Warren Now Front-Runner — Hold on to Your Wallets

Elizabeth Warren violate lawPolling data and momentum have combined to make Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts the apparent front-runner for the Democratic nomination, as former Vice President Joe Biden continues to struggle with gaffes and questions of integrity. A poll for the Des Moines Register, CNN, and Mediacom which was released over the weekend, had Warren taking a slight lead over Biden in Iowa, the state where delegates will be chosen in that state’s first-in-the-nation caucuses.

It appears that Biden has finally understood that he is in a fight, and is striking back, charging that Warren’s ‘Medicare for All’ plan would raise taxes — on the middle class. “It’s going to cost a lot of money and she’s going to raise people’s taxes doing it,” Biden said in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, during a speaking event on Friday.

This could mark a pivot for Biden. While the bulk of the candidates contending for the Democratic nomination are lurching further and further to the Left, in an obvious effort to pander to the base of the party, Biden’s charge that Warren would raise taxes seems out of place. After all, most of the Democrats have tried to out-do each other in calling for increased taxation. While they usually cast these calls for increased taxation as being on the “rich,” the reality is that there simply is not enough money in the hands of the very wealthy to pay for all the give-away schemes they are advocating.

But Warren is sticking to the “tax the wealthy” mantra. Warren responded to Biden on CNN, “Giant corporations are going to see their costs go up. But costs, for middle class families, for working-class families, for the people that are squeezed so badly, are going to go down.”

Even many liberal media types are not buying Warren’s claim that ‘Medicare for All,” along with her plan to pay off the student loan debt, and all the other income-transfer plans, is not going to result in tax hikes for the average American taxpayer. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews could not get Warren to admit that the middle class would pay higher taxes. Even left-wing Late Show host Stephen Colbert said that there were “taxes that perhaps you’re not mentioning.”

“Medicare for All” would require at least $30 trillion in increased revenues over the next decade, and probably much more. That money cannot be raised by only ‘taxing the rich.’ Middle class taxpayers will have to reach — deeply — into their own pockets to fund Warren’s schemes.

Warren’s move into the front-runner slot — even if it is still very close — is resulting in concern among many investors, especially big U.S. banks. In early trading on Monday, banks stocks dipped, with Citigroup losing 1.1 percent and J.P. Morgan Chase & Company dropping one percent. In addition to her plans to raise taxes and redistribute wealth, Warren appears to favor some sort of increased government control of the economy. One only has to look at Venezuela to see how that works out.

Many Democrat insiders are also nervous, fearing that a far-left run by Warren could result not only in a triumphal reelection of President Donald Trump in 2020, but could also cost the Democrats the House of Representatives. Democrats who run to the left historically have not done very well (e.g., Senator George McGovern carried one state in 1972), while those Democrat nominees who run as “centrists” have tended to do much better (e.g., Jimmy Carter in 1976 and Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996).

Yet, before a Democrat can win the general election, he or she has to get the nomination, which results in the bidding war we now see among the Democrats — with candidates trying to out-promise the other candidates with this or that new government give-away program. Biden might be able to run as the “moderate,” with the openly far left vote being split up among those such as Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders, the open socialist, and somehow eke out a nomination.

On the other hand, at some point, Trump may also want to pivot, and aim his fire at Warren as well as Biden, as Biden is no shoo-in for the nomination. AGF Investments chief U.S. policy strategist Greg Valliere even argues that Trump needs to take Warren more seriously as a possible general election opponent. Valliere said that Trump could be “going after the wrong opponent” in his attacks on Biden. “His scorched Earth assault on Biden comes as the former vice president is slipping into second place in the fight to win the nomination. Warren is the candidate Trump needs to worry about; simply calling her ‘Pocahontas’ will not be sufficient to stop her momentum.”

Americans who believe in limited government and free enterprise also must take Warren seriously. Although McGovern lost in a landslide when he ran his hard-left campaign in 1972, the U.S. voting public now has a different make-up. The national media can be expected to do its best to transform Warren into America’s Last Best Hope, and Trump into a modern Adolf Hitler. While their tactics will not fool millions of Americans, it could fool enough to make Elizabeth Warren president.

If that happens, expect the government to be even more on your back and even more in in your pockets.

Reprinted with permission from - The New American - by Steve Byas

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11 months ago

Honestly, when she came out and announced that she was running for President I thought that it was a big joke with her having zero chance of getting the nomination. Now she is the front runner for the time being. Democrats are even more stupid then I thought.

11 months ago

The middle class will be taxed to death by these socialist fanatics…

steven jacobs
11 months ago

Amazing that working people or people with sizeable assets can even think of voting Democrat

Robert Messmer
11 months ago

Quote: “Giant corporations are going to see their costs go up. But costs, for middle class families, for working-class families, for the people that are squeezed so badly, are going to go down.” Nonsense, pure unadulterated nonsense. In a very real sense it is impossible to tax ‘giant corporations’ because they are able to pass on to consumers EVERY business cost and that would include more taxes. Corporations show a profit because they take in more money than they spend, so when costs go up so do prices. Can the Democrats raise taxes so high that corporations go out of… Read more »

11 months ago

Do we now see the impeachment exercise is not to impeach Trump, it was to bust Biden out of the top spot. In order to investigate Trump you’d have to bring Biden’s into the investigation. Very cleaver and it seems to be working. Biden’s rating are sinking. Trump’s not going to be impeached and probably this will increase his popularity. But Warren needs to be taken seriously.

11 months ago

You know, leftist socialist lunatics like Warren are absolutely crazy! I am tired of hearing about utopian dreams and agenda’s from these clowns. People like Warren, Schumer, Pelosi, Harris, Waters are all out for POWER and our MONEY!!! They do NOT care about our country or us except themselves. They shouldn’t receive a pay check because they are NOT doing their basic jobs! Spending all their time shreading the constitution and riding the, Trump hate train! Disgraceful! Vote these people out!

11 months ago

If Warren were to tax all of the U S billionaires of 100% of their WEALTH (not income) wealth we would collect less than 3 trillion dollars. That will cover the first year of Lizzie’s plan What would she do the next year when there are no more billionaires? That’s obvious. Tax the millionaires for 100% of their wealth. Wait a minute. Yes, there would be enough to sustain the tax another year — or would there? Those billionaires are not all going to let this happen. Some might figure out how to get their assets out of reach of… Read more »

11 months ago

Maybe Pocahontas could sell Manhattan back to the Indians. With all those casinos, they might come up with the inflated value of $24 worth of trinkets and provide everyone with everything they want or need.

Stan d. Upnow
11 months ago

If Warren is (God forbid!) elected president, there just might be some patriot who would “take her out” before the executive orders destroy the country.

11 months ago

Will Pocahontas’ Medicare for all include a Medicine Man in every block?

Jack Thomas
11 months ago

God help the USA if this leftist looney ever gets elected president. Her policy proposals reek of socialism from top to bottom as unworkable in practice and totally unaffordable for our country. Our republic is in serious trouble already —- Warren’s nomination would only exacerbate the problems going forward. Let’s hope she fails miserably in the primaries. Elizabeth Warren is a canary in a political coal mine.

Kris Friederich
11 months ago

I could never trust Warren to tell me the truth about anything! She lied for YEARS about being a Native American and then acted as though it was a small thing. It was NOT a small thing, she stole a job from someone truly qualified and deprived that person a job for which they were entitled. She was never deserving of it. So now I understand her ethics — it’s OK to steal from others, as long as you lie about it!

Bryan Greenwood
11 months ago

She and others always say “tax the rich” but the rich always have a loophole. So that leaves you and I to pay the tax. Socialism is just shared misery that leads to communism! Vote Trump 2020!

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