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Washington’s Newest Parlor Game: “Joe, Kamala, Nancy, or Chuck?” Who Will Still Be in Office One Year From Now?

AMAC Exclusive – By Shane Harris


It’s incredible to think that just eleven months ago, Democrats were celebrating unified control of government for the first time in more than a decade. They had lost seats in the House but still managed to hang on to the gavel, Joe Biden had secured the White House, and two runoff elections in Georgia handed the party the slimmest of majorities in the Senate. It was a narrow victory to be sure, but they were jubilant nonetheless.

Less than one year in, however, almost everyone agrees that the Democratic Party is in freefall. As a litany of crises induced by ill-advised policies sweep the country, Democrats’ grip on power is now endangered by a disgruntled American public, a newly energized Republican Party, and internal divisions threatening to tear the Democrat coalition apart. In the wake of what can only be characterized as a historic (and perhaps even unprecedented) first-year failure, and with glaring individual shortcomings compounding their mismanagement of the government, Washington has a new parlor game. It’s called “Joe, Kamala, Nancy, or Chuck?” And the game is to guess which – if any – will still be in office one year from now.

Joe Biden – a case study in ineptitude

As astonishing as it sounds, the most vulnerable Democratic leader may be the sitting President of the United States who doesn’t face reelection for another three years.

Since taking office, Biden has overseen a disastrous American defeat in Afghanistan, record high inflation, a border crisis of unprecedented scope, crime waves in cities throughout the United States, ransomware attacks on the country’s most critical infrastructure, and surging numbers of COVID-19 deaths despite being handed three vaccines by the Trump administration, among other crises either caused or directly worsened by his administration’s policies. For a president who campaigned on putting “the adults” back in charge, it’s hardly been a rousing success, and Americans are noticing.

There’s also the increasingly obvious fact of Biden’s declining mental faculties. He rarely appears in public, and when he does has repeatedly implied that he’s not in charge of when he can take questions from the press. Biden’s gaffes have embarrassed the country on the world stage and he often wanders away during events, seemingly forgetting where he is at. Just this month, he fell asleep at a major international conference on climate change, a subject he himself has claimed is literally a life and death issue for humanity with little time left on the clock.

Even Democrats appear to recognize that the Biden administration may already be too far gone to salvage. Many Democrats were openly critical of the president over his handling of Afghanistan, and Democrat candidates like Virginia gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe admitted that Biden’s poor poll numbers were dragging them down in their races earlier this month. If Biden’s failed governance and unpopularity continue to impede Democratic success in future elections, pressure may mount internally for a new direction – and let’s not forget that he has an unusually Machiavellian Vice President who is openly plotting to eventually take the reins. If these challenges are too much to overcome, ‘health concerns’ for the soon-to-be 79-year-old Biden may provide the graceful exit needed to usher “the Big Guy” off-stage.

Kamala Harris – has even Biden had enough?

Democrats’ problems in the White House don’t stop with Joe Biden. Kamala Harris currently has a 28 percent approval rating, even lower than her boss. On the one issue that Biden entrusted to her, the border, the administration has 23-percent approval. Harris has also been perhaps even more elusive than the President, having yet to hold a solo press conference and falling victim to the same sort of verbal gaffes as Biden in her rare interview appearances.

Accounts have also emerged in recent days of mounting tension between Harris and her staff on the one hand and Biden’s staff on the other. Rumors have circulated that Biden may even be considering nominating Harris for a Supreme Court seat if one becomes vacant so that he can select a new Vice President. While White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tweeted that Harris is a “vital partner” to Biden, the fact that the administration even felt the need to try and quell such reports suggests that they may not be entirely unfounded.

For the Democratic establishment, Harris was supposed to be the President-in-waiting, ready to step in for an aging Joe Biden. But now, even as Joe Biden continues to flounder, it seems that there is little confidence among the public or Democratic insiders that Harris could do the job much better. If Biden decides not to run in 2024, Harris won’t be a shoo-in – and she likely won’t even be the favorite. If an opportunity presents itself for Harris to save her political career and her legacy, she might just take it. After all, the first black female on the Supreme Court is a better place in the history books than being an unusually unpopular VP.

Nancy Pelosi – the architect of legislative disaster

Many House Democrats were already uneasy with another term for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, even before the legislative mess that the party now finds itself in. Democrats lost seats in the 2020 election on Pelosi’s watch, even as Biden landed in the White House and Democrats regained control of the Senate. Progressives wanted one of their own to hold the gavel, and there were serious doubts that Pelosi could keep an increasingly fractured party together.

Those doubts appear to be well-founded amid the bungled messaging and process around Biden’s signature infrastructure plan and social spending bill. Were it not for 13 Republicans breaking ranks to vote with Democrats, the infrastructure bill would have failed in the House, a sign of Pelosi’s inability to keep progressives in line.

In light of the results in this month’s elections, it’s also conceivable that Pelosi may want to avoid presiding over what could well be a historic collapse in the 2022 midterms. If the 81-year-old Speaker does decide to retire early, she may still be able to name her heir and salvage some of her legacy – an inviting prospect for a career politician.

Chuck Schumer – the new target of the woke left?

The Senate Majority Leader may be in the most secure position of any current Democratic leader, but even his job security is by no means assured. While the infrastructure bill ultimately proved to be a major win for Schumer thanks to the compliance of Senate and House Republicans, passage of Biden’s signature spending plan remains very much up in the air. If Schumer can’t hammer out a deal, it would be a major blow for both the Biden administration and Schumer’s leadership, likely creating a crisis of confidence among Congressional Democrats.

Even if the Senate does pass Biden’s spending plan, progressives have made clear that they are none too happy with the significant cuts that have already been made to the overall package. With Schumer’s reelection looming in 2022, progressives may see deep blue New York as an opportunity to elect a more radical figure like fellow New Yorker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, sending a powerful message about the ascendance of the far-left. There is little doubt that if AOC thought she could take the shot at Schumer’s seat and win it, she would do just that. After all, she ran against and defeated Joe Crowley, then the chair of the House Democratic Caucus, to get where she is today.

While it seems unlikely that all of the current Democratic leaders will be gone before the midterms, Democrats would likely find themselves in a particularly tough spot if even one makes an early exit. Leadership crises typically don’t inspire confidence among the public, a fact that would only be exacerbated by Democrats lack of rising stars to replace their aging incumbents. The most high-profile Congressional Democrats aside from Pelosi and Schumer are radicals like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Bernie Sanders, polarizing figures even among Democrats. A power vacuum could inflame already obvious internal tensions into an all-out civil war for the future of the party.

Of course, as the last year has shown, everything could change in the next twelve months. While it seems unlikely today, should the economy rebound or the GOP face unforeseen struggles of their own, Democrats could be in a more advantageous position next November than it currently appears. Republicans should well remember that they once wrote-off Joe Biden as finished politically after he opted against running for president in 2016, only to see him pull off an improbable comeback four years later. But if the GOP avoids unforced errors and the Democratic Party continues to self-implode, it’s likely that one way or another, Democrats will soon be looking to a new set of leaders to guide their party back from the brink of total disaster.

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Altahir Mohammed Ali Bakheet
1 year ago

انا من السودان لا امتلك حساب فيزا و اريد انضم الی اماك

1 year ago

I refer to this party as the DSC (Democrat Socialist Communist) Party and for good reason. AOC and Bernie Sanders are two of them. AOC is a member of the squad which provides for more members. VP Harris is also extremely liberal, perhaps moreso than Bernie. Spending on social programs through the Build Back Better bill should be viewed as proof positive. We must pray that it fails to pass. What the DSC Party has yet to learn is that you eventually run out of other people’s money. I believe the brilliant Margaret Thatcher coined that bit of wisdom.

Do some research and you too will refer to them as the DSC Party.

Wake up and fight this takeover of America; the citizens country, not theirs.

1 year ago

This is sorta bad to say but I hope all 4 have assumed room temperature in a year OR LESS!!

1 year ago

What happens if Hillary makes a comeback ugh

1 year ago

The Democrat’s little Race War has spiraled out of their control. Now it’s just a murder campaign by their genocidal black thugs.

Snellville Bob
1 year ago

In Georgia, nothing has been done to protect our vote from Dominion cheating with Bezos money.
The voting machines still have modems in them so results can be altered by a smart thermostat from a site in Silicon Valley or Bejing.

1 year ago

what part of it is lies exactly

1 year ago

I’m Republican but this is the biggest pack of lies.

Judy May
1 year ago

Is this a faDonald J TRUMP’s

1 year ago

All the Democrats in office are pukes. If Biden’s tests don’t turn out good, that may be the very thing the Democrats need to “retire” Joe. He definitely won’t make it to 2024. All the “leaders” of the socialist democrat party are losers. It will be interesting to watch.

Harry J Welsh
1 year ago

The President will be year next year, Since his colonoscopy he has official documents stating he is a perfect asshole.

Theresa Coughlin
1 year ago

Hopefully NONE of them will be in office one year from now. Unfortunately we’re stuck with Biden and Harris for the next three years but with any luck Schumer and Pelosi will be gone. The policies being put forth by all four of them STINK! We need to throw them all out when the time comes.

1 year ago

They need to be tried for treason against the oaths they took and absolutely bastardized

Joyce K. Hartson
1 year ago

I think the plan all along was for Pelosi to be president. She’s even said she might not be back in the House. They knew Joe wouldn’t last and knew Kamala wasn’t liked at all and wasn’t capable either of being President.

1 year ago

Hell Joe isnt capable. Hes taking orders from ,as Uncle Ted says Brrock

Robert Zuccaro
1 year ago

Joe will still around for years because they took him to Nancy’s embalmer to keep him from decomposing in office.

Ronnie Morgan
1 year ago

Wrong, the Democrook party was in a freefall one year ago as well. In fact they have been ever since the greatest President in our life time took office in 2016 and showed the world what being a President of the United States was supposed to look like. For the People!

1 year ago
Reply to  Ronnie Morgan

One of the greatest things about President Trump was that he WASN’T a politician. All career politicians should be voted out! They have gained too much power and made the government too big.

Mike B.
1 year ago

Hopefully none of these creatures will be in office . They DO NOT work for “We the People” . These are politicians who embrace the power. That seems to be their only goal. It’s a very sad state that this country is in. Starting from the Keystone Pipeline to this stupid infrastructure bill that they want to pass. Think of all that has happened in between these two catastrophes. They’re shameless. God help us, and vote RED in 22.

Wickedness exposed
1 year ago

The line up of wicked ones who lie and steal from America in order to destroy America for the CCP. In the end the CCP will get rid of the useful idiots!!!

Rose B. Steneri
1 year ago

We just want the WHOLE cabal gone, out of our lives.

1 year ago

Green new deals & Infrastructure developments won’t level up the national debts this high if they go pro……there must be some bubble project behind thus the debts going like this. the congress should be careful about it as the cheat already had showed up in the election votes.

1 year ago

My hope is that none of these elitist scumbags are still in office, any office. They should be thrown out and spend the rest of their lives in litigation, forfeiting their stolen wealth ’til they have nothing left but their skin.

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