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Warren’s child-care plan fails Economics 101


From – Orlando Sentinel – by Jeff Szymanski

We’ve become immune to government paying for people’s housing, food, health care, school lunches, etc. Worse, increasingly we expect, even demand, government pay for these and more. So, it may not raise eyebrows when Sen. Elizabeth Warren calls for universal child care and that child care workers be paid comparable to teachers.

Both ideas likely get applause when uttered in audiences with the poor, single mothers, and day-care workers. But what if we stopped and…

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1 year ago

Every single plan or solution, whatever you want to call it, fails economics 101. Socialism isn’t about providing sound economic or political solutions that actually solve problems. Never has been. Socialism is strictly about government control of virtually everything concentrated in the hands of the so-called enlightened few, so that the masses can be managed for the “common good”. Which is defined as whatever the enlightened few think that means on a daily basis. It is a fundamental waste of both time and energy to expect any socialist plan to make economic sense. Nothing any of the so-called Democrat candidates… Read more »

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