VSP Individual Vision Plans

Get more for your money with a full-service vision insurance plan.

VSP® Individual Vision Plans give you access to the services and products you need to care for your eyes.1 Enjoy comprehensive vision coverage and access to the personalized care you deserve all at low out-of-pocket costs when you choose a vision plan from VSP.

See why 1 in 4 Americans have VSP:

  • Comprehensive eye exams from a trusted VSP network doctor
  • Generous frame allowance and hundreds of stylish frames to choose from
  • Savings on lens enhancements like progressives, scratch-resistance, and more

Complement your Medicare with a vision plan.

Did you know in many cases Medicare plans, like Original Medicare, don’t provide comprehensive routine vision coverage? If you have a Medicare plan that doesn’t cover your vision needs, you can supplement it with a VSP Individual Vision Plan.2 There’s no waiting period and you can use your vision benefits as soon as the next business day.

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Get exclusive offers from VSP and
leading industry brands.

  • Save up to 60% on a pair of digital hearing aids through TruHearing®.3
  • VSP members can get an extra $20, on top of their frame allowance, when they choose a featured frame brand.4
  • Save up to 25% on lens enhancements, like anti-glare, progressives, light reactive lenses when you purchase from a VSP network doctor.
  • Featured frame brands come with a one-year, worry-free warranty
    when purchased at a Premier Program location.

The Value of VSP

1. Plans have exclusions and limitations. For complete details of coverage, call VSP at 844.380.0821. 2. Check your Medicare Plan to see if your vision care needs are covered. And/or if a VSP Individual Vision Plan is right for you. VSP Vision Care does not coordinate benefits with Medicare. 3. VSP is providing information to its members, but does not offer or provide any discount hearing program. The relationship between VSP and TruHearing is that of independent contractors. VSP makes no endorsement, representations or warranties regarding any products or services offered by TruHearing, a third-party vendor. The vendor is solely responsible for the products or services offered by them. If you have any questions regarding the services offered here, you should contact the vendor directly. TruHearing offers individuals the opportunity to purchase hearing aids at discounted prices, including individuals covered by selffunded health plans not subject to state insurance or health plan regulations. TruHearing is not insurance and not subject to state insurance regulations. TruHearing provides discounts to certain health care groups for hearing aid sales and services; TruHearing provides fitting, programming and three adjustment visits at no cost; the member is obligated to pay for testing, and all post-fitting hearing care services, but will receive a discount from those health care providers who have contracted with TruHearing. Not available directly from VSP in the states of Washington and California. 4. Brands and promotions are subject to change.

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