owned my own business for 20 years, & my husband is an engineer. I went to a trade school, my husband got his schooling through the military. We have college age children & are encouraging them to get a formal education in any desired field after working a few years. 3 reasons; it is umbilical to encourage them to go into debt for the schooling when they have no way of paying it off, most people do not work in their field of education, children need to be humbled by working with\for several different types of people. By… Read more »

Sheriff Stephen D. Fisher, Retired
6 years ago

I admire Mike Rowe very much and I hope that he and Glenn Beck work out something that puts him on the BlazeTV with a regular program. Everybody should contact their cable provider and demand The Blaze as part of their program schedules.

6 years ago

The next corrupt industry that will be, “To Big To Fail”, is the “Education Industry”. Guess who will pay for it? You guessed it the, “Good Ole USA Taxpayer”. It’s a “Money Industry” College education is overrated. Teachers, professors, administration and union people are getting very good salaries, if not getting wealthy selling education. Even the For Profit schools are selling the idea of going back to school to get that degree, in hopes of a higher paying job. (What happen to the work ethic?) At the expense of the student and taxpayer. They are not guaranteed a higher paying… Read more »

6 years ago

College degrees are highly overrated; jobs are gone, except those which require actual labor, such as those taught in what used to be called Trade schools; when I finished high school, I read many books on the present day job scene and what was trending for the future. AND, I didn’t borrow money from the government. I was employed for 40 years and my profession is still necessary today, dental hygiene.

Dave Gorjup
6 years ago

Mike is so right. The push by our education “industry” and the federal government which subsidizes it to portray non college graduates as losers is wrong. I graduated from a five year program at one of the most elite schools in the country in 1975. When I entered in 1966 (with several years of army service in the middle) 700 kids fought for 30 spots. What was that school? NASA Langley Research Center Apprentice School (later Engineering Technician School) where I became a journeyman research machinist. Since then I’ve moved up into the engineering ranks but I couldn’t be prouder… Read more »

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