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Watch for Private Border Wall – As Congress and Courts Fail America

border wall

The old English adage rings in my ears. “You cannot bolt a door with a boiled carrot.”  In the same way, you cannot protect a national border, without a credible deterrent – that is, a wall.  As federal and state leaders quarrel, joust and fret, Americans are stepping in to build it. 

No kidding, waiting, or wasting more time.  In each of the past two months, more than 100,000 illegal entrants have crossed into the United States.  Those are near record numbers.  Whatever you think about how America should manage, assimilate, return, reject or otherwise hear and resolve cases of those already in the country, borders are not borders if left unenforced. 

The unalterable reality – that our southern border is not only penetrable, but is being persistently penetrated, that dotted lines on maps do not actual borders make – has moved a group of Americans to act. 

As reported this weekend, a private organization entitled “We Build the Wall” has begun to do just that.  They are not waiting for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) or a fractured, strangely disoriented, inexplicably anti-wall Democratic Caucus to solve their problem.  They are solving it. 

President Trump laid out the case – cogently and with numbers – for the wall, and for understanding that 100,000 illegal entrants per month is literally swamping our ability to humanely process, never mind house, feed, absorb, integrate and assimilate these illegal aliens, many of whom are young, virtually all of whom are impoverished, some sick, others tied to drug and human trafficking gangs.

Enter the American can-do spirit, and action in the face of intentional Democratic inaction.  The civilian “We Build the Wall” organization is focused, for now, on the need for a high-integrity border wall along the so-called El Paso sector of the border.  The reason for starting there is no mystery; drug and human smugglers game the open border in this sector.

Of necessity, the real wall is coming to life on private land.  The need for protection is objective, above dispute by any political party in this sector, and presents both immediate and longer-term public safety and health concerns. 

Again, on the numbers, just under 1,000 illegal entrants are apprehended a day in this sector, according to the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Patrol.  How many penetrate the sector – entering America – un-apprehended is anyone’s guess.  

Similarly, while we catch a percentage of drug traffickers, most experts assess that far more drugs enter the United States than are apprehended.  The southwest border is a prime corridor for trafficking the poisons into our society. 

And if anyone still doubts the flood of foreign drugs into the United States, just consult local law enforcement anywhere in the country, or those triaging overdoses, drugged driving accidents, and drug-related crime victims in America’s emergency rooms.  The ER doctors will tell you what no one wants to hear – the crisis is upon us. 

At the southern border, can-do now appears to be the phrase of the day, if only on private land.   And this example of can-do is especially interesting.   That border sector – and the starting point for this private wall – was described by the Army Corp of Engineers as unbuildable, too rugged to allow for success.

Interestingly, as we go from Memorial Day to celebration success against impossible odds on D-Day, June 6, 1944, one is put in mind of the way we Americans think.  We often delay action we could have taken earlier, but once we start – we are hard to stop. 

The border is becoming a genuine crisis, one that all Americans want solved – regardless of what their national leaders seem willing to finance, with their tax dollars.  Older Americans have had enough and want to protect a country for which many went to war.   So, they appear to be tackling protection of a sector that officials say is “too rugged” to protect.  We shall see.

Meantime never count the average American out, or his or her unified town, or any peaceful and patriotic collection of can-do American doers and builders – intent on defending their rights, land and homes. 

In this way, whether building the wall on private land goes beyond the El Paso sector or not, whether the private wall goes up slow or fast, it offers a powerful, poignant, proscriptive and historic example to the United States Congress.  It also sends a strong signal to the federal courts, which seem to think blocking money for the President’s signature priority – the wall – is good for them.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Why?  Because “you cannot bolt a door with a boiled carrot.”

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1 year ago

Nowhere in the Constitution or in the poem written for Lady Liberty or in Supreme Court decisions is there an allowance for admitting EVERY person who wishes to crash the border. Frankly, I don’t understand why more resources aren’t invested at the borders to prevent unlawful entry by EVERY SINGLE LAW BREAKER. As President Trump has stated, we welcome everyone who wants to assimilate into our communities and contribute to our prosperity, but they must enter the country legally. In fact, because of the 32-year-low birth rate, we Social Security recipients encourage immigration. LEGAL immigration! Many of us have donated… Read more »

Paul W
1 year ago

The sad thing is, this should’ve been taken care of decades ago. Now, with leftist organizations funding and organizing caravans, as well as drug cartels smuggling people as well as drugs, illegal border crossing are beyond massive. The amount of illegal border crossings in the last year alone could have serious ramifications on the 2020 elections. Exactly what the left wanted. They couldn’t care less about these people other than to use them as a source of fraudulent “D” votes and skewing the census numbers. When the proposal was put forth, they sure didn’t want them in their “sanctuary’ cities.… Read more »

1 year ago

How ironic, my grandparents imagrated, and came through Ellis island. People that wanted to come here had requirements then which have all but disappeared. They had to speak our language, ENGLISH, have a MEDICAL and pass, a PLACE to LIVE, AND. JOB. WHERE DOES IT SAY WE MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY of The millions of these people. They have done nothing to EARN THE RIGHT TO BE HERE. . We did not build OUR COUNTRY for them to destroy. Many are crooks, druggies, or dealers stealing other peoples children and LYING TO COME HERE. KEEP THE DEMOCRATS OUT OF OFFICE OR… Read more »

1 year ago

Since the Democrats in Congress are blocking the effort to secure our borders we should send the bill for this wall to the DNC.

Frances O'Toole
1 year ago

We the people do not need to wait on politicians, who only serve themselves, to get things done. Putting our own money towards doing what is right is the American way since the beginning of our country.

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Build more Wall, screw the Feds,Im sure Pres Trump OKs effort big time, Build More wall,Hire more.

Kaye Johnson
1 year ago

This is fantastic news! Our government has failed us, once again, and the citizens take the reins. I pray that those who are stepping forward, will be under His wings, and bless them with success.

1 year ago

Our border is a joke. I lived in Chula Vista for many years and I know it’s true. I have had a number of friends in the Border Patrol and they tell me Americans have no idea how bad it is. And that was 10 years ago!

Those who oppose controlling our borders are enemies of America. There is just no 2 ways about it.

Praise the Lord that there is SOMEBODY doing something about it.

Gayla schamburg
1 year ago

Please, how can I contribute money and physical effort to this cause? Thanks.

Doris Lauter
1 year ago

I wonder if the engineers are being paid by El Chapo also. El Chapo said he is paying our politicians to keep the border open for his drugs. They are destroying America with their vindictive plot against anything Trump does. The people suffer. They are not qualified to be leaders in our country.

Sherri B.
1 year ago

Yes! enough is enough!! I’m personally ready to put everything on hold here at home (although I can’t really afford to), especially given that my meager pay is taxed heavily already, but I would in a min., head down that way, and help with constructing a border wall, and yes I know how harsh the environment and extreme the heat is, especially this time of year, but I would be willing to endure the heat to help secure our borders, protect our country, and bring order to that chaos down there!! BUT why should we have to when the money… Read more »

1 year ago

I’ll say it again: the real problem with our USA is the Left: dems, media, hollywood, antifa, academia….. Illegal aliens, drugs entering, human trafficking, the murder of our unborn, indoctrination of our youth in the schools and culture, “celebrating” every immorality, even negative population growth… these things are the symptoms, and results, of what comes from the Left’s evil plagues. Fight’s on, America. Trump-Pence 2020. And pray.

1 year ago

Been hearing this since the 80’s . Mr Reagan out of kindness granted them citizenship and the floodgates have opened . Nutjobs take note out of kindness he gave them access to America and for those who say America is so terrible just go down to the border and see not hundreds , not thousands but millions that flow into this Great land . The Commies won’t take them . America just asks come to our shores Legally !! Good luck with that private money for order .

Jean Barnes
1 year ago

They know now that it is George Soros and his organizations that are behind the funding and organization to bring these caravans to the US. That is undermining the security of the United States and he should be arrested for that and this organization shut down.

Gail Kornbluth
1 year ago

I am glad o hear about this endeavor an will contrbute.

Almos Berry
1 year ago

In general, politicians are useless. They make promises they never intended to keep to get elected, then they spend time learning from all the “older” politicians in office, the ins and outs of gaming the system (which they have created), to make themselves wealthy and re-electable for the next thirty or forty years. And We The People (apparently the idiots they assume us to be) re-elect them every single time. How dumb is that?

Wake up America – vote these idiots out of office, recall them, impeach them, or whatever is necessary (maybe try running against them).

Brenda Blunt
1 year ago

If the politicians are not willing to protect America and the REAL American is, I support them all the way. Politicians are only out for themselves and not the American people who elected them!!

1 year ago

Go around congress then find away to prosecute the enemy of America the democratic socialist communist muslums party we know this so why are they not been removed they the democratics are putting Americans in danger against the OATH they took get them out now no waiting for election they are the enemy within send in the Federal Marshals Immediately Remove Prosecute

Barbara A Ervin
1 year ago

If we build it they won’t come(anymore). Sounds great to me!

1 year ago

Does anybody know exactly where money can be contributed? I would gladly donate!

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