Warm Winter Getaways

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By – Paul Rae

It’s time for those of us in the cold-weather states to start thinking about how we’re going to escape the winter, even if only temporarily. The obvious and immediate solution might be a week in the Caribbean, or a real treat would be a nice, week-long cruise. That sounds pretty good, but…

All except for one key word: “week”.

Because once that week is done, it’s back to the cold, damp and miserable winter you were looking to escape in the first place. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could extend that warm weather vacation to 30, 60, or even 90 days and leave the winter behind? What if you could do it in comfort and for about the same cost of that luxury cruise? Wouldn’t that be a great alternative to consider?

Extended Vacation for The Price of a One Week Cruise

An alternative that more and more snowbirds have discovered is the extended winter vacation in Arizona. Home to some of the most scenic country in the United States, Arizona enjoys a mild winter climate and a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities that puts any cruise ship’s itinerary to shame.

The Grand Canyon, Sedona, Saguaro National Park, Meteor Crater, Old Scottsdale and even Las Vegas are all within easy driving distance for the ambitious. And for those wanting immediate gratification, there’s always golf, professional baseball, great shopping, fine dining and even the Desert Botanical Gardens.

Sounds great, but the best part is how very affordable it can be with just a little bit of planning.

The Not-So Secret Secret

Thousands of snowbirds have discovered that renting a fully furnished, luxury apartment on a short-term basis is a lot less money than any of the alternatives. All the amenities of home: well-outfitted kitchen, spacious bedrooms, in-apartment laundry, cable TV and internet… but NO snow shoveling! How good is that? This is the same way professional sports teams and corporations have housed their players and employees for years, and a great way for anyone to truly enjoy a long stay in Arizona.

As it turns out, renting a furnished apartment on a short-term lease is about the same cost as a high end, week-long cruise. Except you don’t have to go back to Old Man Winter on the 7th day; you get to stay in sunny Arizona for all 3 months in your private home away from home. Think about how much more you’ll enjoy February in your shirtsleeves while looking for the sunscreen and Ray-bans. That’s got to be better than checking to see if the lining in your winter boots has dried from all the snow that got in there while shoveling out the car, right?

If you’re afraid that setting up a winter home is difficult, don’t be.  With just a few phone calls, you can have your suite ready.  Thousands of snowbirds have blazed the trail and the folks you’ll be talking with have set up vacation rentals many times.  Its really quite simple since there are only three components, Apartment, Utilities, and Furniture.   What makes renting a fully functional and furnished apartment so logical is that once you arrive, all you must do is unpack. How nice is that? And when the vacation is over and it’s time to go back home…  just return the keys and your responsibilities are over. And unpack. No worries about a distant and costly second home. It’s easy to see why so many snowbirds are taking advantage of Arizona.

More Information:

There are many luxury apartment communities in the Phoenix/Scottsdale “Valley of the Sun” that cater to snowbirds, and a very experienced and well regarded local company that works with them to furnish their short-term rentals. Castle Furniture Rental has been at the forefront of short-term residential furniture rentals since 1992 and knows the business better than anyone in Arizona.

Castle has been providing complete, high quality furniture packages to Snowbirds for years throughout the state of Arizona. They have an interesting back story as to how they evolved into the business, and how they have learned to accommodate the needs of the vacationer better than anyone. Too long for this article, the whole story can be read at their website,

Time to plan for that winter getaway? Give the team at Castle a call and get started: 480-755-4944.

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2 years ago

Why NOT Guadalahara . Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico ??

The Freezing Senior
3 years ago

Article is absolute BS. No such rentals exist under that name.
AMAC should be ashamed of itself for not practicing due diligence in regards to this article.

William Hamilton
3 years ago

An article that turns out to be an ad for castle furniture rental. No real substance to the story. Nothing about what the headlines lead you to believe. Nothing about company’s that do the actual short term leases of apartments or homes.

maria rose
3 years ago

Shows great if you can leave your permanent home for 3 months without worrying about break-in’s as become prevalent in certain locations. For the rest of us wanna-be’s, I ll be satisfied with staying in away from the cold and snow.

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